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Action Updates On Scaffolding And Organic Waste Separation

In this month’s column, I share with you my abridged comments from two City Council hearings that I recently testified at on behalf of the NYC Hospitality Alliance.  I hope they provide you with greater insight into our vital work representing the industry and get you familiar with two important issues impacting restaurants throughout the city: scaffolding and organic waste separation.

An Interesting Look At Tipping

As my friends from the Pennsylvania Dutch Country would say, “It wonders me much” whenever they would see or read something that they had seen many times before. I can apply that description to the number of articles I have read that deal with the common act of tipping.

Energy Saving Tips For Hospitality Managers

Don't stress over your energy bill. There are many energy saving tips for hospitality managers to reduce their energy bills with just a few adjustments to electricity, water, as well as heating and cooling systems, so that the bill at the end of the month is less stressful.

Safety First: How Investing In On-Site Management Can Reduce Your Bottom-Line

Even the best safety programs require proper on-site management training and involvement in order to be successful. By investing in hiring and training experienced on-site managers, businesses can actually save a significant amount of money in the long run...

Cold Brewed Coffee Cocktails To Crave

There is no metric that challenges the thought that coffee should only be enjoyed in the morning. Far from!  That’s where gently Vassilaros & Sons cold brewed coffee comes into play. I’m pretty picky when it comes to strong flavor and in my cocktails, if it says coffee- I want to taste what is going on in my glass and make it memorable.

When It Comes To Making Your Pitch, Nothing Is Off The...

We are all forced to respond to the growing expectations of our educated customers. Each dealership and their sales representatives can choose to respond in a number of ways. Our company has made the conscious decision to become “influencers” and use every resource available to understand the unique needs of our partners.

Driving Lunch Sales: A Four-Step Plan To Greater Profitability

Building lunch sales is key to greater profitability in restaurants. This is because most of the costs associated with preparing for the dinner rush happen during the daytime.

The End of the Human Touch

One Haus's Mike Hewitt Talks About The End of the Minimum Wage Hospitality Employee.
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Negotiate A Restaurant Lease Renewal Free rent landlord

Standing In The Landlord’s Shoes: Seeing Yourself As A Prospective Tenant

Landlords and restaurant tenants are not equal. The tail can’t wag the dog. If the landlord is the dog, then the tenant is the tail. And, as we know, dogs chase their tails.
New York in the 60’s

Recreating The Elegance of New York In The 60’s

What might be considered formal today would be unrecognizable for someone from New York in the 60’s. We suggest nicely placed ribbon patterns that can be used as pour lines.  Our goal is to recapture the best of the past as you welcome your guests.

How A Chargeback Can Affect Your Business

A chargeback is when a customer disputes a transaction and your credit card provider makes you (the retailer) pay for the claim. This can cause various issues with your business. The reason a customer disputes a transaction can also vary.
food cost

The Achilles Heel Of Restaurant Owners’ Food Cost

If I were to ask you what you think is driving your food cost up, what do you think you would answer? I bet you would tell me it’s the cost of your products.
Nutrition Labels menu labeling

Menu Labeling Legislation

I wonder if any of the jurisdictions that have passed or are considering passing menu labeling legislation have read a piece reported by United Press International.
restaurant taxes

And Since We Were Talking About Taxes…

Last month I wrote about sales taxes and how restaurant owners need to get a grip and remember that the funds they collect are not their personal line of credit. To my surprise it was the first time I had gotten “fan mail” from both tax attorneys and tax enforcement people...
Pizzeria Martina Restaurant Innovation

Restaurant Innovation: Technology at the Table

Creating the next-generation customer experience is always on the minds of the best restauranteurs. For restaurants to evolve, understanding the next generation customer is critical and Manhattan is the hotbed of the new and the emerging.
POS Advice restaurant cash register

Is A Restaurant Cash Register All I Need?

For many restaurateurs, a cash register can provide all the sales analysis and cash control needed.
ADA Accessible

Is Your Website ADA Accessible? Avoiding Costly Liabilities

ADA accessible websites emerge as one of the biggest liabilities so far in 2017. Reaching every potential customer wherever they are is the fundamental goal of any business. So, when a website can’t reach 100% of its target audience, they risk revenue loss.

