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Navigating NYC Department of Health Tribunals

All NYC food service establishments can receive two cycle inspections from the Department of Health. Although the ultimate goal is to get 13 points or less on the initial inspection, all is not over if that doesn’t happen.

Amazon Would Not Have Deserved Credit for Long Island City Revival...

Like many, I was fascinated with how the state of retail in Long Island City would have evolved and what the impact Amazon might have had, if the deal for a HQ2 had not fallen apart.

On Our Radar: Predictions For Food & Beyond In 2019

Industry analyst Phil Kafarakis, president of the Specialty Food Association, has made his forecast. His 2019 insights and variety of perspectives include the CEO revolving door, brand loyalty, financial engineering, new food retail concepts, disruption, and the future of Big Food.

Understanding The Impact of New York’s GENDA

The New York State Assembly and New York State Senate passed Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) last month.

Your Restaurant Is Amazing (To Pests)

Unfortunately, the things you and I love about New York restaurants are the very ones that make them appealing to pests -- but we don’t have to be hospitable to them.

Variable Costs, Fixed Costs and Annual Opportunities

As every new year begins, many small business owners are faced with very important decisions and variable costs which will affect them financially throughout the entire year.

Shield Your Restaurant Against Costly Wage and Hour Claims

Wage and hour claims can be triggered by any number of complaints, including pay discrepancies and employee misclassifications. Workers can file a lawsuit when they are just a minute late for a meal or rest break...

Valentine’s Day Cocktails For Your Sweet Tooth

Here are some examples of Valentine’s Day Cocktails from my imagination - which has some new ideas for your beleaguered sensibilities.  Try one or try them all, delicious and nutritious.
New England Food Show November 2018 728×90
franchising and social media

Franchising and Social Media

Social media is important to incorporate with any industry and especially in franchising where branding is such a big component of how relevant a franchise system is. Social Media is the voice of the brand and when looking specifically at franchising...
banquet hall mandatory fees

Banquet Halls Beware: Mandatory Fees May Not Be Worth the Risk

Many of New York’s leading hospitality establishments are being sued by their employees for illegally charging service or administrative fees to their customers. The lawsuits allege that those mandatory fees – paid by the customer and retained by the business– are really gratuities intended for the service staff. 
ice machines cubes handling ice storage bin lurking

The Dirty Secrets That Could Be Lurking in Your Ice Machine

In this article, we’ll share five different creatures and toxins that could be lurking in your ice machine, and how you can prevent them from causing problems. 
innovating coffee fest trends coffee beans cafe

So, You Want To Open A Cafe?

With coffee bars opening seemingly on every block, it could be very tempting to “jump into the water” and open a cafe. Before taking that leap, step back. Take a deep breath.
meal delivery

Food? Service?

With the rise of virtual restaurants, ghost kitchens, take-out proliferation, meal delivery expansion (robotic and otherwise i.e. DoorDash, Uber Eats etc.), grocerants, and a host of others, clearly technology has disrupted the industry.
Sirha 2017 Biennial Culinary Events

24 Months: The Epic Biennial Culinary Events

It takes about two years to become a star. Perhaps that’s why the most meaningful events in our industry are biennial.
Calculating Food Cost

The Ins and Outs of Calculating Food Cost

Let’s talk about calculating food cost, one of the most important numbers you need to know in your business. In this article, I’m going to walk you through the food cost calculation and then give you even more tools so you can dig deeper...

Reservations: Does Your Restaurant Need Them?

Does your restaurant take reservations? If you’re a fine dining place, it probably makes sense. But there are many types of restaurants. If you take them, are you taking reservations for all the right reasons?
customer pet peeve complaints

Handling Complaints Is Important

No matter what you call it, a customer complaint must be handled without delay. Fifteen percent of unresolved complaints will result in a loss of business. Most complaints deal with poor service and/or a poor attitude.
2019 Top Trends

2019 Top Trends For Restaurants + Hospitality From af&co

The San Francisco-based boutique restaurant and hospitality consulting firm af&co led by Andrew Freeman have taken the pulse on the industry and released their predictions on the hottest trends that will shape the restaurant and hospitality industry in 2019.
Gin Cocktails Mixed Drink Tonic

Gin Cocktails Make Winter Feel Like Spring

There are so many different kinds and varieties of gin on the market. Gin is...
NYC Hospitality Alliance 2018 Recap

So Much To Be Grateful For At ‘Alliance In 2018 Recap

In doing a recap of 2018, the NYC Hospitality Alliance monitored countless proposed laws impacting the city’s Hospitality industry. Our goal was to work towards the defeat of a number of anti-business proposals, mitigate the impact of others and advocate for important regulatory reforms.
employee turnover

Restaurants’ High Employee Turnover Demands Vigilance Against Offensive Speech

The EEOC’s recent analysis of 45,000 sexual harassment complaints found that over two-thirds of complainants reported being retaliated against. Restaurants’ high employee turnover makes that statistic particularly problematic for them.
Tabletop design from H. Weiss Company

A Glimpse at Issues Impacting Tabletop Design in 2019

With the turning of the calendar to a New Year comes a number of interesting tabletop design challenges for the Metro New York foodservice operator.
substance abuse

Maintaining a Drug-Free Foodservice Workplace: Learn Your Risks & Exposures

Substance abuse in the workplace negatively affects every organization’s bottom-line through lost productivity, workplace accidents/injuries and workers’ compensation (WC) claims, employee absenteeism, low morale, and more.
NAFEM Show 2019

Do We Really Need A NAFEM Show?

