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LEED Certification for Food Manufacturing

LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. What it means in its original form is a green building design system that is used worldwide. As LEED has evolved, so too have the LEED specifications for green buildings based on the type of facility and other criteria.

The Service in Food Service

With the exception of preparation, I can think of no other food service activity that receives as much scrutiny and examination as service. There is no question that its execution—good or bad—can affect an operation almost to the same degree as the quality of the preparation...

Proper Handwashing Is Key In Preventing Restaurant Illness

Teaching and enforcing proper handwashing in restaurants is a vital step towards preventing illness. Improper handwashing isn’t just gross, it’s also dangerous.

Monthly Maintenance Know-How with Malachy Parts & Service

While restaurant owners spend a lot of time thinking about equipment purchases, the monthly maintenance needs of that equipment are often an afterthought — until that piece of equipment goes down.

Cyber Insurance Policy: Your Recipe for Data Breach Response

In today’s society, data breaches are inevitable for all businesses in all industries. If you've been hacked, even with a cyber insurance policy, you will want to engage a trusted insurance advisor as quickly as possible, to address the attack in its entirety.

A Series of Unfortunate Vents

The story you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to project the innovative. My name’s Fry-Day. Grill Sergeant Joe Fry-Day.

Do Food And Beverage Companies Really Know The Source of Their...

A large food company recently inquired about the profitability of each of its distribution channels. It was considering expanding further into food service versus its club store business and wanted to know if it was a wise decision.

Boom, Bust or Bubble?

Everyone seems happy about the economic boom, so when will the big drop come? Most financial types agree that we are overdue for a “correction”, so what do you see in your crystal ball?
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best commercial dishwasher

Finding the Best Commercial Dishwasher for Your Restaurant

The best commercial dishwasher will become the heart of your kitchen, giving life to all of the other functions of your restaurant or business. Not only does it ensure that you have a steady supply of clean utensils and dishes to use, it is important for food hygiene...
Nicole Langone Scarangello

Nicole Langone Scarangello, C-CAP Alumna

Nicole Langone Scarangello was one of those young people struggling to identify their post-high school graduation path until she took a culinary class at Tottenville High School on Staten Island and was introduced to Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP).
coolest hotel restaurants

Meet Us In The Lobby: The Coolest Hotel Restaurants

We've been spending a lot more time in hotel restaurants. But it isn’t an uptick in travel or a convenient meal that draws us there—rather, it’s the excellence with which progressive hotel brands are approaching their food and beverage programs.
food quality coffee beans

Choosing the Best Coffee Beans for Your Restaurant or Café’s Cold Brew

If you are a restaurant or café owner who is thinking about including cold brew coffee on your menu, here is a guide to choosing the right coffee beans for brewing up this hipster’s favorite.
sexual harassment policy

Understanding This Month’s New York State Sexual Harassment Policy Deadline

Effective October 9, 2018, New York State law requires that all employers either adopt New York State’s model sexual harassment policy or a policy that meets or exceeds the State’s model policy and minimum standards.

Integrated HCM: Four Ways To Improve Profitability And Mitigate Risk

An integrated human capital management (HCM) system offers a broad range of capabilities to centralize business-critical functions, such as scheduling, time and labor management, employee self-service, and payroll, just to name a few.
oven roasted orange juice

When Your Bar Works With Your Kitchen

If your cooks are worth their salt, they’ll want to help your bartenders: The flavors of oven roasted orange juice are that good. And why not work with these ingredients?
how to market locally

How to Market Locally for a Restaurant

Your overall approach will vary depending on your restaurant's branding, the food you serve, and the type of community you live in. But these five points on how to market locally can be used by any restaurant owner...
paramount service

Paramount Service Is The Most Important Detail In Your Restaurant

Rockstars know this: paramount service is everything in your restaurant. Deliver anything less and it's suddenly all over social media. You can lose your good reviews and customers at your restaurant’s peril.
HX 2018 HX: The Awards

HX: The Hotel Experience To Bring Creative Agenda of F&B Strategies To Javits

HX 2018 is scheduled for November 11th and 12th, the show will offer a wide diversity of fare for the food and beverage professional.
ADA compliant

Restaurants Continue To Face Litigation Over ADA

Over the last 15 years the ADA law has been used by a number of attorneys around the country as a way to collect legal fees, no matter if the commercial property is ADA compliant or not.
ventless kitchen solutions ventless fryers double basket

Single vs Double Basket Ventless Deep Fryers

The double basket system of some ventless deep fryers is a huge advantage for many customers, but how do you know if it’s the right fit for you?
drinks glasses beverage menu

Fall Strategies For Upgrading Your Beverage Menu

Hard to believe the summer has come to a close. We have been working hard to help our customers prepare for the changes that they will be making on their beverage menu.
reduce your food cost

Reduce Your Food Cost? It Could Be Easier Than You Think

One simple trick can reduce your food cost by 2–3 percent. Gather a descending dollar report from ALL of your vendors and from ANY business where you purchase food, including the broadline distributors to the specialty meat company to the grocery stores you run to pick up a quick item.
restaurant interior design

Utilizing Interior Design To Increase Your Restaurant’s Appeal

By utilizing interior design techniques you can increase your restaurant’s appeal, boost your marketing efforts without much work, and add to the overall value that your customers place on the dining experience.

