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Your Restaurant Is Amazing (To Pests)

Unfortunately, the things you and I love about New York restaurants are the very ones that make them appealing to pests -- but we don’t have to be hospitable to them.

Variable Costs, Fixed Costs and Annual Opportunities

As every new year begins, many small business owners are faced with very important decisions and variable costs which will affect them financially throughout the entire year.

Shield Your Restaurant Against Costly Wage and Hour Claims

Wage and hour claims can be triggered by any number of complaints, including pay discrepancies and employee misclassifications. Workers can file a lawsuit when they are just a minute late for a meal or rest break...

Valentine’s Day Cocktails For Your Sweet Tooth

Here are some examples of Valentine’s Day Cocktails from my imagination - which has some new ideas for your beleaguered sensibilities.  Try one or try them all, delicious and nutritious.

Franchising and Social Media

Social media is important to incorporate with any industry and especially in franchising where branding is such a big component of how relevant a franchise system is. Social Media is the voice of the brand and when looking specifically at franchising...

Banquet Halls Beware: Mandatory Fees May Not Be Worth the Risk

Many of New York’s leading hospitality establishments are being sued by their employees for illegally charging service or administrative fees to their customers. The lawsuits allege that those mandatory fees – paid by the customer and retained by the business– are really gratuities intended for the service staff. 

The Dirty Secrets That Could Be Lurking in Your Ice Machine

In this article, we’ll share five different creatures and toxins that could be lurking in your ice machine, and how you can prevent them from causing problems. 

So, You Want To Open A Cafe?

With coffee bars opening seemingly on every block, it could be very tempting to “jump into the water” and open a cafe. Before taking that leap, step back. Take a deep breath.

Food? Service?

With the rise of virtual restaurants, ghost kitchens, take-out proliferation, meal delivery expansion (robotic and otherwise i.e. DoorDash, Uber Eats etc.), grocerants, and a host of others, clearly technology has disrupted the industry.

24 Months: The Epic Biennial Culinary Events

It takes about two years to become a star. Perhaps that’s why the most meaningful events in our industry are biennial.