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CBD Beverages: A Sip of Benefits

CBD Beverages (referring to any beverage that contains the cannabinoid) go from teas to kombuchas that claim to produce the calming effect of CBD, without the high of THC, the psychoactive compound in the cannabis sativa.

Consumers Reinvented 2020 Holiday Season + 2021 Trends

This year brands, retailers and consumers have prepared for major changes related to holiday celebrations, spending and gifting, according to “The 2020 Challenge: Keeping Spirits Bright This Holiday Season,” a new report by Advantage Sales, a division of...

Cocktails From The West Coast

They say that cocktail trends form from west to east. I’m just back from Santa Rosa where a revolution is slowing taking over the San Francisco Bay region.

Four New Mint Juleps To Entice Your Imagination!

I love the mint julep as a drink and also as a metaphor. Scarcely is there a drink that excites me more than a well-formed mint julep. But if you think that all mint juleps are sweet, think again.

Efficiency Behind The Bar

One way that a cocktail bar can “raise the bar” is always set a glass of water down in front of your guest. It draws an efficiency correlation. How can I run, or work in an efficient bar if I’m supposed to put a glass of water down in front of my guest?

Simplicity In The Bar

Simplicity in drinks harken a time when we went out to bars for a drink. Cocktail lounges came later, with mixology out there on the periphery since Jerry Thomas times, but generally not in the small towns that dot the NY/Metro area.

Mint Drinks for Spring

One of the best mint juleps I’ve ever enjoyed took a bit of doing but at the end, the results are magnificent indeed. It just takes a couple of steps. Here they are...

CBD Cocktail 101

By now, someone or other has gone over to the ‘dark side’ and ordered a CBD infused cocktail or mocktail while out and about. And this got you thinking, what is CBD and why are they so interested in it?