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Hospitality Industry Outlook 2019: The Risk Exposures To Watch Out For

As the new year approaches, taking action to proactively protect your business from varying risk exposures will help you reduce insurance costs, prevent unnecessary claims, protect your employees and bottom line.

Female Artisans Are Reshaping The Way We Look At Tabletop

The following female artisans are coupling innovative design with an industry understanding of what plays on the international tabletop stage to reshape the way we look at dining room diversity and our approach to making everyone feel welcome.

Punch Season: My Favorite Time Of The Year, By Far!

It's Punch Season! If you are not running at least one Punch per week you’re losing out on some really fun times in your cocktail lounge. Why not?

4 Key Payroll Management Reports Managers Cannot Live Without

Using Payroll Management solutions, the common initial goal is to gain control over the workforce operations and how employees are paid. However, as this control is managed, visibility comes to the forefront for making better decisions.

How Ambiance Initiates The Dining Experience

When designing a dining space, it's always important to consider how your layout will affect the ambiance and create the best customer service experience.

Get Your Team To Care About Food Safety

These recent foodborne illness incidents are 100% preventable, and could be avoided if food businesses adopted a food safety culture. Have you?

The Advantages of a Restaurant Coach

What does a restaurant coach do? There seem to be a lot of restaurant coaches popping up these days. How are they different from a restaurant consultant? To me, the distinction is simple.

Reaping the Benefits: Utilizing Smart Packaging Can Grow Businesses

Smart packaging is becoming increasingly popular with businesses of all sizes. From food and beverages to high-end electronics, companies are using this innovative technology to instill confidence in consumers and keep track of their products.
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Millenials Tipping Bar Beer

Millennials and Tipping

I recently read a number of articles dealing with the tipping habits of Millennials. Most were in agreement that they are “stingy,” to say the least.
restaurant implementor waiter

Do You Really Want Success Using Systems? You Need An Implementor

Here’s a truism if you want systems to be successful in your restaurant: You must have an implementor. You need someone who gets work done.
entertainment centers

Revolutionizing Entertainment Centers with Ventless Kitchen Equipment

Entertainment centers are the new hot spots, fully equipped to provide the most fun possible for people of all ages. A strong food program is a great way to keep patrons coming back not just for non-stop fun, but for delicious grub too!
turkey and wine

Turkey and Wine Pairing: Perfect Together!

For people that love turkey and wine, Thanksgiving just might be the perfect holiday. It is the one time of year we assemble where it’s about dining and thankfully no major gift giving is involved.
chef kitchen workplace laws

Expanded Workplace Laws Heighten Employment Practices Liability Exposures

Businesses, including restaurants and other hospitality venues, are subjected to a widening collection of federal, state and local workplace laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Civil Rights Act, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act - just to name a few.
AI artificial intelligence foodservice

What AI Has In Store For The Foodservice Industry

All eyes are currently on AI (artificial intelligence) because of its massive potential to disrupt various sectors including foodservice. A recent report predicts that AI may reach $3.9 trillion globally by 2022.
guest contact points

Guest Contact Points: Is Your Restaurant In Order?

I have always trained my staff on the fine art of noticing the guest contact points, putting themselves in the guest’s shoes as they enter the restaurant for their shifts. We can never underestimate the importance of this.
food truck branding food trucks

Food on the Move: A Guide to NYC Food Trucks

Food trucks offer globe-trotting bites on four wheels, creating their own unique restaurant category, with a combination of quality, creativity, and value with speed and convenience. Grab some street-side cuisine from all the best mobile eateries in NYC!
cash money banks

Cash Is King

Strictly Restaurants President Jeff Lavelle discusses how cash is king--- knowing the importance of your Prime Cost, and prioritizing cash management now before the slow season.
eco-friendly disposables

M. Tucker Serves Up Eco-Friendly Disposables At Pitney Meadows Event

With fine casual restaurants showing some of the strongest growth in the industry, we’re using more eco-friendly disposables for containers than ever before. We’re all aware of food waste, but how often do we consider what happens to the containers we use for dining-in, takeout, and delivery?
downslide bust broken dish

‘Dr. Doomsey’: How To Get Ready For The Downslide

Certain patterns of behavior repeat themselves particularly as younger generations move into the mainstream economy.  The big one in America is that most people confuse positive economic growth as sustainable without considering a downslide.
wage/hour pitfalls

Beware of Hidden (and Not So Hidden) Wage/Hour Pitfalls

With these seemingly simple mandates come some important distinctions and pitfalls that can lead to big liability. Detailed below are some common wage/hour pitfalls hospitality industry clients regularly encounter.

