Benefits of Energy Deregulation

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For those who don’t know, UEC stands for United Energy Consultants. Since 2007 UEC has been providing the Metro NYC area with viable utility solutions. Through partnerships with other qualified channels, it provides a local business with a menu of utility services and product that will help your business. What sets UEC apart is their added value of professional energy savings. This is an aspect that restaurateurs don’t really think about or even know there are companies like UEC that can really help make a serious dent in your electricity bill. In today’s day and age every business and homeowner is lucky enough to have an option on your energy provider.

Plain and simple energy deregulation is what makes that wide open market possible. Without energy deregulation all your consumer and business owners would find yourselves in an energy monopoly. With deregulation there is an open market, which allows your organization to shop around. It gives you the power to switch to electricity or natural gas and it will directly affect how much you pay for your energy. It is a motivator for suppliers to differentiate their product and offers comparable rates and pricing so they can remain competitive in the marketplace. All of this is good news to you!

Right from the consultants themselves, UEC gives us their top benefits to energy deregulation:

• You can save money on your monthly power and gas bills. This is the biggest benefit to energy deregulation. When providers compete for your business, you end up paying less for service.

• The free and open market gives you the power to choose from several options for your natural gas and electricity supply.

• Your service won’t be interrupted if you switch. Deregulation doesn’t have to deal with shutting off their power and trying to time things right for a switch.

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• Lower prices for commercial businesses, especially small businesses.

• Benefit the environment by empowering electricity consumers to be smarter and more demanding shoppers.

• Enjoy better customer service. In a deregulated market, if you find a company with lousy customer care, you can drop them for someone better.

• Take advantage of promotions and loyalty programs. Companies will often find creative ways to capture customers’ attention. Shop around, since many alternative suppliers offer valuable promotions.

• If being green is important to you, you have a much better chance of finding a green energy plan in a deregulated market.

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Peter Kaplan has served as Chief Operating Officer and President of United Energy Consultants since 2005. Behind his leadership and 20+ years of de-regulated energy and risk management experience, United Energy Consultants has developed several proprietary procurement and software systems that are a bench-mark in the industry.