1515 Design Creates Value With Best Of European Innovation

1515 Design

Competing for keeping customers in Metro New York foodservice is all about creating a unique customer experience and consistently producing signature menus. For many Tri-State operators, 1515 Design has made that strategy a reality. The firm offers a complete line of unique commercial rotisseries and refrigerated & heated displays for the foodservice and hospitality industry.

For the Kim family, who owns several delis and bars in New York City, 1515 Design created a solution to reenergize a struggling unit. One of the family’s delis had a wonderful location with a clientele that was evolving. Kim and Formatutti chose 1515 Design equipment for their Times Square location.  Formatutti specializes in turnkey concepts to bring fresh new looks to delis. “The 1515 designs and Formatutti teams were able to provide us a fresh new look that has thrilled our customers,” noted Kim.

1515 Design“Our clients know that they can look to us to provide ongoing service, maintenance and support,” added Maurice of 1515 Design.  We have a successful track record of over 20 years because we understand the importance of building long term relationships. We have been very successful assisting our clients throughout the country by selecting the right equipment that fulfills all their expectations.”

The goal at the Midtown project was to create a modern and friendly environment while offering a great variety of quality and healthy prepared foods at a reasonable price. “The key is also to find the right balance of prepackaged food and made to-order food, self-service and full-service, as the ‘flow’ of customers is very important to success.

“It is important to have different independent stations with a menu that can evolve quickly,” Kim continued.

Taste of Hope January 2019 728×90

The trend in the deli industry has been to upgrade and modernize stores to offer more diversified and healthy food. “It has always been a very competitive industry, but with the arrival and expansion of upscale retailers specializing in prepared foods, the local independent operator has to keep up,” Maurice explained.

Top of the line equipment were required to accomplish these goals. 1515 Designs, line of Criocabin refrigerated and hot merchandisers provided the display equipment to complete the upgrade. The 1515 Design team was able to create a modern design featuring a sleek Italian look. The focus for the Manhattan project was a sturdy construction, efficiency of refrigeration, and was selected from a wide range of options and finishes.

1515 Design has quickly become a favorite with New York City’s foodservice operators.  Frame Gourmet Eatery is located in Manhattan and provides locally sourced and freshly prepared gourmet food. “They were looking for a look as fresh as their culinary artistry,” Maurice noted. We were able to accomplish that with our Ethos and Elisir refrigerated displays to create a distinct look that really draws the eye.

“We are proud of our ability to listen to the needs of what has become a very diversified customer base,” Maurice concluded.

If you’d like to talk with the 1515 Design team to discuss your next project, contact them at 888-671-0360 or visit their website