How You Can Boost Staff Retention Through Surveys

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If you are an owner or manager in the food service industry, you are well aware of the many ways that you can get customer feedback. Searching customer reviews online or simply asking customers at your store are both easy ways to know exactly how your food measures up against the competition. But did you know that asking your employees for reviews is just as beneficial?

Boosting staff retention is extremely important for any company, as it showcases the ability of your business to develop an honest and thriving workplace culture. Knowing where your employees stand in terms of their overall satisfaction at work is crucial to their performance and their treatment of customers. Thus, generating employee surveys at regular intervals will give workers the opportunity to express their personal thoughts and experiences that may otherwise be overlooked by higher-ups.

A good survey for employees to boost staff retention will measure the following:

  • Employee Happiness

Companies should simply ask their employees how happy they are. A company might ask you, “how happy are you with your job on a scale from 1-10?”

  • Career Goals

Companies should be asking their employees how the position they are in correlated with their long-term career goals. Hopefully the company you work for is able to put you into a position that assists you with getting where you want to be.

  • Employee Appreciation

Companies should be making sure that their employees feel valued. The company you work for should be making you feel valued and that your hard work is appreciated.

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  • Employee Plans

Companies should always be asking their employees what their plans are for their company. Your company should hopefully be asking you, “Do you plan on being here a year from now?” They should also ask, “Do you think your feedback from this survey is being taken seriously by the company leaders?”

By asking the right questions, food service managers can understand their employees’ level of satisfaction and begin to focus on growing the organization with the workplace culture in mind. 

Using employee surveys to boost retention is a key part of a business’ success, as all parts of the machine are equally important. To learn more about boosting staff retention through surveys, visit