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Foodservice: A Growing Contributor To The Nation’s Economy

One of the most interesting aspects of my job as president of the New York State and City associations was conveying to members of various legislative bodies the value that foodservice operations bring to their community...

Restaurant Restrooms: Keeping It Clean Affects Your Brand

How many times have you heard, during a conversation discussing a restaurant, someone say, “Yeah, but their restrooms are terrible,” or “They didn’t have any towels in the restroom,” or, better yet, “The floors in the restroom were slippery,”?

A Classic Case Of Unintended Consequences

We sometimes forget an issue that once received front-page coverage, and later wonder what its impact was as well as its present status.

Don’t Let Small Talk Cause an Explosion

Over the years I have viewed many consumer surveys regarding servers, their appearance, attitude, and menu knowledge. I have never seen an article in the general press dealing with their salutation or small talk—until now.

How Many Restaurants Are Enough?

I’m starting to hear more and more of them within the industry, that there are “Just too many restaurants.” In order to answer this question, it occurred to me to look at what we do have, and see what some qualified sources say about this...

Protecting the Brand (or Reputation)

Social media has created a “walking on eggshells” environment in many of the top brand executive suites and has given birth to a “protect the brand reputation” mentality. Some have not been totally successful in doing so, as you will see.

Handling Complaints Is Important

No matter what you call it, a customer complaint must be handled without delay. Fifteen percent of unresolved complaints will result in a loss of business. Most complaints deal with poor service and/or a poor attitude.

Packaging of Leftovers + Overworked Menu Descriptions

I’m not sure when and where the practice of offering “leftovers to go” began. No matter, it is here to stay and even more so in today’s economy.