Cuisine Solutions’ Bertholon Sees Sous Vide As Long-Term Labor Solution

Gerard Bertholon and his Cuisine Solutions team have fine-tuned a sous vide solution to minimize the need for culinary staff while maximizing menu quality. “We have grown our business around creating solutions,” Bertholon continued. “With sous vide not only are our chef and restaurant...

Ensuring Success Ahead For Food Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur or established business with a product that you want to take to market? You’ll gain hard-earned advice from Kathryn Gordon who helps navigate industry challenges to launch and scale successful food industry startups. Kathryn Gordon is the co-founder of Food Startup Help...

Francisco Migoya Q&A

Head Chef, Modernist Cuisine

Nicole Gajadhar, Chef de Cuisine, The Loyal

Longtime West Village resident and Chef Nicole Gajadhar, credits her daily stroll to work with providing her the time she needs to plan and reflect. For 17 years, Gajadhar has walked the downtown streets and crafted great menus and unified kitchen brigades; first heading over to NoHo...

John Fraser Q&A

President & CEO, JF Restaurants

Hermann Reiner, President, The Chefs de Cuisine Association of America

Hermann Reiner, a restaurant and hotel industry veteran, became the president of The Chefs de Cuisine Association of America in 2017 just in time to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Association with the mission to enhance the prestige of the culinary...

Lauren Bailey Q&A

Restaurateur and CEO & Co-Founder, Upward Projects

Nabeel Alamgir, Co-Founder and CEO, Lunchbox

When it comes to digital marketing and ordering solutions for ghost kitchen and brick and mortar restaurants, businesses are turning to Nabeel Alamgir, Co-founder and CEO of Lunchbox. In 2019, Alamgir launched the collection of enterprise solutions that redefine the digital restaurant experience...

Kimberly Brock Brown Q&A

Celebrity Chef and President, American Culinary Federation

Katy Sparks, Chef and Owner, Katy Sparks Culinary Consulting

The culinary world has changed a lot since the award-winning Chef Katy Sparks arrived on the culinary scene at the legendary Quilted Giraffe in New York City in the early 1990s. Now as the industry is adapting to the new normal with COVID-19, she’s helping businesses adjust to the times...