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Cheers To Feeling On Top Of The World: NYC’s Rooftop Bars

More and more mingling is being done al fresco and with your head in the clouds. Raise your glass and savor this roundup of rooftop bars in our great City of New York.

Cockroaches: Combating The Restaurant Industry’s Most Resilient Pest

Cockroaches are one of the most highly adaptable, resilient pests on earth tracing back 400 million years and pre-dating dinosaurs.

Legal Obligations To Your Employees Come Early and Often: Understanding When...

The list of laws and regulations hospitality employers must comply with keeps getting longer and more onerous with each passing year. As a result, New York restaurants and bars are very used to being told what to do, and how to do it, as it concerns their operations.

How Multi-Unit Restaurants Can Maintain Compliance With Labor Rules

The complicated landscape of regulatory compliance has always been a challenge for restaurant owners and operators. But with the dramatic increase in complexity over the last five years, the operators of multi-unit restaurants need to make sure that they’re following the rules now more than ever.

Hip Sip: Battle of the Modern Bartender + Rapid Fire Challenge...

On Sunday, March 5 the Hip Sip: Battle of the Modern Bartender Competition will take place and the Rapid-Fire Challenge will take place on Monday, March 6. Winners of both competitions will receive cash prizes and bragging rights. The Rapid-Fire Challenge and Hip Sip Competitions have become...

Viral TikTok Exposes Shockingly Common Dirty Commercial Ice Machine Dangers

A TikTok user calling himself The Ice Man has gone viral for uncovering and sharing alarming video footage of filthy commercial ice machines in businesses including restaurants and hotels. The Ice Man is an HVAC technician who uses TikTok videos to educate the public and business owners about...

Hamptons 2023 Restaurant Space Marketplace Heats Up

The summer of ’22 brought a whole new lineup of successful eateries to the East End of Long Island. The Hamptons sizzled as restaurateurs from Manhattan and across the nation brought notables including the Lulu Kitchen & Bar (Sag Harbor), East Hampton’s O by Kissaki, and...

Turkey and Wine Pairing: Perfect Together!

For people that love turkey and wine, Thanksgiving just might be the perfect holiday. It is the one time of year we assemble where it’s about dining and thankfully no major gift giving is involved.