Crucial Detail

Crucial Detail

These two words have redefined culinary presentation. Just listen to a chef’s detailed dissertation on that singular product that emphatically transformed their approach to plating. Diners have taken notice as well. Industry aficionados wax poetic about a bite or dish presented in a revolutionary vessel at one of Grant Achatz’s iconic establishments in Chicago or New York, gushing about the form as much as the food. And some will simply recount the two most influential pieces of dinnerware in American history presented at the Bocuse D’Or competitions in 2015 and 2017, designed by Martin Kastner and his team.

I became a fan of the Crucial Detail portfolio about a decade ago when John Miles first brought Kastner’s design studio in to the Steelite network, allowing these masterful creations to reach a broader audience. It wasn’t until four years ago, though, upon witness to Team USA’s iconic presentation in Lyon, that I became obsessed.

In an unprecedented display of creativity, Kastner inserter battery-powered heating elements inside the 2015 presentation platter to hold food at an ideal temperature when it reached the judges’ table. This galvanized my own personal commitment to Martin’s artistry and portfolio.

Where others see the boundaries of design, materials, or even physics, Martin sees the opportunity to create and innovate. We often refer to tabletop designers as artists. Martin Kastner is undoubtedly an artist, but also an inventor, an engineer, and maybe even an alchemist. He consistently originates new ways to present food and beverage contextually.

You may be familiar with the iconic Porthole (seen at top). Created as a custom piece for the bar chefs at The Aviary in Chicago, this infusion vessel showcases striking cocktails all around the world. Martin is currently in the process of designing both a larger version and a more affordable alternative… stay tuned for more!

NYSRA March 2019 728×90

Crucial Detail Pop Up ArchPerhaps the single item I find most revolutionary is the Pop-up Arch (right). No other item in hospitality is worth more value than this $6 creation. A flat stainless clip elevates once a cork, card, or even amuse-bouche is placed inside, bringing new attention and intention to age-old traditions of fine dining. Currently, Martin is working on a collection of cooking tools designed to refine elements of traditional culinary processes.

A spoon rest with elegance and stability, the Antiplate is a bottomless circumference of porcelain designed to draw focus to the plated spoon balancing in the center. To experience this slight of plating firsthand, head up to The Office NYC.

Crucial Detail BoroOur newest fancy is Boro – created from low expansion glass that is safe to heat or freeze (pictured to left). Boro is Kastner’s first foodservice collection with Borosilicate glass, and another example of Martin using solid materials to create seemingly fluid forms – playing with asymmetrical balance in the process. LMT Provisions will receive the first inventory available next month. We’re accepting pre-orders now.

Throughout March, we’re running IRFSNY 2019 show specials on every size Parenthesis Jug (seen below) to celebrate the line extension of 19 and 26oz capacities developed in partnership with our team. With Martin’s existing portfolio of 2oz, 4oz, 7oz, and 11oz jugs, Parenthesis present a spectrum of possibilities for any sauce application. Please take a moment to hold these jewels in your fingertips to experience an unprecedented level of balance in volume.

Crucial Detail Parenthesis Jug PourersIn a world where dinnerware manufacturers are constantly looking to each other for inspiration and feedback, Martin is in a league of his own. We can only imagine what he’ll create next, knowing that we’ll be surprised and delighted… and we’ll be the first to know.

I am confident in what we are doing at LMT provisions because of partners like Crucial Detail. This brand is evidence of our commitment to innovation, personalization, and quality. Please visit our website for a guided tour of the future of culinary presentation.

Morgan Tucker
Morgan Tucker is the Director of Business Development at Singer M. Tucker and founder of LMT. Ms. Tucker advises a wide diversity of acclaimed restaurateurs, celebrated chefs, and industry leaders across the U.S. LMT is a thoughtfully curated brand of hospitality provisions that can be sourced through the Singer family of companies. To consult with our team, please email