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Why All Restaurant Kitchens Should Go Green

Restaurateurs can help combat food waste and nationwide hunger by having their kitchen go green: donating usable food to those in need, recycling and composting food waste that doesn’t need to go to landfills, and taking a deeper look at their equipment and even their customers.

Eat The World: NYC Cuisine Scene

From food halls and marketplaces to fine dining and everything in between. Diners are seeking the new and the interesting and we are seeing new concepts on the horizon from all corners of the world. Here are the ABC’s of some new and delicious forthcoming food!

Eliminating Waste and Hunger Through Education

Recently, at a talk for the Greater New York Dietetic Association, I was asked to share my thoughts on food waste, access and education. I’ve focused on food waste in the past, but access to food is not something we talk about enough and I appreciated the opportunity to address it.

Marijuana Edibles and Cross-Contamination Risks

Unfortunately, food safety isn’t always top-of-mind when preparing marijuana edibles, and if proper protocols aren’t followed, consumers can get very ill.

“THE KITCHEN” From Stratas Foods Sets The Standard For Recipe Development...

THE KITCHEN is designed to be a creative multifunctional space that morphs into different things depending on the need. Ideations and innovation sessions with Chefs and Branding teams, Sales training, Marketing and Branding, bringing sauce ideas and food to life in real life applications...

A Different Kind of Green For Your Tabletop

It’s easy to fall into a passionate monologue on decisions we can make, both as suppliers and consumers, on how to be kinder to Mother Earth. Instead, we’re going to focus on a different kind of green in this column.

A Guide To Raising Money For Your Restaurant

The menu and décor for your dream concept is set, and then you realize: how am I going to raise money to launch my restaurant? Here are a few important things to keep in mind when embarking on the task of seeking third party funding. 

Is Using Sales Tax Revenue To Run Your Business A Wise...

Merchants who use sales tax revenue as working capital rarely take time to understand the true cost and potentially catastrophic legal pitfalls until it’s too late.

The Growth Of The Restaurant & Hospitality Industry In New Jersey

New Jersey has always enjoyed a vibrant and prosperous restaurant and hospitality business with over 27,000 restaurants and quick service options with 18,000 being full service locations as well as 1,130 hotel properties. 

Orderly Conquers Restaurant Inventory and Food Cost Management Woes Using Data...

Orderly, the first company to apply data science to food cost management, releases new approach to help restaurateurs lower food costs, reduce waste and theft