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Lawmakers Introduce the DRIVE-Safe Act

Representatives Duncan Hunter (CA-50) and Trey Hollingsworth (IN–9), with support from the IFDA and the ATA, today introduced the DRIVE-Safe Act, critical legislation that addresses the massive driver shortage affecting the movement of commerce in our country by promoting opportunity and enhanced safety training...

TouchBistro Signs Deal With Chase’s WePay To Give Restaurants Seamless Launch...

TouchBistro is changing the POS software game by teaming up with Chase's WePay to introduce the next-generation of payment technology for restaurants, which makes the day-to-day operations that much more easier.

Ice Machines: What Every Food Service Operator Needs To Know

Ice from contaminated ice machines is one of the most common Health Code violations. And what's the biggest reasons why ice gets contaminated? Improper handling by employees or improperly maintained ice machines. Here's what you can do to make sure your ice machines and ice handling are safe and up to code.

NYC Steakhouses Continue To Evolve

Once again in 2018, high-end steakhouses continue to grow in NYC. No matter how accomplished a home cook is, a great steak is still a challenge. The chances of having a commercial grade broiler or grill that can generate the intense heat necessary to replicate high-end steakhouses make it virtually impossible.

Food Truck Branding: The Definitive Guide

Deciding how to brand your food truck may be the most important decision you’ll face as a food-on-the-go entrepreneur. Well executed food truck branding can draw attention to your business all day, every day, everywhere it goes. Follow our food truck branding guide and your truck will race ahead of your competition.

Optimizing Your Commercial Kitchen’s Exhaust Duct Ventilation System

Having the proper ventilation in your restaurant’s commercial kitchen has a multitude of benefits. This article lays out the basics of commercial kitchen exhaust ventilation in plain language. The two chief objectives are to prevent fires from breaking out and to serve better tasting food that smells great.

Manhattan Is An Island Of Irresistible Sweet Spots

It is a fact: fashion follows food! Manhattan is a paradise of sweet spots, offering all types of decadent destinations under the sun. The options are endless, making your sweet dreams come true.

6 Common Pests Every Restaurant Owner Should Know

As a restaurant owner, you should be well aware of the dangers and repercussions of pest sightings at an eatery. Complaints of infestations, dead insects or their presence in a food item may attract penalties from the regulating authorities. If you want to protect your restaurant from common pests, you must be aware of...
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Transactional Sales Tax

Why Does My Point Of Sale Report Two Different Sales Tax Amounts?

We get asked “Why is my POS reporting two different amounts of sales tax collected for the same time period?” The answer is simple once you understand how most POS systems calculate sales tax. The POS reports sales tax two different ways depending if you are looking at the Transactional Sales Tax Report or...
SHFM Critical Issues Conference

NYU Hosts Annual SHFM Critical Issues Conference [Photos]

EYE Event Coverage - Photo Gallery: This year’s SHFM Critical Issues Conference held at NYU’s Kimmel 
Center featured an all-star cast slate of presenters who explore the conference's theme: DESIGNING THE EVOLUTIONARY WORK SPACE EXPERIENCE.
Essential Marketing Tools

Startup 101: Five Essential Marketing Tools For Food Businesses

Marketing your food startup is as important as having a great tasting product. Delicious food and exceptional services are no good when only you know about them. And now, getting the word out about your business has become easier than ever before! Use these five essential marketing tools to get you started:

Strong Presence Needed At Long Island Hearing To Set Tone For Tip Credit Fight

The first hearing the Department of Labor will be holding is on the possible elimination of the tip credit. Originally, these hearings were slated to begin in mid-March. However, due to a scheduling conflict, these hearings were shifted until April 20, which makes Farmingdale, Long Island the first hearing location.
Earth Day

Earth Day: Simple Ways To Go Green & Save Green

Here are some Earth Day tips to get your food and beverage establishment in line with the GREEN movement and share with your customers that you care about the Earth, and together, we can make a difference!
2018 NYC Hospitality Alliance Awards

Restaurant and Bar Industry Stars Honored At 2018 NYC Hospitality Alliance Awards

NYC Hospitality Alliance Executive Director Andrew Rigie welcomed over 800 guests and 47 honorees to TAO Downtown for the 2018 NYC Hospitality Alliance Awards on Monday, April 9th. This annual event showcased the best in cuisine, cocktails and culture, paying homage to the restaurants, bars, and professionals...
corporate culture that combats sexual harassment training