Triibe: A Marvelous Spirit Welcome To Many Recipes

Triibe is a marvelous, richly textured spirit from Ireland that strives for authenticity of flavor over flash in the glass. It’s a clarified Milk Punch with a pure Irish Malt Whiskey base!
restaurant power outages

How To Manage A Power Outage In Your Restaurant

Restaurants are fast paced and hectic on a normal day, but add a power outage into the mix and it can cause a lot of problems. They can wipe out your sales and food inventory, shut down your equipment and leave you and your customers plunged into darkness. A restaurant power outage can result in tens of thousands of lost revenue dollars.
rodent rodents

How To: Rodent Proof Your Restaurant This Winter

Unlike other pests that come indoors during winter and emerge in spring, a rodent may never leave once inside. As long as they have food, water and a comfy nesting place, rodents may become permanent restaurant patrons.
made in Brooklyn

Made In Brooklyn

The Brooklyn boom is no secret. However, many were surprised when Star Chefs made the move to host their annual International Chefs Congress there just three short years ago.
AMTC background music

Background Music in the Restaurant – The Legal Issues

Successful restaurateurs would agree almost unanimously that background music is an essential part of the dining experience.  Given that music is a nearly universal restaurant need...
mason jar Cardinal fresh take

Fall Means A Fresh Take On Beverage Service

As we get ready to bid adieu to Summer, it’s time to not only think...
chef health risks restaurant running

Is Your Restaurant Running You?

Many owners and managers are working 6 or 7 days a week, opening early and closing late. Their restaurants are running them and not the other way around.
too many restaurants

We Are Not Alone

Most specialists who monitor the industry will tell you, “Too many restaurants.” That probably accounts for most of it; however, other issues accumulatively are affecting consumers’ discretionary dollars that normally would find their way to a meal away from home.
manager meetings

7 Steps to Effective Manager Meetings

Do you have manager meetings? I’m not talking about the passing-in-the-hall quick conversations, but actual sit-down meetings where you focus on moving the business forward? If you are having sit-down meetings, are they effective?
Jeff Becker plumbing

Dirty Deeds Done Sustainably

As we transition out of the heat of summer and prepare for the fall season, I would like to share with Total Food Service readers insights about safety, sustainability and savings in a key area of maintenance that is usually handled in a reactive fashion: plumbing.
Willie Degel

Willie Degel: I’m Fed Up

Willie Degel, owner of the Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse, breaks down how he is fed up with how the Restaurant Industry is being attacked and over-regulated...
lunch restaurant empty seats sales tax

Sales Tax – It’s NOT Your Money!

When Strategic Funding was in its early days we began to look for bank lines...
HUB Insurance Lingo

Are You Fully Protected? Know Your Insurance Lingo When Submitting a Claim

It’s very important to be aware of what these terms mean and their policies actually cover. Here’s a list of definitions of insurance lingo to get started:
Fall Forecast Dining Debuts

Fall Forecast: Dining Debuts of the Season

Anticipation is in the air, as our City’s restaurant scene promises exciting dining debuts and...
Heavy Duty foodservice equipment

Heavy Duty: Will “Good Enough” Be Good Enough?

And then, there’s the one that you’ll hear adnauseum in foodservice equipment: “heavy duty”. Nearly everyone will have a different understanding of this now-hollow descriptor. Just what in the heck does it mean? 
re-imagined classic drinks

Five Re-Imagined Classic Drinks For The Early Fall

Tomatoes are just bursting out all over. But what can I do with all of...
NYC Hospitality Alliance Awards 2017 Winners

Keeping Your Restaurant Covered Is Now A Part Of The Alliance

At the New York City Hospitality Alliance, we’re always seeking out ways to support our...
terroir Morgan Tucker


What began as a term to express how the natural environment around wine imparts certain...
restaurant staff training session hospitality approach

The “True” Meaning of A Hospitality Approach

When I receive exemplary service in a restaurant, it's not only unexpected, but absolutely astounding… I...
WOW customers

Seven Easy Steps to WOW Customers With A.N.A.W.A.R.D. Winning Level of Service

AwardArticle by Mark Anthony, Customer Service & Sales Trainer, President of Training for Success Throughout the food service...
Alsco Restaurant Business Plan

15 Tips To Start Your Restaurant Business Plan Right

Article contributed by Alsco A vast majority of restaurant entrepreneurs choke off their business potential even...
Tabletop design from H. Weiss Company

New Strategies For Creating A Late Summer Catering Service Signature

It wasn’t that many years ago that catering actually took a break in the summertime. ...
career highlights

Looking Over My Shoulder at 90 – Part 4

This is the fourth in a series of articles dealing with my observations during the 78 years that I have been involved with the foodservice industry. It began in my family’s restaurant...
Restaurant Fraud

Can You Use Your POS To Help Eliminate Restaurant Fraud?

Article by Jesse Noyes, Senior Director of Marketing, Upserve Fraud comes up a lot in the...
C-CAP Summer Internship program

Summertime With C-CAP Job Internships

The Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) helped teens sharpen their culinary skills and get them...
Point Of Sale System

What Point Of Sale System Should You Get?

The one question I get asked over and over again I give presentations, seminars and workshops...
deliver customer service

Do You Inspire Your Team to Deliver Customer Service That Wows?

Article by Mark Anthony, Customer Service & Sales Trainer, President of Training for Success The food service industry...
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