Paramount Caviar Offers The Best From Around The World

The world of caviar has become more abundant, with a greater number of species to choose from, and it’s all due to the vast amount of countries getting involved in the farming of this rather esoteric product.

Better yet the farmers of this special commodity are paying close attention to the quality (size, flavor and color) of this special roe. More importantly prices are stabilizing within each species type; and chefs should be noticing this adjustment and passing it on to the final client, says Hossein Aimani.

Aimani, the owner of Paramount Caviar is originally from the Caspian Sea region of Iran and he's been tasting caviar since he was a youngster. He's been in the caviar industry since 1984, and established Paramount Caviar in 1991.

Paramount services some of the best restaurants, hotels and gourmet stores in New York and nationwide and has a caviar boutique online. When traveling to various farms around the world, “I have the opportunity to taste some of the best caviar, I know how to select caviar for our discerning clients.” Aimani says. This is my pride and joy and my clients rely on my years of expertise to source the best caviar from wherever in the world. Whether that's in Asia, Europe or here domestically we pride ourselves on having a full selection of a variety of species, available at all times.

What has Aimani most excited for the up coming holiday season, the new hybrid caviar that sturgeon farmers have been cross breeding for a few years, and is now available to be introduced to the market in commercial quantities. This rather special hybrid sturgeon, is a cross breed between the Acipenser schrenckii (male) and the Huso dauricus (female) sturgeons. As a result, this hybrid sturgeon produces a medium to large firm roe, light in color with a lush, buttery taste. Aimani says, it's new to the market, and we are able to offer it at a better price than other farmed sturgeon caviar. Aimani doesn't hesitate about recommending it to his clients, “they have produced this roe for the last two years, production has been great!” he says. “We encourage our chef clients to come to our showroom, to taste the newest hybrid or a variety of caviar choices, prior to making their menu selections, and why not it’s a thrilling experience,” he says. Most of our current chef clients want to use caviar like paint to an artist. They both lend flavor and color to a special dish and increase the value.

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All of this good news could not come at a better time since recently the Fish and Wild life Services has placed five species of sturgeon on the endangered species list effective July 2, 2014. This final ruling #79 FR 3122 clearly states that the following species can no longer be legally imported to the United States after July 2, 2014 and additionally if a caviar purveyor has any stock left it would prohibit any interstate sale of the five species. Fortunately New York State is one of the largest buyers of fresh caviar and we have remaining stock for the season. For those chefs wanting to be in the know, the following are the five species; Acipenser naccarii (Adriatic sturgeon) and Acipenser sturio ( European sturgeon) in Western Europe and Acipenser sinensis (Chinese sturgeon) in the Yangtse River Basin, and Acipenser mikadoi (Sakhalin sturgeon) and Huso darricus (Kaluga sturgeon) in the Amur River Basin / Sea of Japan / Sea of Okhosk.

Paramount Caviar is located at 3815 24th Street in long Island City, NY and offers delivery Monday – Friday without a delivery minimum or fee. Appointments are available for private tastings or caviar consultations, please call to arrange for a caviar previewing, 718-786-7747 prior to creating your next exciting menu. One never knows where your next inspiration will come from!