Family Launches FoodFaves App, Doubles Down on FoodPorn Craze


Long Island, NY father and daughter duo Paul Epstein, 54, an anesthesiologist, and Sydney Epstein, 24, a television editor, got aggravated with perusing Instagram food porn that was inaccessible and searching for restaurants in different cities with nothing to go on but website menus and Yelp reviews. Their answer? The FoodFaves app.

FoodFaves is a new mobile app where foodies connect with pictures of delicious food posted by nearby restaurants, and they share those pictures with followers. All pics are tagged with address, map and miles radius to that restaurant. The app gets to know what kinds of foods you like, where you live/work and helps you identify pics of amazing food and how to go get it! Think Instagram for foodies meets Grubhub, but with a twist! Here’s why restaurants and food porn junkies, alike, need this app…

How FoodFaves Works for Restaurants:

  • Restaurants use the portal to upload their best-in-show food porn aka their best dishes.
  • A restaurant’s images are tagged with: description, menu, website, address, phone, hours of operation and hashtags (e.g. #Italian, #AsianFusion, #bagels, #burgers, #dessert, #icecream, etc.).
  • When a hungry FF user taps an image, they see how many miles away that eatery is plus a map w/ directions to get them there. Example: “OMG, this burger looks amazing! [taps on image] It’s only 3 miles away. I am sooo there for lunch! 😊”


How FoodFaves Works for Users:

  • Users open FoodFaves on their phones, and with the help of the app’s patented algorithm, they view enticing images of food from restaurants that are in close proximity to them, based on their food preferences. Users can take the FoodFaves Quiz to establish preferences.
  • When users see a picture on the app that makes their mouth water, they can “like” it and “save” to their FoodFaves profile. The image goes into their Instagram-like feed (pun intended) and gets shared with other users.
  • Users tap a picture and it instantly shows them the restaurant’s contact information, description and map/directions leading them right to that restaurant’s front door. It’s all about instant gratification.


FoodFaves provides restaurants with a new and fun way to connect with potential customers through social sharing, social equity building, and imagery. It’s free to use, and it’s very “Pavlov’s Dog.” FoodFaves shows users food pics, and then it shows them where and how to get that food!

Hotelex/UBM January 2019 728×90

With FoodFaves, no longer will you drool over food that can never be yours. See it. Love it. Go get it: