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The 9 Types of Social Media Users in Your Bar

You want to maximize social media sharing to get the biggest impact possible, but different types of sharers are drawn to and motivated by different things. Here are the 9 types of social media users in your bar, and how to keep their selfies coming!

Using Ventless Kitchen Equipment to Increase Concession Sales

With profit margins on ticket sales being razor thin, concession sales are critical to keeping a theater in business. Thankfully, ventless kitchen equipment is changing the way cinemas are able to provide movie fare.

Containing the Aftermath Of Contamination: Protect Your Restaurant From The Damage...

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) estimates that each year roughly 1 in 6 Americans become sick from consuming foods or drinks with contamination of harmful bacteria, viruses or parasites.

NYC Hospitality Alliance Tip Credit Rally Recap

The NYC Hospitality Alliance was proud to stand alongside a diverse coalition of 250 restaurateurs, tipped workers and advocates at our rally calling on Gov. Cuomo and the Department of Labor to save the tip credit!

Why All Restaurant Kitchens Should Go Green

Restaurateurs can help combat food waste and nationwide hunger by having their kitchen go green: donating usable food to those in need, recycling and composting food waste that doesn’t need to go to landfills, and taking a deeper look at their equipment and even their customers.

Eat The World: NYC Cuisine Scene

From food halls and marketplaces to fine dining and everything in between. Diners are seeking the new and the interesting and we are seeing new concepts on the horizon from all corners of the world. Here are the ABC’s of some new and delicious forthcoming food!

Eliminating Waste and Hunger Through Education

Recently, at a talk for the Greater New York Dietetic Association, I was asked to share my thoughts on food waste, access and education. I’ve focused on food waste in the past, but access to food is not something we talk about enough and I appreciated the opportunity to address it.

Marijuana Edibles and Cross-Contamination Risks

Unfortunately, food safety isn’t always top-of-mind when preparing marijuana edibles, and if proper protocols aren’t followed, consumers can get very ill.
THE KITCHEN Stratas Foods

“THE KITCHEN” From Stratas Foods Sets The Standard For Recipe Development With Partner Companies

THE KITCHEN is designed to be a creative multifunctional space that morphs into different things depending on the need. Ideations and innovation sessions with Chefs and Branding teams, Sales training, Marketing and Branding, bringing sauce ideas and food to life in real life applications...
A Different Kind of Green

A Different Kind of Green For Your Tabletop

It’s easy to fall into a passionate monologue on decisions we can make, both as suppliers and consumers, on how to be kinder to Mother Earth. Instead, we’re going to focus on a different kind of green in this column.
third party funding

A Guide To Raising Money For Your Restaurant

The menu and décor for your dream concept is set, and then you realize: how am I going to raise money to launch my restaurant? Here are a few important things to keep in mind when embarking on the task of seeking third party funding. 
Transactional Sales Tax revenue

Is Using Sales Tax Revenue To Run Your Business A Wise Investment? (The Answer is “No”!!)

Merchants who use sales tax revenue as working capital rarely take time to understand the true cost and potentially catastrophic legal pitfalls until it’s too late.
New Jersey restaurant

The Growth Of The Restaurant & Hospitality Industry In New Jersey

New Jersey has always enjoyed a vibrant and prosperous restaurant and hospitality business with over 27,000 restaurants and quick service options with 18,000 being full service locations as well as 1,130 hotel properties. 

Orderly Conquers Restaurant Inventory and Food Cost Management Woes Using Data Science

Orderly, the first company to apply data science to food cost management, releases new approach to help restaurateurs lower food costs, reduce waste and theft
food service permits

Food Service Permits: Navigating In NYC

When it comes to the rules of food service permits in New York City, the Department of Health requires all food service establishments serving food to the public to have a standard operational permit...
cocktail party

Five Drink Recipes For A Cocktail Party

This little cocktail party served notice that great mixed drinks don’t have Fireball or Tito’s in them. Far from. They take great parts and incredible hand-made, craft spirits and bring these liquid driven adventures truly to a higher place. 
buying selling business East Coast Stores

Buying or Selling A Food Retail Business

Has the thought of buying or selling a business crossed your mind? If so, you probably have some questions.

We Found Out About New York Restaurants’ Secret Recipe

Rekki is a mobile app that allows them to order supplies on a smartphone, track the status of orders and chat directly with their suppliers.
restaurant business right reasons

Are You In The Restaurant Business For The Right Reasons?

I often say the restaurant business is one of a thousand details and it's a constant daily challenge to keep all the moving parts going in the right direction.
I Can't I Won't

When Employees Say “I Can’t,” It Really Means “I Won’t”

Something universal about successful restaurant owners is they never say or accept someone saying to them, “I can’t!” Successful restaurant owners recognize that when someone says, “I can’t,” what they are really saying is, “I won’t.”
investing wisely in restaurant equipment

Investing Wisely In Restaurant Equipment

Competition is what drives and inspires many restaurant owners and chefs to think outside of the box. This is why investing wisely in restaurant equipment is so important - it can elevate your business.