Establishing A Corporate Culture That Combats Sexual Harassment

Creating the right corporate culture will do more than just avert a sexual harassment crisis – it’ll set the right tone for the entire organization. But, it doesn’t come easy. Consider the following steps to building a healthy corporate culture that combats sexual harassment...
Chef Kelvin Fernandez

Daniel Boulud Names Kelvin Fernandez for 2018 C-CAP Ment’or Institut Paul Bocuse Scholarship

After a heated competition at Café Boulud, Master Chef Daniel Boulud named Chef Kelvin Fernandez the winner of the Daniel Boulud/C-CAP 2018 Full-Tuition Scholarship to attend the Intensive Culinary Program at the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France, as well as a two-week stage at a restaurant in Lyon, France.
multi-unit restaurants

How Multi-Unit Restaurants Can Maintain Compliance With Labor Rules

The complicated landscape of regulatory compliance has always been a challenge for restaurant owners and operators. But with the dramatic increase in complexity over the last five years, the operators of multi-unit restaurants need to make sure that they’re following the rules now more than ever.
nightlife mayor

Nightlife Mayor Hired In NYC

It was recently announced that the newly established NYC Office of Nightlife hired Ariel Palitz as its Director, a position colloquially known as the Nightlife Mayor. Palitz owned Sutra Lounge in the East Village and was a member of Community Board 3 in Manhattan.
Crystal Springs Robby Younes

Robby Younes, COO, Crystal Springs Resort, NJ

For the past 10 years, Robby Younes’ passion and expertise have been vital to establishing Crystal Springs as NJ’s leading year-round resort. Robby Younes first joined the team as the Director of Food & Beverage, served as the resort’s Vice President before recently getting promoted to the Chief Operating Officer.
Brunch Boysvideo

Brunch Boys Details Process With Behind the Foodie

In the first episode of Behind The Foodie, we meet Jeremy Jacobowitz, the creator of Brunch Boys (@BrunchBoys). Jacobowitz, a former television producer, was in between jobs when he started his account. Looking for something new to experiment with, he decided to take photos and videos of his brunch meals.
pop-up restaurant

The Power Of The Pop-Up Restaurant Trend

New Yorkers are never at a loss for food choices. Yet, over the last couple of years a new trend has expanded the diner’s selection even wider, and not just in NYC, but all across the country! And despite their brief residencies; it looks like the pop-up restaurant trend is here to stay!
Spring Cleaning For Your Bar

Spring Cleaning For Your Bar and Drink Menu

If you are still serving mint Juleps from last July, may I gently suggest that you brighten up the bar menu, seasonally that is! The first item of spring cleaning for your bar that I would recommend would be to replace your machine-made coupe glasses if you are using an off the rack approach to this uniquely pleasurable glass...

Hoodz Offers Metro New York Operators Unique Kitchen Exhaust and Hood Cleaning Service

To help Metro NYC operators ease the pain, penalties and expense of constantly doing deep cleanings, HOODZ of Nassau County will do the dirty work for them. Franchise owner Rich Rothaar makes sure his crew provides NYC operators the peace of mind knowing that their kitchens are more than clean on the surface.
National Restaurant Association Show

National Restaurant Association Show Advance Registration to Close Friday, April 6

It’s getting down to the wire: there are only two days left to save $40 on registration for the National Restaurant Association Show 2018. Early-bird registration is still available for $79, but starting Saturday, April 7 through the close of the Show on May 22, registration increases to $119.
banks cash

What Are The Banks Really Looking For?

One of the most consistent threads that runs through the world of restaurant financing is that in the vast majority of cases, banks have very little interest in financing independent operators in our industry.
organic market

What’s Driving The Organic Market?

The organic market has expanded substantially to include grains, meat, dairy, and even processed foods, in addition to produce. It has also spilled over to the foodservice industry where it is common to see “organic” on a menu. And, it’s not just limited to food items; nonfood products can also be organic.
assistant managers sous chefs

Restaurant Assistant Managers and Sous Chefs Lawsuits Are On The Rise

Now, a major source of litigation is Assistant Managers and Sous Chefs (who are often the “Assistant Managers” of the kitchen) alleging they are misclassified—are not really managers—and are entitled to overtime pay. In this no-win operating environment, restaurateurs would be well served to double check that their Assistant Managers and Sous Chefs actually pass the legal hurdles required to make them exempt managers under the law. 
SHFM Critical Issues Conference

SHFM Critical Issues Conference Set To Take Centerstage At NYU

Metro New York and the nation’s leading Client Liaisons, Self-Operators, Contractors and Integrated Facility Managers...
Total Food Service April 2018