Preparing for Disaster: Keep Food Safe During/After an Emergency

As a food safety expert, I offer guidance and counsel on food safety issues – risks that we all may face during (and after) a natural or man-made disaster. For instance, during a major hurricane, restaurants, hotels, schools and homes will likely lose power.

How Generational Spending Has Evolved

On many occasions, I have wondered why the government spends so much money on seeking and publishing information that at times seemed “so what” to me—until I looked for information on generational spending. That data is the source for most of the facts and figures in this article and its value and impact are enormous.
tip credit rally NYC hospitality alliance Bronx

Alliance Teams With Bronx Restaurant Operators To Oppose Cuomo/NYS Proposal To Eliminate The Tip Credit

As part of its on-going battle to protect New York State’s existing tip credit, The New York City Hospitality Alliance came to the Bronx to lend support to the local community’s efforts. 
activist demands

How Should Restaurants Handle Activist Demands?

What should a restaurant do if targeted with activist demands? I’ve spoken with a number of food industry executives about their experiences and picked up a few observations.
restaurant security camera

Restaurant Security Protects Against Business Interruption

Restaurants can be easy targets for crime. Consider the following restaurant security measures to keep both the interior and exterior of your building protected
restaurant financing compliance rules

Ever-Changing Compliance Rules Make Restaurants Vulnerable to Fines

Whichever way the tip credit debate is decided, restaurants will need a comprehensive payroll system to stay in front of the ever-changing compliance rules and regulations.
dining space brand design

Understanding Your Brand’s Relationship With Your Dining Space Design

Our ultimate goal, before we even begin to conceptualize the space, is to understand: is it just a dining space or is there a desired workspace function? Let’s take some time to explore both sides of the conversation.
C-CAP career-readiness programs

Helping Culinary Students Grow With Career-Readiness Programs

C-CAP's career-readiness programs, including one-day job shadows, week-long chef boot camps, or months-long internships in a restaurant, build a foundation for students so that by high school graduation, they are equipped to make informed decisions about their next steps.
New York Fashion Week Tabletop

2018 New York Fashion Week, Tabletop Style

When a change in our industry happens, we feel it in the air. As autumn looms and New York Fashion Week rapidly approaches, new introductions to the LMT portfolio from our manufacturer partners are also walking a runway of their own.
vegan vegetarian dining options

Vegetarian + Vegan Dining Options in Manhattan

With vegan and vegetarian food being all the rage, this shift toward plant-based eating is here to stay and our great City of New York!
foodservice distribution industry

New Research Finds Foodservice Distribution Industry Plays Vital Role in U.S. Economy

With annual foodservice distribution industry sales at $280 billion in 2017—about the size of Louisiana’s total state GDP—the foodservice distribution industry operates 153,000 total vehicles and employs 131,000 drivers.
restaurant small business website design

6 Reasons Your Website Is Hurting Your Restaurant

If you’re like most small businesses, your website is outdated, and not helping you to increase revenues and sales. Even worse, your website might be completely disconnected from the brand you’ve been building.

Cranberries Are Powerful Medicine… For Your Bar

Cranberries, dear readers, are not only the key ingredient in your thanksgiving turkey relish, nor are they the sole base of that Cosmopolitan cocktail in your hand. They are powerful medicine!
Customer Service Magic tipped employees

The Difficulty in Lawfully Compensating Tipped Restaurant Employees

It is highly recommended that those restaurants speak with their attorneys to make sure they are in compliance with other, perhaps less well-known regulations, especially concerning their tipped employees.

De-Ducting Your Kitchen: Ventless Equipment Solutions

Ventless equipment was once considered a solution only for alternative locations, but has now gone mainstream as well. Ventless hoods and appliances are opening up underutilized real estate for development into foodservice operations.
social influencers instagram

How Social Influencers Can Impact the Restaurant Industry

It’s no secret that Instagram has changed the marketing game. Lately, restaurants have also started partnering with social influencers, helping to raise their awareness with this often-millennial audience

A Fresh Look At Catering Strategies

With the current healthy economy, catering can be a great way to build cash flow and your brand. It wasn’t that many years ago that catering actually took a break in the summertime.
UPshow Social Media Users In Your Bar Infographic

The 9 Types of Social Media Users in Your Bar

You want to maximize social media sharing to get the biggest impact possible, but different types of sharers are drawn to and motivated by different things. Here are the 9 types of social media users in your bar, and how to keep their selfies coming!
concession fried chicken fingers tenders ventless

Using Ventless Kitchen Equipment to Increase Concession Sales

With profit margins on ticket sales being razor thin, concession sales are critical to keeping a theater in business. Thankfully, ventless kitchen equipment is changing the way cinemas are able to provide movie fare.
raw chicken contamination

Containing the Aftermath Of Contamination: Protect Your Restaurant From The Damage Of A Food-Borne Illness Outbreak

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) estimates that each year roughly 1 in 6 Americans become sick from consuming foods or drinks with contamination of harmful bacteria, viruses or parasites.
tip credit rally NYC hospitality alliance Bronx

NYC Hospitality Alliance Tip Credit Rally Recap

The NYC Hospitality Alliance was proud to stand alongside a diverse coalition of 250 restaurateurs, tipped workers and advocates at our rally calling on Gov. Cuomo and the Department of Labor to save the tip credit!
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