HMG Plus Provides Front Of House Hospitality Solutions Through Passionate Service


When it comes to professional event staffing, it’s a lot harder than hiring from a database and hoping they can work well together to pull off the event.

“We eat, drink and sleep hospitality,” said Karen DiPeri, President of HMG Plus, a quality-focused hospitality event solutions provider with deep experience in a wide variety of hospitality disciplines. “We believe that both professional and personal excellence is achieved through passionate service of our clients.”

HMG Plus HMG+ Karen DiPeri
Karen DiPeri, President, HMG Plus

“The success of any private, promotional, culinary or corporate event hinges on the level of service offered,” noted DiPeri. “Our goal is to build relationships between our talented team of captains and to exude passionate hospitality. Good food and wine are all about passion, so why should serving it be any different? Passion and energy are necessary for success.”

HMG’s success has come from its ability to combine personal touch with proprietary technology. HMG’s giggo® platform, a proprietary enterprise-level provides seamless information. HMG’s 3P’s® pro performance indicators, provides an event management/performance monitoring system used to ensure that the quality of service is always at its peak of excellence.

“Our easy-to-use online booking system provides a bird’s eye view of your order and allows you to track, manage, and communicate throughout the entire booking process,” DiPeri, explained. “Instant online access is an efficient and cost-effective method of organizing events and staff assignments.

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“We have an extensive on-boarding process. We spend a tremendous amount of resources and energy honing our systems and our processes to ensure that we’re attracting and maintaining the best possible candidates for us. We’re really looking for people who have the right personality. We feel as though we can really train on the skill set but what we’re really looking for is someone who’s friendly, warm, hospitable, smiles, extremely well-groomed, professional but friendly.

Once they’re on board, we have a full training program, depending on the skill level they need. Somebody might have worked in a restaurant for years but may not know how to do certain catering functions like box a table, or even pop open a table.

HMG Plus HMG+HMG also carefully reads trends impacting the industry. HMG brings a unique approach to marketing her firm. “We’re a member of the Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management and we hosted a networking event to encourage people to get to know the organization and come in a fun setting. We had a DJ, we had a chef prepare food, we had all different types of spirits because we really just wanted it to be a fun networking event that people would remember,” she said.

DiPeri noted that the trend today is toward a more casual approach to fine dining and events.  “People are definitely being a little bit more conservative when they host events – maybe instead of a served lunch, they might do a boxed lunch. Grab and go. They might end the meeting at lunch and have a boxed lunch available for people to take with them, changing from a seated, plated service to a more casual buffet,” she stated. HMG is continuing its growth pattern in 2017. The company recently expanded to Nassau County all the way out to the east end of Long Island, looking to recruit staff.

“We see many of our clients wanting to share their workspace with their customers. And that’s where we come in with our Long Island expansion,” DiPeri explained. But satisfying clients is what HMG Plus is really all about. “Hospitality is our passion. We’re happiest making others happy,” she concluded.

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