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Protect Your Restaurant From Supply Chain Disasters with Business Interruption Insurance

As a business owner or operator, you’re bound to encounter some supply chain disasters at some point in your business operations. But, you don’t have to make the same mistakes as KFC did. Viewing logistics as a cost center could be a mistake.

LI Entrepreneur Finds the Ultimate Solution to Soggy Food Challenge

Food loses its crisp because of the problems associated with moisture retention. This new solution called Keeping It Crisp will eliminate the problem and make sure that the food arrives fresh and crispy every single time.

2018 and Beyond: Hospitality and Foodservice Trends That Benefit The Business...

We’ve taken a look at hospitality and foodservice trends from this year and identified several that are here to stay that will also have a positive impact on your business’ bottom line.

Why NYC Restaurant Week Matters

Since the Summer of 1992, more than any other culinary event, New York City’s Restaurant Week brings together a community of restaurants to celebrate all of the elements that make dining out meaningful to our guests.

NY Compliance Legislation Passed To Combat Workplace Sexual Harassment

Last month, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law a comprehensive package of legislation designed to strengthen New York City’s anti-sexual harassment policies and combat workplace sexual harassment.

Easily Optimize Your Menu with Historical Data

How do large restaurant chains turn their menus on a dime either when sales are slumping or a competitor sneaks in with a solid menu engineering strategy? And what can other emerging brands do to make similar business decisions?

Lemonade Four Ways

Behind the stick, there is nothing that beats lemonade for sheer refreshment. Here are four ways to enjoy lemonade as spring shifts into summer.

Post Restaurant Show Tabletop Trends For The Summer

The LMT team has returned from this year’s National Restaurant Association show with the latest tabletop trends and developments that have us buzzing with excitement going into summer.

Why Good Design Can Make or Break Your Food And Beverage...

Good design is good business. In an increasingly challenging market for new products, it’s important to take advantage of any competitive edge you can find.

The Psychology Behind Why Consumers Love UGC

Having your customers talk positively about your restaurant has huge advantages, and there is a psychological aspect to UGC that underpins its effectiveness. Here are several reasons why consumers love user generated content...