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The Manhattan Cocktail: 3 Ways

First of all, if you are making the venerable Manhattan Cocktail with bourbon, it is wrong. The recipe calls for rye. And you should be using a decent rye. I recommend one that is bottled in bond and one hundred proof, no less. You should be refrigerating your vermouth and if not, throw out whatever you

Roasted Citrus Drinks For Winter

Isn’t it ironic that the best citrus comes out in the wintertime? If you live up here in the northeast, you’d know that the release date for most fresh citrus is in the depth of the winter. And what better way to perk up the palate then the roasted citrus route.

Winter Warmers

If you’re thinking about what your guest may want to drink on an awful night, read on and repeat after me. The last thing on my guest’s mind is the last thing he/she sipped. With this said, I offer you a series of winter warmers...

Holiday Punches To Warm Your Soul

Everyone is tired from running around and doing things for the holidays. A lovely holiday punch does much to lessen the anxiety of the season by offering an amusing quaff, that really costs you very little.

Vodka Is Dead And Gin Is In!

Gin is huge in Berlin! Really. Especially Spanish Gin. At the recent Berlin Bar Convent I discovered that vodka is dead and gin is in! The favorite way to enjoy gin in Berlin is the classic gin and tonic, but that is where the drink...

Cocktails From The West Coast

They say that cocktail trends form from west to east. I’m just back from Santa Rosa where a revolution is slowing taking over the San Francisco Bay region.

Four New Mint Juleps To Entice Your Imagination!

I love the mint julep as a drink and also as a metaphor. Scarcely is there a drink that excites me more than a well-formed mint julep. But if you think that all mint juleps are sweet, think again.

Efficiency Behind The Bar

One way that a cocktail bar can “raise the bar” is always set a glass of water down in front of your guest. It draws an efficiency correlation. How can I run, or work in an efficient bar if I’m supposed to put a glass of water down in front of my guest?