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In a development that has been hailed by local businessowners and customers alike as a boon to the state, to-go cocktail legislation has been approved as part of New York State’s 2023 budget. It will be the law of the land for the next three years. 

This will further the industry’s recovery by opening another income stream to the state’s bars and restaurants. These businesses, which are among the most strained by the pandemic, more than deserve it. What a most welcome, overdue update from Albany! Join us in toasting this legislation, which is mirrored across the country in 18 states, and the District of Columbia, where cocktails to-go are permanently legal and 13 where they are temporarily legal as a Covid relief measure. Relief, indeed. 

We tried this before – from March 2020 to June 2021. To-go drinks came and, well, went equally abruptly, causing confusion among both consumers and operators. This time around will be a bit different. Restaurateurs and bar-owners already faced the learning curve and figured out how to do it right last time around, and we’re certainly all ready for another round.

CambroAnother development has been the influx of new, specialized products that allow for stylish packaging without the risk of spillage or tampering. A regular to-go cup and straw will not do on their own but can easily be integrated with tamper-proof labeling. For example, Cambro’s StaySafe tamper evident labels are an easy and economical way to turn existing, traditional products into something more compliant and reassuring. 

We’ve also seen success with entirely new products which, in addition to making cocktails to-go more convenient than ever, lend themselves very well to customization, either with labeling or printing. Resealable drink pouches, like those from TableCraft, have been one of the breakout stars in this segment. 

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PET bottles are another great option for operators. American Metalcraft’s sleek, minimalist version with aluminum screw-top lids and DOCC Inc.’s tamper-evident bottles in a host of sizes and lid colors are excellent choices for operators aiming to bottle cocktails in advance of service. Unlike canned cocktails, do not require additional equipment beyond perhaps a funnel. 

cocktails to-go TableCraftAiming for large-format cocktail service or even draft beer or cider to go? Gotta get a growler! Libbey offers multiple sizes, in classic amber glass, that can be easily customized with etching. They’re a great choice that customers can use and reuse!

It’s one thing to implement a new cocktail program to-go or introduce a new product while simultaneously in recovery – it will be quite another during better days. Looking forward to three years of to-go drinks, at least, we’ll see more investment in specialized products both by manufacturers and consumers. With more options and greater freedom of choice, we’ll continue to optimize the guest experience, one drink at a time.

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