Philadelphia Pasta Manufacturing Firm Brings Pasta Creativity to Tri-State Chefs


For many years, the only way for a busy restaurant to create signature pasta was to purchase what local distributors had to offer. At the same time specialty Italian restaurants in many cases made their own pasta. Eventually, pasta crossed over from being just an Italian specialty to a staple on most restaurant and food service menus. As with so many areas of foodservice, the bar has been raised and today’s chefs are looking for the key to creating old world taste with an economy of scale.

Arcobaleno LLC has created a solution with its line of pasta extruders. The Lancaster, PA firm blends old world tradition with the best of today’s technology. Its history actually goes back to Italy, and president Antonio Adiletta. “Antonio is from Italy and he came to Canada to setup Pasta Factories in the Late 80’s.  Our background is industrial and we went from that to foodservice and restaurants,” says Maja Adiletta, the firm’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“When we started, we found that Italy had a lot of time off and it was really hard when we needed something.  Antonio studied mechanical design and engineering in Italy, my background was in marketing and sales so we decided to open our own manufacturing company and produce our own line of machines. We’d have our own parts and service, making it much easier for us to be available to the market.”

“Our background was creating industrial machines. We actually began by building pasta machines for manufacturers including Joseph’s Pasta. When the company opened it was with a stripe machine, developed by Antonio.

“That’s where our name comes from.  Arcobaleno means ‘rainbow.’ We named the company this because of our color-striped pasta machines,” Maja added.

Foodservice operators then started coming to us and asking for smaller units. So what we have done is to bring the technology that could only be created on a very large scale for manufacturers.  “As we entered food service, we made it a priority to calculate the restaurateur or operator’s return on their investment with us,” Maja continued. “We found that if you sell 25 eight ounce portions a day for 27 days that the investment in our AEX18 pasta extruder will pay for itself.”

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“Most importantly, we have found that chefs love the creativity that our pasta machines give them.   We have one chef that grinds pretzels into a powder and then runs it through our machine to create Pretzel Gemelli Pasta. We have another restaurant in Philadelphia that is using a smoking gun to infuse hickory smoke into the semolina to create smoked pasta flavor.  In Boston, we have a chef that freezes pork and creates a pork flavored pasta with our machine.

We offer over 100 different pasta shapes and continue to grow the shapes library! The Arcobaleno line has also become a favorite among the Tri-State’s top chefs with its ability to fit the needs of tight space requirements. “Marco Canora at Hearth in Manhattan is using our 18″ model (AEX18). In addition many top chefs including Jonathan Benno of the Patina Group and Tom Colicchio of Craft Restaurant group have been drawn to our ability to produce in a very limited footprint.” The 18 model features a minimal footprint of 11″ wide 24″ deep and 15″ high.

The firm introduced its Stella machine (AEX30) last May at the NRA in Chicago. “Chefs came to us and asked if we could build more capacity into the “18” model and continue with both the 120 volt and add the water cooling feature. “So we did along with adding a dual-speed motor, the same kind used in industrial equipment.

“We incorporated that feature into Stella.  Basically, we’re improving on the original, offering more value to the customer and a minimal footprint 15.5″ wide 26″ deep and 20” high. The chefs’ community enjoys the ability for the machine to have the flexibility to be displayed in the front of the house if space permits or in a kitchen prep area.

“In New Jersey, we actually have a chef who once a week will bring the machine upstairs every Wednesday and puts on a show of making pasta in the middle of the dining room.” It also amazes us at how often our chefs will take their machines with them to cook either elsewhere in the restaurant or off-site.  Today’s operators are also challenged with creating a variety of gluten free and allergy sensitive menus. “The only way that a true gluten free pasta can be created is with an extruder,” Maja explained. Arcobaleno has also become a favorite of equipment and supply dealers across the country. “If you talk to the folks at M. Tucker and Singer, you will find that we have created a very different experience,” Maja noted.

“Pasta machine brokers have come and gone through the years. We’re the first company to come in with a full-service local facility that includes a full portfolio of our machines where you can try before you buy. We also stock machines and parts, and can ship machines the same day we receive an order. The facility also features a full service machine shop, custom fabrication, test kitchen and offers factory training. Arcobaleno also offers the convenience of on location training. “

“We have built a nationwide service network of dedicated professionals,” Maya added. Arcobaleno prides itself on its service so one of the most popular service options the company offers is live people answering the phones. “We understand that for our customers a machine going down can feel like a matter of life and death. We are committed to keeping their business running so in most cases, we will ship them a loaner.”

The company has also built a reputation for its ability to assist its customers in selecting the the right piece of equipment.  “We have a number of customers  who go to Italy for equipment and then end up coming to us because there’s simply no training or service in the US to support many of the imported options. Having the customer come in and try different equipment to ensure they are buying is our mantra,” says Maja.

We offer try before you buy to ensure their success and it ensures our goal of a happy customer.” The company sells both large and tabletop pasta cookers, pasta extruders, pasta sheeters/mixers, Ravioli machines, Gnocchi machines pasta dryers, pasta cutters and stripe machines, along with pizza and bakery equipment. The firm’s complete line of solutions will be on display at the International Restaurant and Food Show in March at the Javits Center in New York this month in the M Tucker booth.