Eloma USA Broadens Cooking Solutions With Multimax Debut at NRA/Chicago

Eloma USA Multimax Combi-Oven

Whether it’s a white tablecloth restaurant or a corporate dining facility, the bar has been raised for the quality and consistency of menus being produced in Tri-State kitchens. The emergence of combi cooking has made that recipe for success a possibility. However, all combi ovens on the market are not alike. For many executive chefs, the ability to control the consistency of multiple kitchens is now possible as a result of a pair of entries from Eloma USA. In many cases, today’s chef in a Midtown Manhattan hotel or Long Island hospital is responsible for multiple kitchens in which they simply can’t be there in person to oversee the traditional management of those facilities.

Eloma USAEloma USA has enhanced its reputation in the foodservice industry  with its on-going introduction of innovative technology. Both at the annual NRA-National Restaurant Association Show and the the bi-annual  NAFEM events the Eloma USA booth has become  a priority destination. These innovative  show debuts have included the introduction of the Genius MT line which became an industry favorite for its commitment to simplicity.  The debut was a hit as chefs and foodservice professionals embraced the ultra-fast, high-resolution multi-touch display boasts a picture driven interface. It had enabled easy access to the oven’s controls and stored cooking processes.

Once again after listening to the needs of its customer base, Eloma USA will unveil its latest solution: Multimax. “As we talked with our end user customer base and the dealers that serve them, we found that they wanted a value engineered and priced solution,” noted Thomas Stegmaier, President of Eloma USA. “So with the introduction of Multimax, which we will have in our booth in Chicago, we are able  to provide that very same high performance featuring boilerless design in  a smaller footprint.”

Both the Genius MT and Multimax enable operators to precisely control the temperature, humidity and time for each cooking event to deliver a consistent desired result. Because of its programmability, they are well suited for use in foodservice chains and volume feeding operations where multiple ovens across multiple locations are used to produce a consistent, singular product.

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The sheer speed that culinary life moves at today demands that technology be utilized to optimize kitchen operations. “To keep up with the life in the fast world we live in we have set a goal to make life easy in the kitchen for all of us,” noted Stegmaier.  Many of the early options of combining technology brought new levels of powerful options to commercial kitchens. “Some brands do offer automation but they are not designed to make it simple. Our emphasis has been on simplicity and I believe that our simple picture driven controls with our Genius MT line provide that.”

Selecting the proper combi solution also requires an understanding of the role of USB connectivity in the process. “Clearly over the past several years, you have seen major security breaches as a result of Wi-Fi dependency,” Stegmaier explained. “Credit card thefts and bank frauds all route through the Wi-Fi, so we have designed a USB based system that is easier than operating cell phones. I believe simplicity is the key and the kitchen should not be complex,” noted Stegmaier.The Illinois based firm also offers both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity solution to support both the Genius MT and Multimax platforms.

New York City and the Tri-State area have always provided challenges due to space limitations. The Eloma line offers maximum cooking capacity in a limited footprint. A wide range of available gas and electric size and power configurations enable both the Genius MT  and Multimax cooking solutions to accommodate nearly any space or application, which is critical in cramped kitchens and high-rent locations.

With food safety continuing to be a priority for the restaurant and foodservice professional, Eloma’s units provide an effective cleaning system. “Our AutoClean requires only 15 minutes in the quick clean setting  to complete its cycle,” Stegmaier said.  “We have also created to conserve and save water and detergent while cleaning.” The automatic logging feature of the Genius MT combi supports HAACP compliance even across multiple units and locations.

The system saves up to 16% of energy savings and up to 42 percent water savings compared to conventional cooking equipment in comparison to conventional cooking products available in the market. “We offer well designed equipment for the satisfaction of our users. Our focus is on conserving energy but we do not compromise on comfort either. Our systems provide you with near immediate availability of steam with perfect saturation down to a tiny fraction of an ounce from the patented Fresh Steam system.”

A key to the design of Eloma’s technology system is the automatic extraction of steam and adding fresh air in the oven’s cooking chamber, which keeps heat and humidity out of the kitchen environment. “You don’t want your kitchen to have an odor after cooking,” added Stegmaier. Eloma USA has also built a comprehensive service team across the country to respond to the needs of its customer base. “We understand that our customers depend on us to keep their customer’s happy. So, we have made that responsibility a priority.”

“We hear consistently from our customers across the country that Eloma combi ovens are used more often because they are easier to use,” said Thomas Stegmaier. “As versatile as combi technology is in theory, in practice it’s only as versatile as operators choose it to be. At Eloma, we pride ourselves on making all of our combis’ capabilities easy to use and Genius MT takes that ideal one step further.”

Eloma GmbH is a worldwide leading manufacturer of combi steamers and bake-off ovens for professional use. In 2007, Eloma North America was formed as a part of Champion Industries, an affiliate of the Ali Group. Located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Eloma is currently supplying goods nationwide, working with an extensive network of dealers and service partners all around the United States.

“Many of the associates at Eloma are chefs, butchers and bakers, so they speak our industry and customer’s language,” Stegmaier concluded. “We look forward to greeting them at NRA in booth 5036.”

To learn more about Eloma, please visit their website.