Five Trends Restaurants Need To Follow For Success In 2018

latest restaurant trends
Article contributed by Lucy Wyndham

The most successful restaurateurs focus on finding new and innovative ways for people to enjoy food, while remembering that things other than food are equally important to customers.

In fact, research by Mintel has found that cleanliness, menu selection, and comfort, are the most important things people look for when dining out. With that in mind, here are some of the latest restaurant trends of 2018.

Sensors To Boost Efficiency

The use of sensors will feature a great deal in restaurants. They will notify employees of what’s happening in the kitchen, such as if the fridge has been left open, and provide restaurateurs with data when it comes to how the restaurant staff is using space. Sensors can even inform restaurateurs about which part of the establishment customers like sitting in the most. It’s all about using technology to create an efficient space and gaining important data about customer preferences.

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

According to Forbes, this is the biggest dining trend of the year. Vegan lifestyles are growing, which means restaurants are implementing more plant-based foods than ever before. From vegan burgers and vegan cheese on pizza, to vegan frozen dessert, restaurants and fast-food outlets are realizing that vegan lifestyles are important to many people – and that it’s super important to cater to their ethical needs.

App Communication 

There are exciting steps being made when it comes to technology and restaurants. One to look out for in 2018 is the arrival of chatbots. Restaurants will start communicating with customers through apps. An example is Alexa Skill which is available on Amazon Echo devices. How it works is that people can make reservations just with their voices, without having to call the restaurant and book a table. This gives customers greater ease to enjoy dining out, while ensuring a speedier, more efficient booking process.  

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The Rise Of Filipino Cuisine

Offering new cuisines can inject life into a restaurant menu and appeal to different sectors of the public. Filipino foods are becoming more popular, and they’re going to be one of the most interesting cuisines to try in 2018, with NY restaurants like Flip Sigi and Ugly Kitchen already heading the pack. Combining ingredients from Spain, India, and China, Filipino cuisine offers sweet and sour foods to cater to every palette. Some of the most popular meals to try include lumpia (egg rolls), bibingka (sticky rice cakes) and delicious Tinoha soup that’s made with rice or seafood.

Going Back To Basics

Another interesting restaurant trend is that of creating a warm atmosphere in restaurants, instead of anything too modern. Retro finishes are coming back in style, while restaurants that feature natural elements like plants and living walls will be popular. This focus on simplicity moves from décor to food, with pure, nostalgic meals being on the menu. Yes, grandmother’s cooking is back in fashion! Healthy and homely – that’s the mantra for 2018 food and restaurant décor.

There are many exciting restaurant trends to expect in 2018. These are set to make dining out an exciting prospect, while increasing restaurant efficiency. From sensors and apps, to new cuisines and throwback food, 2018 is focused on creativity and innovation.