AquaBoy® Pro II Makes Purified Water From Air

AquaBoy Pro II

The AquaBoy® Pro II air to water generator™ is a new and innovative luxury appliance that makes water from the air around us. By bringing “purified great tasting water™” to the hospitality industry worldwide, the AquaBoy Pro II is “The Future of Refreshing™.”

AquaBoy Pro IIA product of Atmospheric Water Solutions, Inc., the AquaBoy Pro II draws in air through a HEPA Air Filter. Water vapor in the air makes contact with stainless steel coils and condensation occurs, producing water that then goes through the remainder of the 7-stage filtration process producing up to 2 to 5 gallons of “purified great tasting water™” per day with no chlorine, fluoride, lead, or other harmful ingredients.

In August 2016, the AquaBoy Pro II became the first air to water generator to acquire UL Listing. This means that “UL has tested representative samples of the product and determined that it meets its published and nationally recognized Standards for Safety,” according to its website.

The AquaBoy Pro II has also been recognized internationally by receiving the 2015 Editor’s Choice for Best New Product at HX: The Hotel Experience (International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show). It was also awarded the 2016 IHA Global Innovation Award in the kitchen electrics category.

See Atmospheric Water Solutions and AquaBoy Pro II in Booth 2737 at HX: The Hotel Experience-Rooms to Restaurant 2016

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Atmospheric Water Solutions, Inc. produces machines that make purified water from the air.  Sizes range from the 2-5 gallon per day machine up to the 2,600 gallon per day machine, and are scalable by linking units in series.  These machines serve homes and offices, events, oil and gas exploration and production, agriculture, mining, military, hospitals, schools, municipalities, humanitarian efforts and areas with limited water supply.For more information visit their website

Aquarius Brands TM is a holding company with various subsidiaries and brands, including Atmospheric Water SolutionsTM, BoomerangTM, DroughtBusterTM, and RetraxTM focused on water conservation, education and generation. For more information visit their website.