NY Bartenders’ New Secret Weapon

Martin Miller is a leader of his industry and is now bringing his world famous Martin Miller’s Gin to New York! Taking over some of NY’s hottest bars including The Thirsty Scholar, STK, the Sofitel, Andaz, Pound & Pence, Waldorf, and Oceana Restaurant.

Known for his famous antique guides and his collection of country house hotels, Britain iconoclast Martin Miller is a leader of his industry and Martin Miller’s Gin is the perfect partner for just about any cocktail. Poured in quality resort hotels and restaurants in over 50 countries, made with the best ingredients, distilled by the most traditional methods and blended with pure Icelandic spring water, Martin Miller’s Gin has unsurpassed quality woven into its DNA.

Setting out to re-invent the quintessential British tipple, Miller created a gin that was made with not only the best ingredients, but distilled by using only the most traditional methods. Unlike all but a handful of gins, Martin Miller’s batch is distilled, like malt whiskey, using a traditional pot still method. Miller’s employs two separate distillations- one for juniper and earthy botanicals and one for the citrus peels. In the process of the distilling, they keep only the “heart” of the spirit and it is shipped off to Iceland to be blended with the purest, unprocessed spring water to create a marriage of rare softness, clarity of taste and appearance.

Martin Miller’s Gin balances the crisp flavor of juniper with the sweetness of citrus and the coolness of cucumber. Martin Miller’s Gin’s familiar botanicals—juniper, coriander, angelica, and Florentine Iris- coupled with the more unusual cassia, cinnamon bark, and liquorice, are blended with Seville orange peel and lime. It is also the first gin to use cucumber in its recipe as a ‘functional ingredient’ giving Martin’s Gin its unique and characteristic long, dry and fresh finish. All gins lay claim to some sort of ‘secret ingredient’, usually an exotic and little known botanical. Martin rejects such frippery. He believes the classic and traditional range of botanicals is more than enough. “It’s what you do with them that matters” he says, “Attention to detail in every part of the process is what matters, that’s my secret ingredient.”

Proudly independent, Martin Miller’s Gin has been growing at an average rate of 100% per year in China, Middle East, Australia, Southeast Asia, Spain and the United States.  Martin Miller’s Gin was the first of the “new wave” of gins and entered the market in 1999.  It has earned the most top awards of any other premium gin including taking home two out of three possible gold medals in the blind-tasting 10th Anniversary Strength gins by the International Spirits Challenge. At this year’s Wine & Spirits Wholesalers Convention, Martin Miller’s Gin took home Double Gold in the Spirits Tasting Competition, Best Gin in Show and Best White Spirit in Show.

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