Zummo Nature Sets Bar For Next Generation Of Professional Juicers

Zummo Nature

Twenty five years ago, Zummo began their search for the perfect fresh squeezed juice. The quest led them to develop a company with a highly specialized manufacturing process and commercialization for professional citrus fruit juicers. Today, the Spanish company is a prestigious brand in its sector and a reference of quality and reputation.

ZummoWith quality being a core value of the company, Zummo introduced Nature. This new range of juicer shares the same spirit of innovation as Zummo’s other lines, while finding new ways to improve the customer experience.

To start, the new Nature juicer line places an increased importance on the materials and the neutral, elegant and sober palette of colors. Inspired by nature, Zummo reflected their new line with the elegance, robustness and timelessness of the elements: minerals, woods, metals, and land. This has provided the product line with a greater perceived quality.

While Nature has a renewed aesthetic, appearance and concept, it also marks an important change for the company and the market. Zummo sought to create the perfect harmony between their new line of products of the client’s establishments, making them match seamlessly. One of the line’s main objectives is to communicate that their products are not just machines, but part of the modern environment.

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Zummo Nature EVS AdvancedZummo Nature remains loyal to the company’s main characteristic, the EVS (Efficient Vertical System) that allows the juicer to squeeze all fruits and citrus juice without touching the peel and not losing the natural flavor. But with Nature, the EVS has evolved to the EVS Advanced, which gives customers even better squeezing results and performance.

What improvements does EVS Advanced represent?

  • Increased durability: as there are no elastic bands, there are no breakages, something that could also affect the optimal functioning of the blade.
  • Greater functionality: avoiding maintenance tasks, such as replacing broken or worn gaskets. Cleaning the kit is also much easier.
  • Greater yield: the new kit entails a higher juice extraction yield. Thanks to its new design, up to 10% more juice can be obtained.

With improved mechanical properties and a renewed aesthetic, Zummo Nature raises the bar both on its own brand and within the professional juicer market.

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