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What Does Inflation Mean for Your Restaurant Business?

Inflation in the restaurant business feels like it could be the knockout punch after the one-two combination that started in 2020. First the restaurant industry was hit with business restrictions and then the Great Resignation and now inflation is affecting your bottom line. The good news is you can do something about it today. 

How to Fix the #1 Reason Restaurant Customers Don’t Come Back

Restaurant owners often think they’re losing customers because of the competition. But what if I told you that while you might be losing a few to competition, it only accounts for about 9% of lost customers? Let’s talk about all the reasons you lose customers, the number one reason...

Are Your Restaurant Employees Doing More Harm than Good?

Have you ever had that feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is absolutely wrong with one of your employees? Like they’re doing more harm than good to your business even when, and especially when, you think they’re one of your best. If you can relate, then your gut is trying to tell you...

Make Challenges Opportunities and Lead Your Restaurant

If you’re looking in certain corners of the Internet these days, there is a lot of information about mindset, specifically a fixed mindset vs. a growth mindset. In my world, a restaurant owner with a growth mindset is more successful, better able to lead in their restaurant. Unfortunately...

Make Restaurant Accounting Work for You

Many restaurant owners fall into the trap of trying to do everything themselves, including bookkeeping and payroll. But what if I told you, while you might be saving hundreds of dollars each month not paying for those services, that you’re probably losing thousands of dollars each month...

5 Biggest Restaurant Business Predictions for 2022

2020 was like a raging wildfire. Then 2021 came, with some good and some hard stuff. For example, customers came back, but you also saw rising wages, rising food prices and some of those customers were mean as hell. Now that 2022 is here, I want to share to my five biggest predictions for the restaurant industry.

Running Your Restaurant in the Great Resignation

You’ve heard of the Great Recession, but have you heard of the Great Resignation? The term describes the labor crisis we’re currently suffering through. While the phrase was coined as part of the 2021 labor crisis, honestly, I don’t see it changing in 2022 based on what I’m seeing today.

What to Require From Your Restaurant Managers

If I had a dollar for every restaurant owner who’s asked me, “What should I have my restaurant managers do,” I would be a multi multimillionaire. If you’re wondering the same thing, I’m going to answer this question for you. I can’t wait to shine a spotlight on what you should be...