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The Service in Food Service

With the exception of preparation, I can think of no other food service activity that receives as much scrutiny and examination as service. There is no question that its execution—good or bad—can affect an operation almost to the same degree as the quality of the preparation...
HX 2018 HX: The Awards

HMG Announces Hospitality Industry Awards Ceremony, HX: The Awards To Debut In November

Hospitality Media Group (HMG) has announced that its new hospitality industry awards program, HX: The Awards, will kick-off HX: The Hotel Experience this November in New York City.
proper handwashing

Proper Handwashing Is Key In Preventing Restaurant Illness

Teaching and enforcing proper handwashing in restaurants is a vital step towards preventing illness. Improper handwashing isn’t just gross, it’s also dangerous.
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Monthly Maintenance Know-How with Malachy Parts & Service

While restaurant owners spend a lot of time thinking about equipment purchases, the monthly maintenance needs of that equipment are often an afterthought — until that piece of equipment goes down.
cyber insurance policy data breach

Cyber Insurance Policy: Your Recipe for Data Breach Response

In today’s society, data breaches are inevitable for all businesses in all industries. If you've been hacked, even with a cyber insurance policy, you will want to engage a trusted insurance advisor as quickly as possible, to address the attack in its entirety.
Ventless appliances

A Series of Unfortunate Vents

The story you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to project the innovative. My name’s Fry-Day. Grill Sergeant Joe Fry-Day.

Do Food And Beverage Companies Really Know The Source of Their Profitability?

A large food company recently inquired about the profitability of each of its distribution channels. It was considering expanding further into food service versus its club store business and wanted to know if it was a wise decision.

Food Allergy Services Form Partnership To Benefit Restaurants

AllergyEats and Gipsee announced a new partnership that will enable restaurants to effectively highlight themselves to the food allergy community by broadcasting their use of Interactive Allergen Menus onto online platforms.
StarChefs 2018 International Chefs Congress

StarChefs Amp Up Program for 2018 International Chefs Congress

StarChefs recently dropped the full presenter lineup for its 2018 International Chefs Congress, October 21st to 23rd at the Brooklyn Expo Center. This year, the program is defined by the theme “Cooking with Respect: Better People, Better Food.”
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PA Firm Uses Interleavers To Automate Pizza Dough Production

Interleavers are automated, high-speed machines designed to dispense sheets of wax paper or plastic film under food products for portion/inventory control and sanitary handling before final packaging.