The Craft Beer Community is Alive and Well at NYC’s Taproom 307

Taproom 307

Beer has been around for a very long time. In fact, historians have found ancient Babylonian clay tablets from 4300 BC with detailed recipes for how to make beer. In ancient Mesopotamia, they’ve found poems from over 3,900 years ago worshiping Ninkasi, the patron goddess of brewing. Some even believe that Noah had beer on the Ark. From the beginning, it seems beer and the people who brew it, have played a large and impactful role in our culture. Taproom 307 understands and appreciates the significance of today’s brewing community and strives to share their enthusiasm with their customers.

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While Taproom is one of many craft beer spots in NYC, it’s their dedication and relationships to the breweries that make them stand out. We spoke with Anne Becerra, Taproom’s Beer Cicerone and beverage director. Anne has spent a lot of time traveling around the United States visiting local breweries. “There are just so many incredible flavors and stories, and you know, the stories are so unique and so accessible. It is just a whole other world that is fantastic. Although it is fun as a hobby, once I started working in the industry – really being in the thick of it- I was like, this is what I want to do for my career,” said Becerra. Anne is the first female cicerone in New York City. Anne is responsible for making sure that there is something for everyone on Taproom 307’s beer menu. With 150 options, it’s hard to picture an unsatisfied customer. Anne has to make sure that they offer something in every style, something for every price point and that it is all accessible.

Anne’s philosophy when it comes to craft beer and breweries is truly inspiring. “Of course we want to show people that beer is wonderful but it’s bigger than just the liquid in the glass. The industry is creating jobs, it’s supporting agriculture. Brewing is one of oldest professions, yet it continues to change with the times without losing its soul,” said Becerra.

94The food at Taproom is created to pair perfectly with their always changing beer list. Everything is cooked from scratch – from the potatoes being hand-cut for fries to the sauces being made onsite every day. Taproom emphasizes that their food is both fun and delicious. You can go in and grab a craft microbrew that was brewed in Germany and pair it with a Haitian chicken dish or Mediterranean skewers. Taproom’s executive Chef is Anup Patwal provides consistent quality bites and weekly specials that focus on beer pairings. Taproom’s brewery-loving philosophy comes to life every Wednesday with their “307 Wednesdays” events. Becerra explains, “It can be a cool charity event, or a meet the brewers night. Sometimes it’s a food pairing or a dinner. We have beer and movie nights too. Most recently we did a fundraising event with Green Flash Brewery in San Diego. They brew a beer every year for breast cancer research and breast cancer awareness. So, we partnered with them to throw a beer fundraiser to raise awareness, donate money and of course, we had a blast doing it.”

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outsideTaproom 307 is more than just a craft beer bar. It’s the perfect spot to watch the game, host an office happy hour or celebrate with friends. Whatever the occasion, as soon as you walk in the door you will know that the staff at Taproom is passionate about craft beer and the community that creates it.

To learn more about Taproom 307, visit their website.