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Restaurant Misfits Podcast: Rev Ciancio

In this episode of the Restaurant Misfits podcast, Brett interviews David "Rev" Ciancio, Hospitality Marketing Consultant and Demand Gen and Tech Evangelist. Rev is a former New York City bar owner and knows exactly how hard it is to operate and brand a hospitality business...

Marino Charts Course For Iconic RAK Porcelain Growth in 2022

RAK Porcelain – the celebrated international tabletop solution provider for the HORECA industry – is on a growth spree. The brand is present across a staggering 165 countries with an annual production capacity of 28 million pieces of high alumina tableware. Serving 40,000+ starred hotels...

CLINK! Stemware for Celebration

Facilitating special moments for guests is part and parcel of hospitality. They don’t stop celebrating at the stroke of midnight on January 1st and, of course, neither do we. Singer Equipment Company is proud to help our customers fête their guests on all occasions, elevating the guest experience...

GOJO Celebrates 75th Anniversary With Unwavering Commitment To “Saving Lives and...

As a new normal continues to be defined, many people keep hand sanitizer in their cars, wipe down the handles of carts in grocery stores, and continue to wear masks. Companies that pride themselves on manufacturing hygienic products that fight against germs have become more integral...

Shorten the Time… Lessen the Budget… Make It Work

Even those of us old to remember do everything we can to forget the otherwise desolate and desperate economy of the 1970's. Yet the 1970's were a time many of today's most significant companies were founded. History shows dark, volatile economies tend to spawn the greatest innovations...

Discover The Ultimate Marketing Resource In Two Weeks

The game has changed, but how do you become the restaurant of the future? I’ve got the roadmap for you. Presenting the first ever Restaurant Marketing Summit! It’s happening online, January 26 & 27 FOR FREE and features 20 of the most experienced marketing thought leaders in the restaurant industry.

Restaurants Are Operationally Challenged Right Now. Here’s How Data Fixes It.

The restaurant industry has had plenty of challenges over the last two years, including temporary closings due to the pandemic, adopting more ecommerce tools and dealing with labor shortages. Now, there's uncertainty whether they’ll be able to keep the sidewalk tables that have...

Plant Based Pleese Cheese Brings Highly Anticipated Pizza Solution to Foodservice...

Once Kobi Regev, founder of Pleese Cheese, converted to a vegan diet and questioned how he could live in the city without grabbing a slice of pizza, he set out to create a vegan cheese that met all of his high flavor and versatility standards.
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restaurant plates utensils table hurting

What We Can’t See Has Been Hurting Us, It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way

Already suffering from Covid fatigue, with some experts projecting 500,000 or more new positive Covid cases per day post-holidays, one might logically argue we are all living Graham Greene’s “a story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back...
8 Great Things To Tell Your Staff paramount service restaurant

The 5 Most Difficult Places to Hire Restaurant Staff Right Now

Owners and the few workers remaining are being stretched thin at work. As the country began to reopen over the summer, it was expected that the foodservice industry would bounce back and hire even more employees to rebuild their restaurant staff. However, it seems the opposite is true...
antimicrobial menu cleaning restaurant food safety sanitization

How Restaurant Operators Can Write A Cleaning and Sanitation Plan

In food service establishments, cross contamination of food items from contaminated equipment or surfaces is one of the most common sources of food-borne illnesses and outbreaks. To protect food safety and prevent the spread of food-borne illnesses, food safety regulations require all...
manager meetings 2021

2021: A Year in Limbo or of Progress?

Slightly more than a month ago, November 24 2021 to be exact, the Omicron variant was first detected in South Africa;  not even 4 weeks later the entire world was in an Omicron vice grip with US hospitals describing conditions even worse than coronavirus’s first terrifying wave...
restaurant manager tablet performance

Are You Measuring Your Restaurant’s End of Year Performance?

Just like you do with your employees, it’s time to do an end of year performance review for your restaurant. It’s a great way to know the amount of growth you’ve had or what’s caused you to remain stagnant. Make sure you are honest so you can put together a great plan for next year.
kitchen pots pans decluttering

Declutterization: A 2022 Hospitality Business Priority

Decluttering has become a hot topic, although its greatest emphasis seems to be limited to our personal lives and habits. A superb NY Times article How The Supply Chain Crisis Unfolded is both must reading and inspiration for foodservice’s adopting declutter philosophies for business...
serious restaurant manager dividing responsibilities

What to Require From Your Restaurant Managers

If I had a dollar for every restaurant owner who’s asked me, “What should I have my restaurant managers do,” I would be a multi multimillionaire. If you’re wondering the same thing, I’m going to answer this question for you. I can’t wait to shine a spotlight on what you should be...
new spirits

