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restaurant reopening considerations

Some Considerations As The Restaurant Industry Hobbles Back Towards “Normal”

Restaurants in numerous states have been permitted to reopen for on-premises dining, whether outdoor only or indoor, with numerous anticipated restrictions. Restrictions presently in place include reduced customer capacity, prohibition on bar seating, requirements for employees - and in some cases patrons - to wear masks, and mandatory implementation of strict sanitation standards.
nyc restaurant legislative impact liability

NYC Mayor Signs Personal Liability, Delivery Cap and More Into Law

These important bills suspend commercial liability in leases, cap third party delivery fees, waive sidewalk café fees and more (additional details below). The enactment of these laws are exactly why we need the NYC Hospitality Alliance fighting for...
couple restaurant dessert wine normal

Navigating the Hospitality Industry’s Tough Road Back to “Normal”

The hospitality industry has been turned on its head as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. There are widespread restaurant and bar closures, and even those establishments that remain open for takeout and/or delivery are facing unique struggles.
covid-19 legal Q&A for restaurateur employers

COVID-19 Legal Q&A for Restaurateur Employers

We have summarized the answers to the most common legal questions that restauranteur employers may have concerning compensation, working conditions, and accommodating employees who cannot work because of COVID-19-related reasons.
Neir's Tavern

Thoughts On Saving NYC’s Oldest Tavern And Beloved Small Businesses

Last month it was reported that Neir’s Tavern, a 190-year-old watering hole with the claim of being New York City’s oldest bar was shuttering. The owner of the famed bar that appeared in Martin Scorsese’s iconic film Goodfellas...
table restaurant wine outdoor lien bill

Tip Credit Remains and Lien Bill Vetoed

We’re providing you with important updates... and, great news to start the new year. First, the hospitality industry Tip Credit will remain in effect. Second, the Lien Bill was vetoed by Governor Cuomo. You can read about both issues below.
restaurant staff training session hospitality approach competition

Gov. Cuomo Presents New York Restaurants With Special Holiday Gift

With the release of a NYSDOL report about wages and payment practices, Governor Andrew Cuomo has said that he is ready to sign off on the restaurant industry saving findings and move forward
NYC Hospitality Alliance Seven Years

Seven Years Of Making NYC Hospitality Better

Earlier this month, the NYC Hospitality Alliance celebrated its 7th Anniversary representing and serving restaurant and nightlife establishments throughout the five boroughs at the chic Ascent Lounge.