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7 Ways Restaurants Can Use Digital Signage To Be More Awesome

There are plenty of ways you can use digital signage to make your restaurant more awesome. The digital signage software engineers have seen it all. Here are a few things you can do with your digital signs as suggested by the engineers at Kitcast.tv. How you make digital signs work for you is...

Morfogen’s New Book Shares Unknown Underbelly of New York Restaurant Industry

Restaurateur Stratis Morfogen talks business in his new book Be a Disruptor; but there’s no analytics or theory, his experiences from gangsters to Covid are what taught him the most valuable lessons of the trade. Morfogen is a business owner, entrepreneur, and New York City locale...

GP PRO Automated Beverage Sealing Solution Keeps Delivering

If the beverages you send out for delivery have to be held in place by strips of masking tape crisscrossed across the lid to prevent leakage, or you have wasted lids strewn all over counter tops, you have a solvable problem. GP PRO’s lidding technology is providing the ideal solution for takeout and delivery beverage dispensing. Its Automated Sealing Machine not only makes for a more hygienic, mess-free, and tamper-proof delivery, it also saves operators money.

Ambitious Tech Veteran Brings aRoqa Dreams to Reality with Chelsea Indian...

Through fairness and progressive thinking, the upbringing of Chelsea’s aRoqa Contemporary Indian Cuisine set the precedent for how perseverance and zeal can achieve goals in the city where dreams are made: New York City. Monica Saxena opened aRoqa in 2017 following an atypical career path...

How to Create a Restaurant Floor Plan

Whether you are opening a new restaurant or remodeling an existing one, determining the seating in your restaurant floor plan can be a difficult task.

Pork Rinds In Fine Cuisine: Going Whole Hog After the Experience

Pork rinds have been around for centuries – once reserved for specific generations and cultures as a snack. But today, we find that simple foods, like pork rinds, which are often simply pork skins and salt, become seriously complex when you introduce them as an ingredient...

T&S Brass Celebrates 75th Anniversary with Commitment to Innovative Solutions

For a company to celebrate seven plus decades of quality manufacturing, there simply must be a secret. For T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc., there is simply just a “Made for Hollywood” back story. T&S originated in Queens, New York, when current president Claude Theisen’s father...

NYC Mayor Adams Listens To Industry Plead to Lighten Load

The NYC Hospitality Alliance as are thrilled to see that New York City Mayor Eric Adams took major steps late last month to reduce burdens on and cut red tape for the city’s small businesses by announcing reforms to 118 city regulations...
Texas Pete June 2022 728×90
UMASS Amherst Dining Stir Fry

Toong Leads $100 Million+ UMASS Amherst Dining Program to New Heights

Cultural diversity and student involvement are key ingredients within the recipe for success for University of Massachusetts/Amherst’s (UMASS Amherst) dining hall selection; and the quality and care offered within the facilities are crucial as well. The days of late-night munchies and early morning breakfasts are...
Union Market Washington D.C. EDENS

D.C.’s Union Market District and EDENS Set To Welcome Iconic Eateries

EDENS announced late last month, a slate of 10 new partners arriving in Union Market’s burgeoning retail district. The rapidly expanding merchant roster represents a curated mix of homegrown businesses, global brands and culinary stars that will occupy more than 34,000sf of storefront in this historic northeast D.C. neighborhood.
Elon Musk Tweet Tesla Restaurant Hollywood

Elon Musk Files Plans for 24-Hour Tesla Restaurant in Hollywood

In 2018, Elon Musk first tweeted about a “roller skates & rock restaurant” that would double as a charging station for electric vehicles. Now Tesla Inc and Elon Musk have taken a step closer to making that reality. On May 19, the electric vehicle company submitted documents to the City of Los Angeles for...
cryptocurrency bitcoin blockchain restaurant

Virtual Breakfast Sessions Discuss Cryptocurrency on June 22nd

Join Total Food Service and L. Sashin & Associates on June 22nd at 9:00am ET for Virtual Breakfast Session #19: Crypto Made Less Cryptic. The restaurant, catering, bar and hospitality business has always been hard, but with work, a good concept and efficient systems it was a doable, profitable and...
Top 5 Books For Restaurant Owners

Top 5 Books Every Restaurant Owner Should Read

Business books have changed my life and they have the power to do the same for you. I read at least one new book a month and there have been times when I have read one new book a week. I wanted to suggest five of my favorite business books that cover a variety of topics related to operating your...
vegan plant based cooking tips trend forecast

Trend Forecast for 2022: What’s Ahead for Plant-Based

In 1980, Dr. Thomas Colin Campbell claimed responsibility for coining the term plant-based, creating the phrase to help present his research on diet to skeptical colleagues at the National Institutes of Health that year. The term reached new levels of popularity after the release of...
LakeAir restaurant cooking Smoke-Free Air

Smoke-Free Air Entices Restaurant Customers to Stay Longer and Order More

For restaurants, too much accumulated indoor tobacco and food prep smoke and odor can become a serious problem that drives away customers and creates an unhealthy environment for employees. Even when smoking is designated to certain sections of a restaurant, the smoke can drift...
Restaurant Misfits Podcast Marcus Guiliano

Restaurant Misfits Podcast: Marcus Guiliano

In this episode of the Restaurant Misfits podcast, Brett interviews Marcus Guiliano. Marcus is the founder of Aroma Thyme,  a restaurant based in Ellenville, NY. He is an amazing chef, restaurant owner, and restaurant education/influencer and is incredibly creative with how he has grown...
Eatertainment family fast food dinner

Reintroducing The Eatertainment!

