Q-Drinks Make For Some Spectacular Cocktails


Q-Drinks, hailing from Brooklyn, NY is a spectacular drink mixer. Not just because the label reads it, but because Q-Drinks offer something better than what you are using right now.

Warren Bobrow

I say using right now, because most drink programs lack a soda/seltzer program.  They are content using a product that comes out of a drink gun, and that’s too bad for your guest, because with all the attention that craft sprits have been getting and even craft ice, why is your soda program still using a concentrate to deliver that all important fizz?  It’s pretty clear to me, through my travels in the craft spirits space that the fizzy element is mostly forgotten- and afterthought perhaps, one that in my opinion can bring real flavor and value to the equation of making the finest craft cocktails.  And through this careful engineering of all the elements, you may have discovered Q-Drinks. 

Sure there are plenty of craft sodas on the market and that market is exploding yearly with fine flavors-but let’s first look at the ingredients in Q-Drinks.  The conversation of fizzy beverages should be one of quality parts.  I’m massively impressed by the quality of their bubble, the carbonation- to me, it should be elegant and crisp.  Q-Drinks pumps more bubbles into each bottle- offering a tiny, pin point, (like elegant and expensive Champagne), pure and rambunctious fizz, one that jumps up your nose- offering a giggle in every sip.  There are never genetically engineered products added to Q-Drinks, nor artificial flavors, or preservatives.  Sure the Europeans have been serving pure sodas for years, so what went wrong here in the USA?  The short answer is commerce in the form of high fructose corn syrup. This syrup is the most popular sweetener in our land. It is the one that flavors many beverages and foods here in the USA.  It has a particular flavor that is quite familiar to most Americans.  It’s made from corn that is added to many products other than sweetener.  Q-Drinks are made with only the very best ingredients, no cutting corners here.  The sweetener in Q-Drinks is not corn syrup, it’s either cane sugar or agave, these ingredients are more expensive for certain, but your cocktail program deserves the best cocktail mixers.  Just like your craft cocktails deserve the best core ingredients.  But what does this mean to your drink program?

If the value of your customer is worthy of their patronage in your bar/restaurant, the identity of each of the parts of their drinks should be as important as the rest of the equation.  Q-Drinks are very special for their aromatics and their memory.  You will always remember the pertinent flavor and aromatic essence for each of their expressions: Spectacular Tonic- offering a spicy, classic aromatics of quinine and herbs, perfect for a Botanical Gin or their new Indian Tonic- a tad more bitter and a touch sweeter than the classic tonic water, the Indian Tonic works especially well with the steely finish of London Dry Gin.  There is the Spectacular Ginger Ale- a smooth operator for an adult Ice Cream Soda- with vanilla ice cream, vanilla syrup, Q-Drinks Ginger Ale and Foursquare Rum.  That’s a drink I can day-drink with! The Spectacular Ginger Beer calls out for a robust Rye Whiskey such as Barrell Rye Whiskey, barrel strength spirits call out for the sharper, more acerbic and spicy version of the classic Ginger Beer.  This version has a decidedly crisp finish and extra gas for a cocktail mixer with pizzazz!

Q-Drinks is famous for their Spectacular Club Soda, made in the classic manner with a pinch of Himalayan Salt to give depth and character to this often forgotten mixer. Q-Drinks has resurrected the art of fizzy water to a new standard of excellence.  Recommended mixtures include adding several splashes to a Ti-Punch made with Rhum Agricole, lime, and a touch of cane sugar syrup. Finally, the Spectacular Q-Kola is bursting with memories, woven with ‘carefully selected spices from real trees and plants.’ This is the kind of mixer I want to work with because the delectability of the flavors.  The Q-Kola is what cola should taste like, if it wasn’t pumped full of artificial ingredients and sweeteners.  Q-Grapefruit screams out for more than a full portion of Mezcal, or in a pinch, well-made extra old- Anejo Tequila. Q-Kola is a magnificent stead, galloping under full stress. It is not sweetened with corn syrup, but this marvelous fizzy soda is sweetened with a touch of agave syrup.  There are freshly cut herbs and spices in each sniff, but don’t sniff too hard, you want to drink this soda instead of taking it up your nose.  Mix this marvelous liquid with un-manipulated rum, that means no added sugar, caramel color nor glycerin and taste what the original rum and cola was meant to taste like.  Success in small ventures is possible when you take the time to mix your cocktails with the very best fizzy liquids that money can buy. Q-Drinks should fit that bill very nicely.

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Basic Recipe for Spectacular Q-Drinks in your guest’s hand

Pre-Chilled Collins Glass


  • Fresh Ice – not tasting like garlic or last week’s fish special
  • Q-Drinks of your choice
  • Craft Spirit of your choice
  • Bitters of your choice


  1. Pre-chill your Collins Glass
  2. Add a portion of your Craft Spirit
  3. Top with Spectacular Q-Drinks Soda
  4. Dot with Bitters
  5. Finish with a zest cut only with a paring knife
  6. Serve with a smile to your guest