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Trusting Your Data to Lead with Wisdom

On the rare occasions trusting your gut creates sustained business success, it’s always a function of exceptional expertise in a given discipline. Nathan Shedroff’s Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom (DIKM) Hierarchy coupled with clear-headed objectivity...

The Fundamentals of People, Process, and Technology

In business we thrive on predictability, in movies we love happy endings, so it is small wonder this year's Thanksgiving gatherings--to the extent they occurred--were dominated by optimistic conversations about vaccines soon ending the COVID-19 nightmare.

Generating More Revenue, Lowering Expenses

Recognizing investments in those right layered systems directly correlate to increased revenues, restaurants all over the country are following Barano’s lead. Yet these same leading restaurants are now also realizing an equally greater benefit: reduced operating expenses.

The Land of Hope and Dreams

This is not a story of someone fleeing hospitality due to its current and anticipated challenges. Rather, it is a reflection of contributions, professional growth, and opportunity; a career version of Bruce Springsteen's encouraging "Grab your ticket and your suitcase...

The Fundamental of Business Momentum

True in any environment, waging a determined fight to build positive momentum in your business in an era marred by uncertainty—or the far worse negative momentum building around us—is arguably executive management’s most important priority as we look ahead to 2021.

The More Surreal It Gets, The More Fundamentals Rule

At first glance, Engagious’ 13th Back to Normal Barometer wave findings makes little sense. How can it be possible that 55% of survey respondents are ready to hop back on cruise ships despite the US’s first major COVID-19 encounters came from...

Essential Fundamental: The Whole Is Always Greater Than Any Sum

Even if the driving forces propelling 2020’s continued challenges are different than anything we have faced in our lifetimes, whether 9/11 and its aftermath or the late 2000’s economic crisis, overcoming unprecedented challenges is certainly nothing new.

Look to New York’s North Country for North Star Brilliance

As more institutions of higher learning are reckoning with rising Covid-19 cases, many on the brink of having to send students home and revert to online classes for the second semester, SUNY Canton's leadership and culture of innovation is pointing the college...