New Spirits Wrapping Up The Old Year

It’s 2021 and omicron has reentered my daily lexicon and brings with it a whole new sense of meaning. I feel like much the same can be said for a whole lot of the spirit offerings I’ve recently discovered are out there these days. Just as the holidays feel fresh and new this year...
restaurant issues chef tablet kitchen

Issues Facing Restaurants Seeking To Survive And Thrive in 2022

The restaurant and food service sector has been thoroughly tested in its ability to navigate through the COVID pandemic. The issues it caused will continue to impact the industry in 2022, as it struggles to close the gap between merely surviving and thriving. It won’t be easy.
restaurant-worker apron floor sweep 80/20/30 rule

Navigating The U.S. D.O.L.’s New 80/20/30 Rule

The United States Department of Labor (U.S. D.O.L.) has issued new regulations regarding what was previously known as the “80/20 Rule” and is now known as the “80/20/30 Rule.”  As explained below, NY employers can largely ignore the rule with regard to pay for straight time hours but must follow it with regard to overtime pay.
challenge restaurant mask alcohol gel sanitizer

Look Forward from a Challenging Year

If you run a restaurant or commercial kitchen, the good news is your dining patrons are coming back — and, many times, in record numbers. The bad news is, every call you make looking for food, equipment, or supplies is a disappointment; distributors seem to be sold out of many items...
flambe chef cooking with fire kitchen smokey Covid uncertainty

Extinguishing the Burning Flame of Uncertainty

Of late I’ve had numerous flashbacks to reciting the Greek alphabet ten times holding a lit match between my fingers, one of my college fraternity’s more absurd pledging rituals. With omicron rapidly spreading throughout the country and the Delta variant causing a surge in hospitalizations and deaths...
Dirty Ice Machines TikTok

Viral TikTok Exposes Shockingly Common Dirty Ice Machine Dangers

A TikTok user calling himself The Ice Man has gone viral for uncovering and sharing alarming video footage of filthy commercial ice machines in businesses including restaurants and hotels. The Ice Man is an HVAC technician who uses TikTok videos to educate the public and business owners about...
face masks ada accommodation vax police

LA Bars and Restaurants Deal With SafePassLA Vax Police Mandate

Thousands of Los Angeles businesses are required to ask patrons to show proof of vaccination before entering various types of venues. In response, Canoga Park Grandi Italiani owner Aron Celnik said he was not making even half of what he used to earn before the start of the pandemic and...
Homer Laughlin China Archived Plates

IMBY – In My Backyard

One of the best lessons learned from the pandemic was to appreciate our own backyards. From camping to foraging to snowshoeing, I learned to deeply appreciate my local parks and recreation. Thankfully, two legendary tableware destinations are also local, and...
expert doctor wisdom Covid

Wisdom of Collaborating With Experts

While expert opinions range from Dr Leong Hoe Nam’s “Omicron will dominate and overwhelm the whole world in three to six months” to NIH Director Dr Francis Collins more optimistic “No data to suggest the Omicron variant causes more severe symptoms”, what we do know is...
zero waste plastic free sustainability hospitality

Sustainable Urgency

While the recently concluded United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow Scotland didn’t produce everything many had hoped for— COP26 President Alok Sharma called it “a fragile win”— an agreement was signed by 197 countries establishing meaningful foundations...
food photos restaurant tiktok social media

New Survey Outlines Growth of TikTok as Restaurant Marketing Tool

MGH, a full-service marketing and communications agency for franchise restaurants, sought to determine the level of influence the increasingly popular platform, TikTok, has on users within the restaurant industry. Their findings indicate that TikTok can be an incredibly useful... if used properly.
liquor liability bar glasses bars drunk driving

Dram Shop Law: Can Bars Be Held Legally Responsible for Drunk Driving Accidents?

Drunk driving is responsible for nearly one-third of all traffic fatalities worldwide. In the vast majority of drunk driving accidents, the driver is found intoxicated with a blood alcohol content (BAC) above the legal limit. To protect the general public, many countries have enacted...
kitchen employees chef company culture

Why Restaurant Owners Should Care About Company Culture

The major transformation restaurant owners have in working with me is the shift in their company culture. Have you heard people talk about company culture and how important it is? As a systems guy who helps restaurant owners have a life and make money, I can tell you the systems are the easy part...
December restaurant christmas table setting

Five Ways to Increase December Restaurant Revenue

You’re in the final stretch for a successful year and there is still some time to put points on the board. December is a time for celebration, for dining out, for dining in and for convenience. It's a great time of year to drive home some much needed additional revenue and...
in memoriam red roses

In Memory of An Inspiration

This has been a particularly hard week for all Day & Nite/All Service/Popular Plumbing/Performance Air Mechanical stakeholders. I really don't know if anyone can ever truly get over the loss of such a magnetic and caring person, exceptional and sincere professional...
adapt dine-in meals for takeout container

