Amanda Cohen Dirt Candy NYC

Amanda Cohen Q&A

Chef/Owner, Dirt Candy NYC + Co-Founder, Independent Restaurant Coalition
Felipe Hasselmann Cuisine Solutions CS DAK

Felipe Hasselmann Q&A

President & CEO, Cuisine Solutions and CS DAK
Kathryn Garcia

Kathryn Garcia Q&A

Mayoral Candidate, City of New York
Steve Cuozzo New York Post Columnist

Steve Cuozzo Q&A

Columnist, New York Post
Gabriel Stulman Happy Cooking Hospitality NYC

Gabriel Stulman Q&A

Restaurateur and Founder/CEO, Happy Cooking Hospitality
JJ Johnson

JJ Johnson Q&A

President & Executive Chef, Fieldtrip, New York City
Tanya Holland Brown Sugar Kitchen

Tanya Holland Q&A

Executive Chef and Owner, Brown Sugar Kitchen
Andy Stern Aurify Brands

Andy Stern Q&A

CO-CEO, Aurify Brands
Diane Neville People Resources Shake Shack

Diane Neville Q&A

Senior VP, People Resources, Shake Shack
Scott Dolch Connecticut Restaurant Association CRA

Scott Dolch Q&A

Executive Director, Connecticut Restaurant Association