Claus Meyer

Claus Meyer Q&A

Danish Culinary Entrepreneur
Michel Mroue´

Michel Mroue´ Q&A

Executive Director of the NYC Food & Beverage Hospitality Council (a program by NYC Small Business Services)

Guy Lombardi Q&A

As they say, “there’s nothing like mama’s cooking”, and Guy Lombardi knows this first hand. Growing up in Avellino, Italy, Guy was spoiled by his mother’s traditional Italian cooking. At a young age he was exposed to all aspects of the kitchen, helping his mother as much as he could, igniting the passion that has led to the Lombardi Empire that stands today.

Michael Lessing Q&A

Your family has been in the restaurant business since 1890. Tell me a little about your growth and how the firm grew from beyond Manhattan and into the catering business, for example?

The company was founded by Maxwell Lessing in 1890 and is operated to this day by 15 family members representing three generations of Lessing’s. Our highly diversified company feeds more than 40,000 guests a day at over 100 corporate, educational, country club, and manufacturing plant locations throughout the Northeast. Maxwell Lessing was an innovator. He responded to the explosion of the urban worker population in the 1890’s by opening the first convenient lunch counter. By the late 1920’s, Lessing’s was serving meals to New York’s workforce in as many as 20 locations in the financial district and the New York Stock Exchange.

Tom Colicchio Q&A

Head Judge on Bravo's Top Chef, and President & Executive Chef, Crafted Hospitality
John Meadow LDV Hospitality

John Meadow Q&A

Founder and President of LDV Hospitality

Clyde Phillips Q&A

Executive Producer, AMC's Feed the Beast

Julie Rose Q&A

President, Sweet Hospitality Group

Alex Guarnaschelli Q&A

For this month's exclusive Q&A interview, Total Food Service sat down to talk with Alex Guarnaschelli, Celebrity Chef and Executive Chef at NYC’s Butter...

Drew Nieporent Q&A

Founder and Owner of Myriad Restaurant Group