Missy Robbins Q&A

Head Chef & Owner, Lilia, Brooklyn, NY

Scott Conant Q&A

Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur

Daniela Puglielli, Accent PR and Mediterranean Diet Roundtable

The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable is an inspirational and networking conference, where scientists and Food Industry leaders discuss dietary trends in America. An elite gathering, the MDR has attracted hundreds of professionals from all over the U.S. and the Mediterranean Countries.

Scott Dolch, Executive Director, Connecticut Restaurant Association

Total Food Service sat down with new Connecticut Restaurant Association Executive Director Scott Dolch to discuss key issues, government support, and important upcoming events for the CRA.

Michael Symon Q&A

Celebrity Chef and President, Michael Symon Restaurants

Andrew Friedman Q&A

Author, ‘Chefs, Drugs, and Rock & Roll’

Robby Younes, COO, Crystal Springs Resort, NJ

For the past 10 years, Robby Younes’ passion and expertise have been vital to establishing Crystal Springs as NJ’s leading year-round resort. Robby Younes first joined the team as the Director of Food & Beverage, served as the resort’s Vice President before recently getting promoted to the Chief Operating Officer.

Jilly Stephens Q&A

Chief Executive Officer, City Harvest, New York City

Jon Taffer Q&A

Entrepreneur, Author, and Host & Producer of TV’s Bar Rescue

Tom Loughran, Vice President/Show Director, IRFSNY Show

For nearly 20 years of his career in trade shows, Tom Loughran has an insightful perspective on the coming changes for the food industry in New York as well as the rest of the country for 2018.