6 Tips to Adapt Dine-in Meals for Takeout

Although many people are getting back to their normal routines, some pandemic measures will remain in effect as safety precautions. Restaurant owners and managers don’t have to wait for dine-in customers to fill their tables again to recover from COVID-19-related financial losses...
outdoor dining Scarpetta

Finding a Solution For Outdoor Dining Through 2022

Restaurant operators are, by nature, among the most innovative entrepreneurs on the planet. While navigating an ever-changing, near-daily cycle of guidance (or, at times, lack thereof) over the last 18 months, restaurateurs have been in overdrive, optimizing their take-out and delivery strategies...
strict restaurant manager reporting waiters

Restaurant Managers: Do You Know the Difference Between Being Strict & Being Mean?

The restaurant industry has hit many road blocks lately. The latest bump in the road is staffing. Many restaurants are struggling to find staff, much less keep them. Adding to that, the people who are willing to work in our industry don’t have the experience we’d like for them to have...
Catered Thanksgiving

Catered Thanksgiving Meals: Top Tips From Exquisite Catering’s Robert Egert

This coming holiday season, many people are excited to once again gather together and celebrate Thanksgiving with their friends and family, especially after missing out on a “normal” celebration last year. However, hosting a holiday dinner can be quite overwhelming for many...
Tequila Tromba Agave Fields Jalisco

Making An Agave Pact with Mother Nature and Drinkers Everywhere

As if labor shortages and supply chain issues weren’t enough to cause headaches and hiccups in the hospitality industry as it comes back to life, Mother Nature is piling on too. Access to a dwindling supply of raw materials is a reality that, though they may not yet realize it, many bars...
pay stub compliance accountability

100% Accountability = 100% Authority

Given the unrelenting volatile conditions with a decided emphasis on successfully managing against Covid-19, crisis management currents to the more recent era of supply chain bottlenecks and unprecedented rates of inflation. Although many companies and senior managers...
TFS L.Sashin virtual business meeting breakfast session

L. Sashin and TFS Virtual Breakfast Session on Nov 16th Explores Latest Restaurant & Hospitality Trends

L Sashin and Associates and Total Food Service (TFS) are set to host a series of virtual breakfast sessions on the web. “Our goal is to help the restaurant and foodservice industry take advantage of the perspective that we have been able to gain in working with clients in a wide...
football party food DTC homegating

Football Season Brings More DTC F&B Opportunities Than Before

With football season in full effect, home is where the tailgate is for many sports fans ordering up food, drinks and spirits on-demand for game day spreads. The “homegating” trend of 2020 where consumers opted to tailgate from home during football season during the pandemic has continued...
Hospitality Beyond Rev Ciancio Julie Wade

What Is Hospitality In 2021 And Beyond?

I recently came back from Dallas, TX where I was attending FSTEC, the premier restaurant technology conference. If I heard correctly, it’s been around for 20 years. This was my first. FSTEC was held in the Gaylord Texan this year, and I ate some awesome meals, but we have more important matters to discuss...
cafe employee retention hiring

Addressing Employee Hiring & Retention in the Hospitality Industry

Employee retention is a serious issue that employers in the Hospitality and Food Services industry are facing today and as businesses continue on the road to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, a labor shortage threatens the progress...
bootstrap your restaurant business expenses IRC operating

Sustained Profitability is in the Bloomin’ Operating Efficiencies!

Even if you’re not acquainted with Black Box Workforce Intelligence’s restaurant industry research statistics, you’re certainly familiar with the operating reality: Slightly more than 6 fewer back of the house employees vs 2019; Not quite 3 fewer front-end employees vs 2019...
restaurant health bankruptcy PPP loan

Bankruptcy: A Lifeline for Restaurants

With the pandemic impacting small businesses, especially those in the food industry who have seen supply lines disrupted and have faced difficulty in retaining staff.  Many of these businesses have yet to recover from the economic shutdowns from the pandemic. While many businesses have...
banquet hall private event catering

Contracts 101 for Hosting Private Events Post-Pandemic

No caterer, event hall, or venue could have foreseen the duration of the pandemic and the extent it would interrupt its operations. Luckily, some of those hospitality businesses required their clients to enter into contracts that forecasted, to a degree, both their own and their client’s...
Dishcraft Dishes Proprietary Carts

Dishcraft and Pouliot Reinvent How Industry Manages Warewashing

Although the restaurant industry has finally regained its footing, it is still haunted by several issues brought about by the pandemic, namely a significant labor shortage. Between intense inter-restaurant competition, nation-wide minimum wage increases, and residual fear of the virus, finding labor...
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