To say the last few years have been burdensome for just about every industry would be a massive understatement. Not only has it been incredibly tricky to navigate the fast changes, shortages, and regulations, but foodservice specifically has had to evolve faster than any other industry...
Uber Eats App Driven Profits

Are You Using Third-Party Delivery to the Fullest? 3 Tips for App-Driven Profits

If you own, run or work at a restaurant, it’s been a tough year with more uncertainty ahead. But the good news is, across the industry, business is back on the rise—powered by limited in-person seating and continued diner interest in take-out and delivery. Third-party delivery apps like...
online marketing Marqii

4 Online Marketing Actions To Take 30 Days Before Your Opening

Your restaurant's opening date is approaching fast, and you're diligently working your way through the heaping plate of obligations involved in opening a business. You've meticulously selected your kitchen equipment, battled through endless license and permit red tape, and assembled...
Kranios Me Ntomata Greek Stone Bass Cherry Tomatoes

Long Live the King… of Mediterranean Fish!

June is upon us – the beginning of summer, summer produce, and lighter menu offerings for dining on those hot summer days.  As the indulgent braises and warming soups come off the menu, there’s a new fish species arriving in America with the culinary versatility to appear on every section of the menu… Kranios!
Brinker International Inc. Chili's Grill Menu

Hochman Set To Replace Roberts at Brinker International Helm

Brinker International, Inc. announced last month that Wyman Roberts will retire as Chief Executive Officer and President of the company, President of Chili’s® Grill & Bar and as a member of the Board of Directors effective June 5, 2022. Roberts, 63, will continue to serve the company in an advisory role...
Merchants Sales Company

Merchants Sales Company Celebrates 50th With Eye Towards Future

Businesses that were able to survive the pandemic did so by adapting and presenting their value to customers in new ways. That has been something Merchants Sales Company has been able to do not just through the course of the pandemic but through their fifty years of serving the restaurant and...
Adentro Visit Based Marketing

How Visit-Based Marketing Helped Ruth’s Chris Achieve a 9:1 ROAS

Viral Instagram photos. Thousands of social ad impressions. An email newsletter with promising open rates. How are these actually driving impact for your business? Restaurants have a digital marketing problem. They're hungry for results, so they can't resist the appeal of “trackable data” from their efforts...

How To Package The Drinks-To-Go Opportunity To Maximize Revenues

Challenging times can often result in new opportunities. The Pandemic did create exactly that with Drinks-To-Go. In many states across the nation, most notably, New York State, what began as a lifeline to the restaurant and foodservice industry has now become permanent legislation...
cargo ship container supply chain

Supply Chain Pain: What’s Cooking Up the Global Disruptions?

It’s safe to say we’re all getting a little weary of hearing the words ‘supply chain’. Despite that, they’re the words on everyone’s lips, which have transcended from industry niche to everyday conversation. Why? The current issues in supply chains are global, affecting all industries and having...
Future Food-Tech Summit Alternative Protein

40 Alternative Protein Start-Ups Featured at NY’s Future Food-Tech Summit

From emerging start-ups to moonshot companies, the Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins summit brings you closer to the CEOs and Founders of tomorrow’s solutions through novel food tastings, small group roundtable discussions, start-up pitching, a summit menu of new foods...
Spiceology Kwame Onwuachi

Spiceology Launches Two New Spice Blends With Chef Kwame Onwuachi

Spiceology, the fastest growing spice company in America, today announced its partnership and new product line with Kwame Onwuachi, James Beard award-winning chef and acclaimed author. This launch follows the release of Chef Kwame’s newest book, “My America: Recipes From a Young Black Chef.”
Alice Cheng Culinary Agents

Q&A with Alice Cheng, Founder + CEO of Culinary Agents

Alice Cheng is the Founder & CEO of Culinary Agents, the professional networking and job marketing website designed for the hospitality industry. Having spent 13 years working at IBM helping companies apply technology to solve business problems, Alice brings her experience into the...
bad employee manager dirty wine glass waitress

Are Your Restaurant Employees Doing More Harm than Good?

