Sabatino Tartufi Is Dedicated To Providing The Highest Quality Truffle and Truffle Products in the Nation

Sabatino Tartufi

Whether you are a food snob or curious consumer, truffles are those mysterious little items you can’t get over. You see it in so many variations from truffle mac-n-cheese, risotto and fries, to truffle salt, oil, syrup, zest, honey, and spreads.

The uses and application that truffles can have on our meals are what makes this ingredient shine above the rest. One company got in on the trend at an early age and has become the industry leader in the highest quality truffles; Sabatino Tartufi has been leading the pack since 1911.

Truffles are no joke in the culinary world; they are a truly treasured ingredient that all chefs want in their kitchen and most importantly on their menu. Italian truffles are the most coveted of regions when it comes to truffles but are not limited to only Italy. You can find truffles in Northern Italy and other parts of Europe, The Himalayas and even in the United States. Although the best simply come from Italy and are unparalleled in comparison.

Sabatino TartufiSabatino Tartufi has a long-standing history as the industry leaders when it comes to truffles. “We are a family owned company and have been since 1911, we want to share the love of truffles and Italian culture with our customers,” said the CEO Federico Balestra.

In 1911 when Sabatino Tartufi opened their doors they had restaurants and specialty retailers in mind as their primary customer base. Back in the early 1900’s truffles were one of the most reserved foods in the world, so when a restaurant or retailer carries fresh truffles or preserved truffles, the caliber of the restaurant/retailer goes up. Today there has been a clear and abundant shift from the traditional white tablecloth fine dining restaurant. These traditional restaurants are simply not going through truffles the way that they used to. As the fast casual scene explodes, the ingredients being featured on these fast casual menus are becoming finer and finer. From truffles on your burger, taco, macaroni and cheese, salad, you name it there is somebody who is putting truffles on it. “It is fun for us to explore a completely different demographic,” said Balestra.

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That is not to say that you are not going to see truffles on the menu at your favourite white tablecloth dining spot. It is just that the ingredients that we once held on a pedestal are now becoming a more socially known ingredient. Sabatino Tartufi offers a wide range of products that are affordable to the general consumer. Recently, they launched a product called Truffle Zest. It’s a powdered form of truffle, and acts as a seasoning, that you can sprinkle on anything. It’s affordable, and easy to use. Perfect for the beginner truffle lover or the more experienced truffle enthusiast. With a little help from their number one fan, Oprah Winfrey, Sabatino Tartuffi’s Truffle Zest has become huge in the weight watchers community due to its low sodium and low calorie attributes.

“One of the things we are most proud of is our relationship with Oprah. She has gone truffle hunting with us at our Italian facility and is a huge advocate of our truffle products-specifically our truffle oil, truffle zest, and truffle salt. All of which can be found in her new cookbook,” Balestro added. As you can see, Oprah has become a friend and has continues to show off the Sabatino Tartufi brand!

Truffles have always had a certain stigma around them, from the very beginning truffles have been the most decadent food that you are going to find on the ground. Whether you are Chef Frank Langello at Babbo Ristorante or Eli Kaimeh at Per Se or Michael White at Vaucluse truffles is a necessary delicacy in any chef’s kitchen.

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