Georgia Pacific’s New Line Brings Affordable Hygiene Solutions to Metro NYC Operators

Georgia Pacific (GP) PRO's Pacific Blue Ultra™ Paper Towel and Soap DIspensers
Georgia Pacific (GP) PRO's Pacific Blue Ultra™ Paper Towel and Soap DIspensers

Looking for a new way to have a cleaner, more hygienic back of the house, front of the house and restroom, too? Think Georgia-Pacific (GP) PRO‘s new Pacific Blue Ultra line.

GP PRO now offers a brand-new hands-free dispenser, Pacific Blue Ultra Paper Towel Dispenser, that helps improve hygiene in the kitchen, and Pacific Blue Ultra Soap Dispenser, which delivers a convenient, adjustable portion of soap and sanitizer with one easy push. Automated dispensers feature motion activation, while the company’s mechanical dispensers offer a no-touch hang mode with both mechanical and automated features attached.

An even more important product for restaurants that want to be known for utmost cleanliness is Compact, with ActiveAire tissue dispenser, which uses state-of-the-art motion-sensing technology to neutralize odors at the source, in the stall, improving the overall away-from-home washroom experience.

“GP PRO research shows odor is a primary reason for public restroom dissatisfaction,” said Dominic Barial, GP senior category manager.  “With the average person spending almost 400 days of their life in the restroom, this is a serious issue that needs to be managed.”

Compact, with ActiveAire tissue dispensers emit on-demand scent, can be put in an easy-to-maintain location, and provide a sustained release for on-going odor, along with six pleasant fragrances with unique neutralization technology, all part of the product.

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Another important element, the design of the dispensers, is sleek and coordinates with other Georgia-Pacific products.

“Our research actually led us to believe that a coordinated look is really important in foodservice,” said Barial,  “So our soap and towel dispensers match as far as the look. We also have a soap dispenser that has a gentle foam soap, as well as a sanitizer, that fits the same dispenser itself, so you don’t need different dispensers for different products.”

The Pacific Blue Ultra Soap Dispenser is adjustable – 4 milliliters and 7 milliliters – to make the soap come out in whatever stream you prefer, with about 3,000 actuations.  “And by the coordinated look, we believe that helps out restaurants which want to send a certain message about image to their patrons. Especially in a multi-unit scenario, it makes life easier,” Barial noted. Sales have been so strong, one customer’s initial order practically wiped out the entire inventory, according to Barial.

Foodservice operators in the educational environment are also excited about the new products, both K through 12 and college and university.

“When you look at a college university campus, if you have the idea of having an automated and a mechanical dispenser that take the same paper, you can have an automated dispenser in the administration building and the mechanical in the dorm. And the whole entire campus can function with one paper skew. Which is a big deal in training your staff, as well.”

What makes GP stand out from its competitors is that it can take care of all foodservice operation’s disposable needs, from the front of the house to the kitchen to the back of the house in the kitchen, as well as the restroom.

“We have cutlery. We have wipers. We have napkins. We have wax paper. We have bags. We have containers. And then we have paper towels, toilet tissue, soap and sanitizer, as well as air care for your restroom. So we can actually take care of all your disposable needs at one time.  I don’t think there’s another paper manufacturer out there who can say that,” asserted Barial.

Today, producing products that are “green” and sustainable is critical.  “We have over 180 products and skews that have some attribute that has a sustainable attribute to it,” Barial added. “With the new Pacific Blue line, the brown towel is green certified as well as eco-logo-certified, and it’s made of 100% recycled fiber.  We have selected soaps that are green certified as well as EP safe. And our bottles are recyclable.” The company’s Dixie brand has been foam-free since its inception.

“Efficiency continues to be a huge topic in hospitality and our products help minimize the skews that a distributor or an operator needs to cover.”

Later this year the company plans to introduce a new digitally interfolded two-ply napkin, which will be stronger, more absorbent and reduce waste. “But we’re not done,” Barial concluded.  “Our pipeline is full and we look forward to showing the marketplace what we’re really about.”

To learn more about Georgia Pacific PRO and the Pacific Blue Ultra line, visit their website