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Fall Is Coming – THINK AHEAD!

The biggest concern is the double whammy of COVID hitting in the Fall along with Influenza season. They don’t know how these two will play together in the population. Will the second wave of COVID combined with the flu close us down even harder?

Facts and Fears: The Financial Storm Ahead

As a business owner, I wanted to warn others of the potential danger while preaching caution and cash retention. Experience through numerous downturns taught me the bottom would fall out of the economy because I believed the claims of a solid economy were...

Disaster Recovery in a Financial Meltdown

Even for those of us that were sounding economic alarm bells over the past couple of years, no one expected anything quite like the devastation from the COVID-19 global pandemic. Here are my general financial disaster recovery recommendations to all...

Catastrophic Events and Access to Capital

Hindsight is always 20/20 and unfortunately, we can’t turn the clock back to prepare for these things. Finding access to capital in the midst of a catastrophic events is difficult but not impossible. Here’s a summary of your restaurant's options...

Variable Costs, Fixed Costs and Annual Opportunities

As every new year begins, many small business owners are faced with very important decisions and variable costs which will affect them financially throughout the entire year.

Know Your Lender – The Grinch Is Out There!

The first thing I have always told, and continue to tell, small business or restaurant owners seeking financing is to do your research on ANY lender you are considering.

‘Dr. Doomsey’: How To Get Ready For The Downslide

Certain patterns of behavior repeat themselves particularly as younger generations move into the mainstream economy.  The big one in America is that most people confuse positive economic growth as sustainable without considering a downslide.

Boom, Bust or Bubble?

Everyone seems happy about the economic boom, so when will the big drop come? Most financial types agree that we are overdue for a “correction”, so what do you see in your crystal ball?