Frank Pepe Pizzeria

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Remains True To Historic Family Concept

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana has been a coveted restaurant among pizza lovers for decades. With the original location on Wooster Street in New Haven, the family operation has since experienced tremendous growth and expansion.
restaurant taxes

And Since We Were Talking About Taxes…

Last month I wrote about sales taxes and how restaurant owners need to get a grip and remember that the funds they collect are not their personal line of credit. To my surprise it was the first time I had gotten “fan mail” from both tax attorneys and tax enforcement people...
Pizzeria Martina Restaurant Innovation

Restaurant Innovation: Technology at the Table

Creating the next-generation customer experience is always on the minds of the best restauranteurs. For restaurants to evolve, understanding the next generation customer is critical and Manhattan is the hotbed of the new and the emerging.

Kosherfest Set To Bring Diverse Selection of Menu Solutions to Jersey Fest

Kosherfest, one of the world’s largest events for Kosher business, is expanding this year to include not only traditionally Kosher restaurants and food service clients like nursing homes, colleges and churches but those from the wellness community, as well.
POS Advice restaurant cash register

Is A Restaurant Cash Register All I Need?

For many restaurateurs, a cash register can provide all the sales analysis and cash control needed.
The Liquid Musevideo

The Liquid Muse Is Elevating Cocktail Culture in Santa Fe

In this installment of “True Treps”, we follow Natalie Bovis, President of The Liquid Muse and Founder of New Mexico’s Cocktails and Culture Festival. Bovis, a self-proclaimed “ambassador for cocktail culture,” ventured into the world of mixology when she saw people creating culinary-inspired cocktails.
ADA Accessible

Is Your Website ADA Accessible? Avoiding Costly Liabilities

ADA accessible websites emerge as one of the biggest liabilities so far in 2017. Reaching every potential customer wherever they are is the fundamental goal of any business. So, when a website can’t reach 100% of its target audience, they risk revenue loss.
Harri And Toast

Harri and Toast Partner To Create Fast Access Solution For Efficient POS Data

The Harri and Toast integration delivers critical data to restaurateurs to drive more informed decisions and increase efficiency by removing the data silos...

LloydPans Set to Bring Portfolio Of Pizza Prep Solutions to Atlantic City Show

LloydPans manufactures bakeware, cookware, and pizzaware that is environmentally friendly and toxin-free. “Our company is firmly built upon the premise of encouraging a healthy lifestyle through food, and strives to reinforce this foundation with each new product it offers,” said Robert Johnson, Director of Marketing.
Lessing's Food Service

Matthew Lackmann Joins Lessing’s Food Service Management

Lessing’s Food Service Management, a division of the  Lessing’s Hospitality Group in Great River, NY, has announced the hiring of industry veteran, Matthew Lackmann, formerly of the Compass Group and Lackmann Culinary.