Nunez Led Palisades Cleaning Reinvents Restaurant Cleaning Strategies

Palisades Cleaning

When Mercedes Nunez appeared on ABC-TV, it marked media validation of a truly remarkable story. Not many would have thought it possible that after immigrating to the US in the early 90’s that two decades later her Palisades Cleaning firm would be among the most respected cleaning firms in the Tri-State region and across the nation.

Palisades CleaningWith humble beginnings in the US in 1994, she began scrubbing commercial office space as part of a cleaning crew. Through hard work and dedication, she was successful at the accounts she originally serviced, which led to many referrals and the launch of Palisades Cleaning.

The company started with a focus on the cleaning of office spaces. That has grown to other commercial spaces and restaurants over time. The company now handles the cleaning for a wide diversity of commercial operators including a substantial portfolio of restaurant and foodservice facilities. Local success in Metro New York led to national expansion. With her newly found success she started a team to assist her with new accounts.

Over the years, the success of the company is the result of the hard work ethic of the team composed of: Yanira Dominguez, Head of Human Resources; Francisco Navarrete, Supervisor of Operations in NYC; Jorge Sanchez, Supervisor of Operations in Chicago, Sebastian, Supervisor of Operations in Ohio; Lorena Navarrete, Supervisor of Operations in Connecticut; Herman, Supervisor of Operations in Massachusetts; Jessily Gonzalez, Head of Customer Service; and Anamaria, Office Manager, among others.

“The key to building this team has been the creation of a hard working-open communication culture,” Nunez explained.

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Palisades Cleaning’s strategy has been built on its unique definition of how it approaches the needs of its unique customer base. “Cleaning is just providing a single product, we offer a service which is tailored to our customers’ needs to make sure that additionally to cleaning we address other needs like special events, remodeling/expansion projects, periodic detailing services and emergency cleanings,” Nunez noted.

With restaurants now challenged with issues including a $15 minimum wage, Palisades Cleaning’s service also offers the operator substantial savings. “Our service saves restaurants thousands in payroll, vacation, sick & other regular expenses incurred by restaurants with hourly employees,” Nunez said. “Our staff is trained to perform a service based on our 24 years of experience in the industry. Another common occurrence in the hospitality industry is the time wasted by regular employees, many times employers review their surveillance to find employees wasting time when they are supposed to be

Palisades Cleaning

Twenty-four years of experience has taught Nunez and her Palisades team very valuable lessons in the intricacies of cleaning commercial kitchens and spaces. “Many of these are hard to fathom for a day to day employee, there is more to the service than just cleaning. Our customers see an immediate difference from our services to a basic cleaning job; our attention to detail from our experience gives us a clear advantage.”

Palisades Cleaning has also adopted the very same green and sustainable agendas for green and sustainable product that have become a priority for the restaurant and foodservice operator.

“We actively look for new ways to improve our service, for years we have used green and sustainable methods, like refillable bottles and biodegradable material,” added Nunez.

In addition to restaurants, Palisades Cleaning now offers a full portfolio of cleaning services for the B&I operator.  “We recognize the influence of B&I operators in the hospitality industry today and its outlook in the future, for that reason we are currently working with operators to offer our service through their packages.”

For the restaurant that demands a sanitized work environment and providing patrons with an immaculate dining area, Palisades Cleaning will consistently provide best in class restaurant cleaning to make sure kitchen and dining areas are clean, fresh and ready for the next day.

To learn more about Palisades Cleaning’s custom tailored services, please visit their website or call 917-207-5055 for more information.