April 2018 – Total Food Service Digital Issue

Total Food Service's April 2018 Digital Edition features an exclusive Q&A Interview with Jilly Stephens, as well as exclusive news and interviews from the Metro NYC foodservice community.
Jilly Stephens City Harvest NYC

Jilly Stephens Q&A

Chief Executive Officer, City Harvest, New York City
baseball stadium food safety

Baseball Is Back (And Stadium Foodborne Illnesses Too)

The most common stadium food safety violations found dealt with insects, vermin, improper food holding temperatures, food prep employees not wearing gloves, and unclean nonfood contact surfaces. But UL experts outline how to take corrective action.
new cooking techniques

New Cooking Techniques Emerge for a New Generation of Diners

In order to remain relevant in the ever-evolving industry, many chefs and restauranteurs have taken it upon themselves to step away from traditional cooking methods and focus on modernist cooking techniques such as cold-smoking and flash freezing.
POS System

What To Look For In A POS System

To help you narrow it down, let’s talk about what a good POS system should do for you. Above and beyond the obvious of sales transactions, recording and taking payment, there is a short list you must consider when looking to invest in a POS system...
outdoor dining location

2018 Shapes Up As The Year That Local Finds Its Groove Outside

What we’ve found over the years is that the fine art of outdoor dining has evolved into a mind set that with a little planning can become both highly profitable and create a signature for your restaurant or club.
FortyOne Madison New York Tabletop Show

Forbes Launches FortyOne Madison Metro NYC Foodservice Agenda With April Event

The New York Tabletop Show has emerged as the nation's ultimate tabletop showcase. An abundance of new products will be on display starting April 10th through the 13rd for more than 120 of the world’s most renowned brands in tabletop in the 95+ permanent showrooms at FortyOne Madison.
8 Great Things To Tell Your Staff paramount service

When The Curtain Goes Up, It’s Showtime!

I am a big believer in paramount service - it's the only real competitive advantage. Train your staff to over-deliver and treat every guest as the most important guest and your business will grow. Provide anything less and watch your business disappear, especially in this age of online reviews.
Top 10 Most Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Chains

AllergyEats Releases 2018 List of Top 10 Most Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Chains

AllergyEats has just released its 2018 list of the Top 10 Most Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Chains in America.  The chains on this highly-anticipated annual list have earned top ratings on the AllergyEats app and website, per feedback from the food allergy community.
tax exemption certificates

Making Sense of Sales Tax Exemption Certificates

Restaurant operators, like operators of all sales tax businesses, need to understand how and when to accept exemption certificates from their customers and how and when to issue exemption certificates to their vendors and suppliers. Improper use of a certificate can lead to an unexpected sales tax liability after-the-fact.
25th Annual IRFSNY

Thousands Of Qualified Industry Professionals Attend 25th Annual IRFSNY

From March 4-6, thousands of chefs, industry leaders, owners and operators from the restaurant and foodservice industry networked and conducted business with 550 exhibiting companies during the 25th Annual IRFSNY. The trade show offered a collection of the best new food, equipment and technology...
letter grades restaurant letter grade system

Why Do NYC Restaurants Have A Letter Grade System?

The Letter Grade System was enacted to decrease foodborne illness, promote sanitary practices and create transparency for diners. While the System has achieved those goals since its inception, fines for violations have created additional financial burdens for many NYC restaurant operators already battling...
food quality

Food Safety + Food Quality = Peace of Mind

How can you be confident that your suppliers are insuring the appropriate level of safety and food quality? Your due diligence should include receipt of necessary supporting documentation, but can often be supplemented by actual plant visits to provide appropriate reassurance that a food facility has the appearance and methodology that is required.

Meet With The New York State Restaurant Association To Stay Informed On Upcoming Laws

The New York State Restaurant Association has been meeting with restaurant owners, operators, and employees across the state. These meetings, with hundreds of restaurant operators in attendance, centered on the devastating effect that upcoming laws eliminating the tip credit would have on restaurants and...
James Beard Foundation Awards

The Oscars of Food NYC Edition: The James Beard Foundation Awards

Two NYC superstars — Balthazar and Momofuku — earned a nomination for “Outstanding Restaurant” which is only for restaurants that have been continuously open for more than 10 years. Let’s look closely at our local nominees for the James Beard Foundation Awards.
POS System

Maximizing The ROI On Your Selection Of A POS System

Why hire someone when your POS system can do all the duties and more? Having this system in place can be a game changer when it comes to opening or managing your restaurant, and maximizing your ROI. But does it take away from the friendly smiles of your staff?