Butterball Foodservice Tradition of Menu Innovation Continues with Gluten Free Turkey Meatball

Butterball Gluten Free Turkey Meatballs

For the past 60 years, Butterball has been providing great-tasting turkey-based solutions that foodservice operators and their guests have embraced.

Butterball Foodservice Turkey Takeover Contest“From a product perspective, Butterball offers a comprehensive portfolio that satisfies diners’ tastes, including turkey breakfast meats, burgers, roasts and more,” said Richie Jenkins. The veteran executive serves as the senior director of national accounts & marketing at Butterball Foodservice.

Butterball has always been dedicated to helping operators meet consumer demand for healthier menu options. One aspect of health that has become more prevalent among consumers recently has been the removal of gluten from their diet. Some have been forced to do so as a result of celiac disease, while others have done so simply because they believe eating gluten free is better for them.

In fact, Turkey is naturally gluten free and of the 100 plus Butterball products available to operators, meatballs were the only item that included gluten. Jenkins and his team were determined to formulate a meatball solution that allowed operators to better serve this audience, which is why they rolled out new gluten-free turkey meatballs.

“With this new product, we’re offering a solution for our customers and allowing them to give gluten-sensitive diners the better-for-you protein options they’re clearly craving,” Jenkins continued. “These meatballs are delicious, easy to prepare and able to complement all kinds of cuisines. They’re part of our commitment to continuous innovation and developing new products that create new turkey menu opportunities for operators.”

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Catering to operator needs has been a primary objective for Butterball but at the same time, they’ve been responding to the increasingly competitive nature of the distribution marketplace and the changing role of the DSR (Distributor Sales Representative). “Our goal is to support the sales function as well as the creativity of these reps as they work to establish turkey-based solutions throughout the day. What used to just be a simple turkey sandwich has evolved into so much more,” Jenkins added.

Butterball Foodservice covers the vast majority of needs in the marketplace. They partner with virtually all industry segments, including chain accounts and independent restaurants to college universities and healthcare dining.

Butterball Foodservice also offers a full portfolio of support solutions for both operators and the distributors that serve them. This includes a dynamic website that features a full range of menu stimulating ideas, discussion, periodic contests, and more.

“Our focus has always been on providing first-class customer service,” the veteran sales and marketing executive continued. “By continuing to embrace change and provide on-trend solutions like our gluten free turkey meatballs, the industry will continue to request the Butterball brand by name.”

About Butterball Foodservice: Butterball, headquartered in Garner, North Carolina, is the largest producer of turkey products in the U.S.—producing more than 1.5 billion pounds of turkey each year. For more than 60 years, the company has provided foodservice and retail products to customers and consumers around the world. As a division of Butterball, LLC, Butterball Foodservice is committed to ensuring anyone can serve America’s favorite turkey with confidence. Operators trust the Butterball brand to always deliver consistently high-quality products and superior customer service. For menu inspiration and information on the wide variety of turkey products available, visit www.ButterballFoodservice.com. Find Butterball Foodservice on Facebook and follow them on LinkedIn.