Compliance Isn’t A Four Letter Word

The truth is, no matter how you get there, compliance should be celebrated. For us patrons, knowing that a restaurant, café or bar goes above the requirements when it comes to food safety, cleanliness, and sanitation, should make us want to eat there.
foreign language workplace materials

Foreign Language Workplace Materials Released By NY State

Last month, the state took an important step when The New York State Department of Labor (DOL) posted foreign language workplace materials online for employers and employees.
track food costs

As Minimum Wages Rise, Restaurants Are Getting Smarter About How They Manage And Track Costs

Restaurants are looking for ways to allow them to incorporate intelligent technology to automate the process of calculating wages to ensure that they are meeting the minimum wage standard, but also keeping ahead of their costs.
Cocktail Classics

Cocktail Classics: Get To Know Them And Celebrate Them

If there are cocktails in your bar that are known as the workhorses of the industry, they are most certainly the cocktail classics. You know, the Cape-Codder or perhaps a Rum Punch if it's time to make punch day!
Chef’s Garden LMT

The Perfect Partnership: LMT Celebrates #RootsCultivate2018 with The Chef’s Garden

If I were to define cultivation in our industry, it would be: to lead by example, which the Chef’s Garden has proven to do expertly for three generations. It’s also what we seek to do at LMT, by sourcing sustainably, responsibly and creatively.
cannabis marijuana

Cannabis in the Food Industry

As cannabis is legalized in states like California and Colorado, consumption has gone mainstream. Coca-Cola has even bought into the industry, ready to capitalize on the growing trend of edibles, or cannabis consumed through eating or drinking.
social media marketing facebook twitter instagram

How Many Customers Are You Actually Getting Through Social Media Marketing?

If you are a restaurant owner and have invested in social media marketing programs in the past, these phrases from “experts” might sound familiar...
Halloween ventless cooking equipment

The Hoodless Horstman Inn

The Inn had been operating with a kitchen that appeared to have been sleeping for 100 years! But now, they really needed ventless cooking equipment, but how would they implement?
restaurant decor

Restaurant Decor Can Influence Your Customers

Your restaurant decor isn’t just a simple tools for adorning your restaurant, but it's an instrument for having an impact on many levels. The properly chosen restaurant decor can help you to attract more customers to your business, influence their appetite and, as a result, increase your profits.
server banking

Server Banking Vs Cashier In A Full-Service Restaurant: Which Should You Use?

When it comes to deciding whether to use servers or cashiers for collecting payment, there really is only one way to go: server banking. It’s a more guest friendly approach, it will more than likely allow you to cut your labor cost a smidge and it helps you turn tables more efficiently.
fall restaurant arrivals

Fresh Fall Restaurant Arrivals

Fall is a time for fresh starts, and a slate of new restaurants is set to rev up New York City’s dining scene this season... venture out, get cozy and let’s see what’s new.
small kitchen restaurant

No Space? No Problem! Making The Most Out Of A Small Kitchen With Ventless Equipment

Restaurants with small kitchen spaces are sprouting up all over the US and it’s due to ever-rising rent and construction costs, as well as dwindling labor pools...
design/build firm elite studio e

The Importance of a Design/Build Firm

An advantage of working with a design/build firm is the ability to discuss budget during the design phase. By not waiting until the bid phase of a project to tackle this, projects can be kept within a realistic budget.

LEED Certification for Food Manufacturing

LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. What it means in its original form is a green building design system that is used worldwide. As LEED has evolved, so too have the LEED specifications for green buildings based on the type of facility and other criteria.
service waiter restaurant

The Service in Food Service

With the exception of preparation, I can think of no other food service activity that receives as much scrutiny and examination as service. There is no question that its execution—good or bad—can affect an operation almost to the same degree as the quality of the preparation...
proper handwashing

Proper Handwashing Is Key In Preventing Restaurant Illness

Teaching and enforcing proper handwashing in restaurants is a vital step towards preventing illness. Improper handwashing isn’t just gross, it’s also dangerous.
monthly maintenance Malachyvideo

Monthly Maintenance Know-How with Malachy Parts & Service

While restaurant owners spend a lot of time thinking about equipment purchases, the monthly maintenance needs of that equipment are often an afterthought — until that piece of equipment goes down.
cyber insurance policy data breach

Cyber Insurance Policy: Your Recipe for Data Breach Response

In today’s society, data breaches are inevitable for all businesses in all industries. If you've been hacked, even with a cyber insurance policy, you will want to engage a trusted insurance advisor as quickly as possible, to address the attack in its entirety.
Ventless appliances

A Series of Unfortunate Vents

The story you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to project the innovative. My name’s Fry-Day. Grill Sergeant Joe Fry-Day.

Do Food And Beverage Companies Really Know The Source of Their Profitability?

A large food company recently inquired about the profitability of each of its distribution channels. It was considering expanding further into food service versus its club store business and wanted to know if it was a wise decision.
restaurant business plan boom

Boom, Bust or Bubble?

Everyone seems happy about the economic boom, so when will the big drop come? Most financial types agree that we are overdue for a “correction”, so what do you see in your crystal ball?
best commercial dishwasher

Finding the Best Commercial Dishwasher for Your Restaurant

The best commercial dishwasher will become the heart of your kitchen, giving life to all of the other functions of your restaurant or business. Not only does it ensure that you have a steady supply of clean utensils and dishes to use, it is important for food hygiene...
Nicole Langone Scarangello

Nicole Langone Scarangello, C-CAP Alumna

Nicole Langone Scarangello was one of those young people struggling to identify their post-high school graduation path until she took a culinary class at Tottenville High School on Staten Island and was introduced to Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP).
coolest hotel restaurants

Meet Us In The Lobby: The Coolest Hotel Restaurants

We've been spending a lot more time in hotel restaurants. But it isn’t an uptick in travel or a convenient meal that draws us there—rather, it’s the excellence with which progressive hotel brands are approaching their food and beverage programs.
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