The Advantage Of A PM or Inspection Agreement For Your Kitchen Equipment

Article by Jay-Hill Repairs

Inspection Agreement Jay-Hill RepairsRunning a kitchen can be an overwhelming task. There’s so much to keep in the forefront of your mind from staffing schedules to food orders to menus and weekly specials, and so much more. Remembering to do the daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly maintenance of your kitchen equipment gets more difficult the further apart the maintenance tasks are required. You’re not alone in having trouble remembering everything! The only time you may think of it is when the ice maker stops making ice, the freezer starts getting really warm and the frozen product is at risk, the steamer won’t steam or goes down, etc. You know these things don’t ever happen at a convenient time. It’s always on a Friday after 5pm and your service company is going to charge you overtime to get the problem fixed. Not to mention the stress of it all!

Take heart! There is a remedy to these issues. An Inspection Agreement or a specific Preventative Maintenance Agreement is a great way to head off large repairs and emergency repairs, as well as working to bring your equipment up to manufacturer specifications for best operation.  The service company will calculate a flat fee to inspect whichever equipment you want covered (all equipment, cooking equipment, refrigeration equipment, ice makers, and/or steam equipment). You can choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual visits as determined by the needs of the types of equipment covered. Your Inspection or Maintenance visits will be scheduled per your request and you can forget about remembering to replace water filtration cartridges and air filters, cleaning coils, descaling steam generators, cleaning and sanitizing ice makers, etc.

You will experience less unexpected breakdowns, have pre-planned repairs instead of emergency repairs, better working equipment that performs optimally in your kitchen. Proactive inspections of your equipment will reduce the overall cost of repairs by catching problems while they are still small. Additionally your service technician can alert you to when a particular piece of equipment is at a point where it is no longer economical to repair.  You will also experience a certain wonderful peace of mind that comes with this safety net.

If you answer YES to 2 or more of the following questions, you should consider an Inspection Agreement for your Kitchen equipment.

  • Do you have more than 15 pieces of cooking, refrigeration and ice equipment in your kitchen?
  • Do you have trouble remembering to change water filters, descale steam equipment or clean and sanitize your ice makers?
  • Would it help you to have a knowledgeable technician let you know when a piece of equipment is about to exceed its ability to be economically repaired?
  • Does your refrigeration equipment occasionally surprise you by running warm or not cooling at all, possibly causing product loss?
  • Are you responsible for the kitchen maintenance, yet you do not actually work in the kitchen?

Here are some advantages of an Inspection Agreement:

  • You can focus on your daily work without surprise failures of equipment in the kitchen, because our factory-trained technicians will find minor problems and quote repairs before they become serious issues
  • Ice equipment and steam equipment will stop failing due to clogged water filters, saving you a service call fee and downtime for the equipment.
  • You will have ice that tastes fresh and adds to the quality of the drinks, rather than detracting from them.
  • Budgeting for replacement of old equipment can be done prior to its sudden failure.
  • Loss of product in refrigerators and freezers can be reduced or eliminated with consistent coil cleaning (dirty coils are the primary reason refrigeration equipment stops cooling). Dirty coils can strain your condensor, compressor and evaporator and lead to extremely costly repairs when they fail.
  • Our professional, expert technicians will be your “eyes in the kitchen” assisting you in complete and overall control of all the Kitchen equipment assets.

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