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Serving Strategies For The Upcoming Club Season

As we get ready to bid adieu to February, the days are getting longer. Before too long winter is going to give way to some warm weather. And with it, the launch of a new club season.

Happy New Year With A Look Towards Valentine’s Day

As we brought in the New Year, I find myself thinking about the New Year and symbols of luck. There are so many traditions when it comes to colors, luck and the New Year. In our travels, I have had the opportunity to create...

Liz’s 2020 Crystal Ball For Tabletop

It’s that time of year when we say thanks for all the good things that happened and look ahead into our 2020 crystal ball. Our BHS/H. Weiss tabletop design is ready to do what we do best...

Changes In Hotel F&B Call For New Approach To Tabletop

This new Hotel F&B strategy minimizes the investment that the owner needs to put in, allows them to concentrate on their own area of expertise, drawing overnight customers as a destination, and then...

A Fresh Look At Catering Strategies

With the current healthy economy, catering can be a great way to build cash flow and your brand. It wasn’t that many years ago that tradition dictated that events were planned for before Memorial Day and then again after Labor Day.

Using The Summer To Redefine Creativity

Whether you are opening a new restaurant or dining facility or looking to reinvigorate an existing property, a key to success is creativity. We think the summer season is a great launching pad for making some of those changes and re-energizing your operation.

Generate New Profits With Small Plate Creativity For Sharing

In a world of cellphones, a dining experience that features sharing is nothing short of special. It’s all about a fun sharing experience for the dining patron and their friends. It starts with reworking your menu so that the word “SHARE” becomes a highlight.

Injecting Creativity Into Spring Tabletop Planning

With the warmer weather, our BHS/Weiss team finds ourselves very busy with responding the expanded needs of our customer base. Many of those restaurant, catering and club customers are preparing for their move outside.