Reinvigorating Your Restaurant’s Creativity

Whether you are opening a new restaurant or dining facility or looking to reinvigorate an existing property, a key to success is creativity.
NYSRA surcharge structure

Why NYC’s City Council Should Allow Restaurants To Institute Surcharge Structure

NYSRA is very excited about the potential of City Council bill- Intro 823. Allowing restaurants to incorporate a surcharge structure would allow them to offset costs and bring pay equity to their operations.
food truck branding food truck kitchen equipment

Fueling the Food Truck Trend with Ventless Kitchen Equipment

Finding the right food truck kitchen equipment can make or break your business venture. At Motion Technology Inc we believe our products make that decision an easy one! Our AutoFry is ventless and also comes in convenient sizes that make it ideal for food truck operations.
foodborne illness pest management IPM provider

Don’t Let It Bug You: How to Find the Right Pest Management Provider

Like any other business decision, you should think carefully before choosing an IPM provider. Screening potential providers upfront could be the difference between a seamless experience and an unnecessarily complicated one...
Hamptons dining options

From Beach to Table: Dining on the East End

Nothing says summer like a weekend, week or season at the Hamptons, New York’s seaside playground. Let’s check out the new and notable Hamptons dining options that will excite your palate from Montauk to Southampton.
grow your small business

This is How You Can Grow Your Small Business Faster

This is what the most successful companies are doing. Let’s take a closer look at how you can turn your business into a usage brand so that you can grow your small business or startup faster.
Lasheeda Perry

Lasheeda Perry is The Queen of Flavor and Pastry Competitions

Lasheeda Perry has always had a passion for culinary arts and competition, and luckily for her, this love has materialized into a rewarding and ‘sweet’ career.
not paying sales tax restaurant-type foods

Sales Tax Rules Change for Resale of Restaurant-Type Foods

Under New York’s recently passed 2019 Executive Budget, sales of restaurant-type foods, including heated foods and heated beverages, can now be made tax free, provided the sale is for resale – meaning the purchaser intends to resell the prepared food to its customers.
food safety training program

7 Ways to Spice Up Your Food Safety Training Program

When training is engaging, entertaining, and memorable, it significantly lowers the risk that your restaurant will be the next foodborne illness headline in the national news. You can breathe new life into your food safety program that makes training more impactful with these seven tips.
On-Site Management wage and hour

Minimizing Your Restaurant’s Risk of Wage and Hour Violations

Did you know that the hospitality industry faces more wage and hour violations than any other industry? These can quickly become financially devastating to any business if action is not taken and the proper layers of protection are not implemented.

Crowdfunding As Food Industry Financing?

I have had a few entrepreneurs ask me about financing opportunities for start-ups using crowdfunding platforms since most traditional lenders have very little interest in new foodservice operations.
West Coast Cocktail Trends

The Migration of Cocktail Trends

All cocktail trends move West to East in the United States. It’s just a fact of life in the cocktail business. The trends are created by talented tastemakers and their talent just follows suit. All it takes is the right coverage, and a win or two in bartending competitions.
brand licensing

Looking for New Revenue Streams? License Your Brand With These Tips

As chefs enter the new territory using their name on products, it is critical that they receive protection for their brand licensing through appropriate contracts. These contracts, called “intellectual property licenses,” address royalty payments, influence over packaging, and more.
farmers market

How to Stand Up to the Competition at Your First Farmers Market

In recent years, the farmers market has seen renewed popularity as sustainable living and environmental awareness increases.
plastic straws

Plastic Straws Ban Testimony at NYC City Hall

Comments of the New York City Hospitality Alliance on Int. 0936-2018 a Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to prohibiting single-use plastic straws and stirrers for beverages.
ice machines 100 degrees

What Happens to Your Ice Machine When Your Room Hits 100 Degrees?

In this article we will look at what happens when an ice machine is located in a room that's 100 degrees, including temperature control, ventilation, and location...
Cardinal Geode Eclectic

Finding An Eclectic Strategy That Creates Excitement

While an eclectic eatery means you get to excuse all design elements because you are going for an “eclectic” vibe but if you have cluttered your restaurant full of antique items and unique tableware please make sure they are a related look.
restaurant staff training session hospitality approach competition

Fun & Games Make The Cash Register Ring

Creating a healthy competition amongst the staff was one way of keeping them on their toes, upping the fun factor and boosting the restaurant’s bottom-line. This all began with a daily pre-shift meeting.
NYC rooftop bars

Cheers To Feeling On Top Of The World

More and more mingling is being done al fresco and with your head in the clouds. Raise your glass and savor this roundup of rooftop bars in our great City of New York.
personal liability for sales taxes

Your Business Owes Sales Tax: Are You Personally Liable?

Most restaurant sales are taxable. The sales tax is collected, or should be collected, from customers by the restaurant as a fiduciary of the state. As such, not only is the business responsible, but certain individuals who are owners or active in the restaurant’s management may be deemed a “responsible person”...
Aaron Bludorn Mark Kornblau Stanislas Vilgrain

Three Industry Trendsetters Join C-CAP Board of Directors

Prominent Michelin Star Chef Aaron Bludorn, Senior Communications Executive Mark Kornblau, and Industry Leader Stanislas Vilgrain Join C-CAP Board of Directors

Filth Flies: Small Pests, Big Problems

Flies not only pose a health risk to your restaurant patrons, but they can undermine your reputation and pose an even bigger risk to your bottom line.
restaurant facelift running a bar

5 Ways You’re Running Your Bar Into The Ground

You thought adding a bar to your restaurant was going to be fun. But you realized pretty quickly that running a bar is definitely NOT easy!