As opposed to Groundhog Day, the NAFEM show rears its head every OTHER February. The North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers is, once again, hosting its bi-annual mega-trade show in Orlando February 7th -9th 2019 at the Orange County Convention Center.
ACA Compliance Health Insurance

ACA Has Been Ruled Unconstitutional – What Will Be The Impact On Your Business?

While there is a lot of debate already on this issue, one of the focus points for businesses is what this means for ACA Compliance in the near term.
Integrating surveillance

Restaurants Integrating Surveillance with POS and Drive-Thru Systems

Savvy owners and managers now expect digital security cameras to be integrated with existing Point-of-Sale (POS), drive-through order boards and speed-of-service timers. By integrating surveillance, critical (and complementary) information that once was separate, is now tied together.
2019 Crystal Ball

Liz’s 2019 Crystal Ball For Tabletop

It’s that time of year when we say thanks for all the good things that happened and look ahead into our 2019 crystal ball. Our BHS/H. Weiss tabletop design is ready to do what we do best...
NYSRA surcharge structure tariffs small business

New York Government Must Remember Small Business in 2019

New York has some of the most highly taxed communities in the country, and in combination with all the other high expenses that small business mom and pop restaurants have, making ends meet is extremely difficult.
franchising 101

Franchising 101 For 2019 Restaurants

The impact of e-commerce will create opportunity for restaurant operators to expand their businesses via franchising. We asked one of the nation’s foremost experts, Franchise Marketing Systems CEO Chris Conner, for his perspective.
food packaging design leftovers

Packaging of Leftovers + Overworked Menu Descriptions

I’m not sure when and where the practice of offering “leftovers to go” began. No matter, it is here to stay and even more so in today’s economy.
sales waiter service salesmanship

Adding Salesmanship To Your Service

A super attentive server sounds like part of a great experience right?  You’d think so, but not so much for either the guest or the restaurant. What was lacking? Numerous sales opportunities were missed from the start to end of our meal.
fryer equipment donation

The Best Way Food Equipment Companies Can Dispose of Unwanted Inventory & Do Good

Have you ever considered donating your food equipment products to charity? It’s called product philanthropy or gifts-in-kind donations. It’s faster and easier than the methods you’re currently using. It’s more financially advantageous, too, thanks to a little-known tax break.
banks cash cashless

Will Cashless Become The New Standard At Restaurants?

Cash is still king for many businesses, but the trend of going cashless is growing, especially in the fast-casual segment of the restaurant industry.
Mobile Food Vendors

Mobile Food Vendors and The Letter Grade System

The NYC Department of Health officially announced that starting December 2018, all mobile food vendors (food carts and trucks) authorized to operate in NYC will be subject to a similar version of the Letter Grade System.
food packaging

How to Choose the Best Food Packaging For Your Product

Choice of food packaging can make or break supply chains and profit margins. Customers depend on food packaging to clearly communicate its contents when making their selection and to protect the food inside.
ventless simplifry technology

Ventless 101: What is Simplifry Technology?

Ten years ago, we released a new and unique feature on our AutoFrys called Simplifry™ technology and it’s been changing user confidence ever since. Let’s dive in to AutoFry’s smartest feature...
food restaurant waste kitchen scraps

Waste Nothing: How To Reduce Your Restaurant Waste Production

It’s often surprising just how much restaurant waste is created each year. As our economy has grown, so has our addiction to consumables and convenience.
third party food delivery services

Restaurants v. Food Delivery Services: Who’s On The Hook?

Third-party food delivery services such as Grubhub, Doordash, and Caviar are a boon to consumers and restaurants alike. But who’s responsible when something goes wrong?
rats rodents mice

Rats: Public Enemy No. 1 For NYC Restaurants

The long hot summer days have been replaced with cheery holiday lights, blankets of snow and Public Enemy No. 1 – RATS!  Like millions of New Yorkers, they are looking for a warm refuge and an abundant supply of food to get through the frigid days that lie ahead.
ice machines cubes handling health code violations

3 Ways to Avoid Health Code Violations In Your Ice Machine

Want to keep your ice machines free from health code violations? Here are three simple, everyday best practices staff can perform...

Know Your Lender – The Grinch Is Out There!

The first thing I have always told, and continue to tell, small business or restaurant owners seeking financing is to do your research on ANY lender you are considering.
food allergy

Boost Your Food Allergy Protocols to Protect Your Guests & Business

Experts estimate that up to 15 million Americans have food allergies, including 5.9 million children under age 18. Approximately 1 in 13 children have a food allergy, according to FARE.
holiday magic christmas table

A Taste of New York Holiday Magic

Baby it’s cold outside, but New York City is radiating with a little more holiday magic this season, bringing warmth and festive cheer all around town.
food packaging design

Food Packaging Design: Tips For Success

Let’s take a closer look at why food packaging is important and how you can improve your own food packaging design to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
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