BHS Takes H. Weiss Unit to New Heights With Expanded Design Portfolio

H. Weiss BHS Foodservice

For many years, there has been a secret in the Metro New York food service design build community. That secret is that H. Weiss, which has built its reputation as a leading designer of corporate and B&I projects, has in fact collaborated on many of Manhattan and the Tri-State’s most talked about restaurant projects.

H. Weiss Inc. BHS Lorraine CapitalIn 2016, BHS Foodservice Solutions (Buffalo Hotel Supply) purchased Armonk, NY based H. Weiss, LLC. BHS is a fourth-generation business that sells equipment and supplies to the food-service industry. The acquisition of NYC based distributor has enabled the upstate firm to expand its business operations into the downstate market in New York. BHS is a portfolio company of the private-equity firm Lorraine Capital, formerly Buffalo Hotel Supply Company.

“With annual sales volume among the top 5% of foodservice dealers nationwide, we pride ourselves in offering more than supply,” said Richard Gioa, the Vice President of Lorraine Capital, while talking about the company. “The acquisition has created one of the country’s largest distributors of foodservice equipment and supplies, with combined annual revenues of $75 million and 120 employees,” Gioa added.

Over the past two years, the newly energized BHS/Weiss unit has been able to utilize Lorraine Capital’s vision to expand its horizons. For many years H. Weiss was a go-to for many of Metro New York’s most influential kitchen design consultants and their end-user operating customers. A majority of the portfolio of projects that Weiss was known for tended to be in the B&I/Business and Institution space.

That reputation was built through the creation of a seasoned team of industry professionals. BHS/Weiss Executive Vice President Jim Weiss and Senior Project Managers Donovan Espeut and Ramon Badia are all at the top of a who’s who of talented professionals that guide the BHS/Weiss team.

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They are supported by an experienced line-up of gifted project managers. Mike McDermott, Chris Whalen, Bill Corcoran, Curt Dryden and Lorraine Vespertino bring a blend of unique skills to support the needs of BHS/Weiss diverse customer base.

H. Weiss has a long history of servicing the hospitality industry that dates back to the early 1900’s when family matriarch Rose Richmond sold stoves in Yonkers, New York. Moreover, the company has evolved in more than a century with more than four generations of hard work including the sister and brother team of Liz and Jim Weiss who continue to make important contributions to the BHS/Weiss team.

“We are well known for our work with healthcare facilities, hotels, schools, corporate offices and government agencies,” Espeut noted.

“I think the work that we have done at some of the higher profile restaurants, clubs and casinos is a surprise to many,” explained Jim Weiss, Executive Vice President of BHS/Weiss.

Legacy Records H. Weiss BHS Foodservice
BHS/Weiss continue to bring innovative design support skills to high profile projects including Legacy Records in Manhattan’s new Hudson Yards.

Among those high profile projects are the recently completed Legacy Records restaurant. The much talked about Hudson Yards eatery has garnered critical acclaim for both its front of the house and back of the house designs. The BHS/Weiss team collaborated with the well-known Jacobs Doland consulting firm and noted chef Ryan Hardy on the Manhattan restaurant. The West Side Manhattan project includes a pair of spectacular presentation kitchens and a groundbreaking two story walk-in box that were coordinated by the BHS/Weiss team.

“We’ve built a terrific reputation for the work that we have done on behalf of consultants,” noted Jim Weiss. “So it made sense that when those same consultants that we worked with on hospital and corporate projects had restaurant projects that we would get an opportunity to work with them.”

From the Rainbow Room to the Nomad, BHS/Weiss has been the dealer of choice. “Smart operators understand the value of what the consultant brings to the table. Part of that value added proposition is a dealer like BHS/Weiss that truly understands the needs of their customers and the design/build team executing the project,” Weiss explained.

“Our experience and the team that we have built understand the building process. We know what it takes to run a project. From keeping it on schedule to tracking drawing and managing the subcontractors to get it installed and opened on time, we have lived it,” the veteran equipment and supply executive concluded. 

Project Manager Ramon Badia brings 15 years of hands-on experience to the BHS team. “For our team, it is all about devotion and dedication. We work hand in hand with general contractors, superintendents, architects and kitchen consultants. They all have the same goal of getting the project completed on time. But each one has a different priority,” Badia explained. 

H. Weiss BHS Foodservice“Our BHS team has developed the ability to respond to those needs. For the GC, its all about the time lines, an architect is concerned with the right finishes and a consultant is focused on making sure we have the right piece of equipment and that it is delivered an installed on time,” Badia said.

“Can’t say enough about our teamwork. In my cases it’s all about having really a committed assistant in Chris Whalen, who makes sure we get it done right consistently. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a large cafeteria in an office building or a niche restaurant, it’s all about paying attention to and exciting those details consistently.  That’s what the BHS experience is all about for our customers,” Badia added.

“We believe that we have the best project management team in New York State,” Gioa added. “We have a really talented group of experienced project team members. We have worked diligently to attract an influx of talented young blood that are working hard to learn how to respond to the needs of our customer base.”

With a legacy of hard work developed through its years of upstate leadership now combined with cutting edge design expertise, BHS/Weiss is poised for continued growth in Metro New York City.

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