Have you ever had that feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is absolutely wrong with one of your employees? Like they’re doing more harm than good to your business even when, and especially when, you think they’re one of your best. If you can relate, then your gut is trying to tell you...
Prince St Pizza Pepperoni

Legendary Prince St Pizza Selects Toronto As First Canadian Location

A famous NYC pizza restaurant has chosen Toronto as the location for their first Canadian restaurant ever. Prince St. Pizza is opening up at The Well in Toronto, a mixed-use project made up of towers and mid-rise buildings that promises it will be home to restaurants, a food market, and much more...
beverage tourism wine table dining vineyard

Betting On Beverage Tourism For All Around Increased Revenue

Following legislative budget agreement talks sounds like a lengthy, and dusty, business that few New Yorkers, except for the wonkiest and those involved, would want to do.  The exception, perhaps, was this year’s budget talks… when reinstituting the temporary pandemic-time measure of drinks-to-go was on the table.
end-demic strategy QR code menu

Thinking Outside The Box To Create Your End-Demic Strategy

A few months ago, it appeared that the pandemic was beginning to recede into our rear-view mirror, and we had rounded a bend, heading to the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. But alas, here we are with COVID-19 diagnoses surging even amongst the double vaxxed and boosted! As we try to find our...
lawsuits restaurant employees receiving guests

Steps To Avoid Costly Hospitality Employment-Related Lawsuits

From discrimination to wrongful termination, employment practice claims can carry a heavy price tag when businesses fail to have the right risk management procedures and insurance coverage in place. It’s impossible to prevent all lawsuits. However, you can take mitigating steps to reduce your business’ risk...
virtual business meeting breakfast sessions

Virtual Breakfast Sessions Discuss Growth Vs. Adversity on June 8th

Join Total Food Service and L. Sashin & Associates on June 8th at 9:00am ET for Virtual Breakfast Session #18: Bucking the Pandemic/Slowdown Tide. The restaurant, catering, bar and hospitality business has always been hard, but with work, a good concept and efficient systems it was a doable, profitable and...
Restaurant Leadership Conference 2022

Restaurant Leadership Conference 2022: What You Missed + Need to Know

The Restaurant Leadership Conference just concluded in Scottsdale, AZ. Winsight, the company behind the event described it as “RLC is the home for restaurant executives to hone their leadership skills, discuss solutions to industry challenges, and connect with other senior leadership..”
McDonalds workers union Fight for $15 SWEAT bill

New York Restaurants Set For Battle Over ‘SWEAT’ Wage Theft Bill

The New York State Senate is poised to pass an employee-friendly bill that would amend New York’s lien law to enable employees to, upon filing a wage claim, obtain a temporary lien against their employer’s (or alleged employer’s) assets. A substantially similar bill was passed by the NYS Assembly...
manual workers

Frequency of Pay Issues for “Manual Workers” Continue to Present Significant Liability Risks for NY Hospitality Employers

New York Labor Law (“NYLL”) Section 191 mandates that employers must pay “manual workers” on a weekly basis within seven calendar days of the week during which the wages are earned. If manual workers are not paid on this weekly basis, employees have a private right of action...
Hoshizaki ENERGY STAR 2022

Hoshizaki Earns 2022 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award

Hoshizaki America, Inc. is proud to announce that it has received the 2022 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. This marks 11 years in a row of being ENERGY STAR award winners.
LTO fruit infused Vitamix

A New Type of Beverage – Perfect for a Late-Summer LTO

Looking for a fresh, seasonal option for your beverage menu? Limited-Time Offers (LTOs) are a fun and low-risk way to explore unique flavor combinations, seasonal ingredients and novel approaches. If LTOs are appealing to you, how about exploring a whole new category of blended beverages...
chicago style deep dish cheese pizza pan development

Chicago Food Businesses Receive $33 Million For Community Development

Chicago Department of Planning and Development (DPD) announced last month that it was distributing approximately $33 million in community development grants to 26 businesses around the city as part of a plan to boost economic recovery after the damage of the pandemic...
Total Food Service June 2022

June 2022 – Total Food Service Digital Issue

Total Food Service's June 2022 Digital Issue features an exclusive Q&A Interview with Shaquille O'Neal, Founder and Chairman, Big Chicken, as well as interviews with hospitality trendsetters and foodservice operators, and the latest foodservice industry news...
Shaquille O'Neal Big Chicken

Shaquille O’Neal Q&A

Founder and Chairman, Big Chicken
THE Bacon Cheeseburger Burger

Burgers and Beverages: Top Restaurant Chefs Share Favorite Pairings

Chefs salute National Hamburger Month of May by sharing their restaurant’s most popular burgers and beverage pairings. Although Americans consume nearly 50 billion hamburgers a year, the origin of country’s favorite national food is debatable. Were they conceived in Texas or Hamburg, Germany?
healthcare foodservice seniors

Solutions for Providing Quality Foodservice for Healthcare and Seniors

In the healthcare and senior living industries, COVID-19 has presented many challenges, including a corresponding impact on an essential need for patient and resident care: food service. The challenges of the pandemic shifted traditional dining operations and...
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