Zummo Nature Has Arrived With Juicing Innovations

Zummo NatureZummo Nature is a new line of professional citrus fruit juicers that will replace existing juicers: incorporating technological and aesthetic improvements, and adapting the brand to the current needs of the foodservice and retail sectors but designed according to the brand’s DNA.

Zummo Nature
Zummo Nature

One of the mechanical improvements with Zummo Nature that stands out is the EVS efficient vertical system. This feature evolved to a much more improved version: EVS Advanced giving the customers better squeezing results. An increased durability: as rubber bands are no longer used, an optimum operation of the blade is guaranteed and problems arising due to damaged rubber bands no longer exist. An increased functionality: maintenance tasks, such as replacing broken or worn rubber bands, are avoided. Therefore, cleaning the juicer is even easier. And also an increased profitability: up to an extra 10% of the juice can be obtained due to the higher squeezing performance offered by the new kit.


Another of Zummo’s greatest efforts is to make its squeezers as easy to use as possible. With that objective, Zummo has developed the Auto Cleaning System based on an automatic cleaning filter mechanism, which is a standard feature on Zummo Nature models Z06, Z14 and Z40.

How does it work? The Autocleaning system improves the juicer’s efficiency due to the automatic cleaning filter. The new filter has a belt made of polyurethane that moves thanks to a motor axle when the squeezer is running. The belt cleans the filter by sweeping the pulp and the seeds resulting from juicing the fruits and citrus, which are then collected in the peel collection bins.

Hotelex/UBM January 2019 728×90

The Zummo Nature line is also an important esthetic change giving the squeezers a new design. The new line has been inspired by the forces of nature, due to our desire to mirror the strength, elegance and timelessness of the elements they provide us: minerals, metals, wood and earth.

Zummo Nature

Based on this idea, the squeezers of the Zummo Nature line let materials and colors take centre stage. Neutral, restrained and smart materials and colors which transmit those sensations on the establishments where the juicers are installed giving them a higher, both real and perceived, high end quality.

The base color is now graphite gray and the bins can be customized in 4 different colors: orange, brown, beige and graphite gray. In the Z40 model the bins are of an elegant satined stainless steel and in all of them the front cover is no longer transparent, now a delicate smokey gray brings the squeezers elegance and personality emphasizing the fruits colors.

Zummo Nature marks a significant change on the professional citrus fruit juicer market and on its own brand with improved mechanical properties and a renewed esthetic, after the 25th anniversary of the company.

To learn more about Zummo Nature, visit their website.