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serious restaurant manager dividing responsibilities

What to Require From Your Restaurant Managers

If I had a dollar for every restaurant owner who’s asked me, “What should I have my restaurant managers do,” I would be a multi multimillionaire. If you’re wondering the same thing, I’m going to answer this question for you. I can’t wait to shine a spotlight on what you should be...
kitchen employees chef company culture

Why Restaurant Owners Should Care About Company Culture

The major transformation restaurant owners have in working with me is the shift in their company culture. Have you heard people talk about company culture and how important it is? As a systems guy who helps restaurant owners have a life and make money, I can tell you the systems are the easy part...
chef kitchen growth mindset

Why Mindset Matters for Restaurant Growth

Here is how real restaurant growth starts. It starts when you work on becoming the leader your restaurant needs. It starts with you changing your role in your business. Your restaurant growth depends on how you see the world around you and your mindset...
restaurant manager staff team communications training

Training to Decrease Turnover and Increase Satisfaction

Most employees who leave their jobs in the first 90 days of employment do so because they don’t know what their job is, how to do it, how well it should be done or by when. They also likely have a manager who doesn’t know either, which leads to a vicious cycle of ignorance, confusion and...
restaurant labor cost 101

Restaurant Labor Cost 101

Restaurant labor cost 101 is a plan for any restaurant owner who wants to solve the end-of-the-week panic when you check your labor cost on your POS system and see that it’s too high, so you whip yourself into a panic and start cutting staff on your two busiest days.
restaurant truths woman losing money failed

Two Truths About Restaurant Profits

What is a realistic profit margin for a restaurant? Have you been searching for a magic number? Do you want to know where you stack up against the competition? Are you worried that you’re leaving money on the table, or are you just looking to make money for the first time?
young couple managing restaurant budget

Why Most Restaurant Operators Never Create a Budget

When it comes to excuses for not having a restaurant budget, I’ve heard them all. The problem with these excuses is they stop you from doing the next best thing that will improve your restaurant and your life. Here are the top six excuses for why most restaurant operators never create a budget...
seafood shrimp oyster food cost myths

2 Myths Bloating Your Food Cost

Food costs have been rising on a weekly basis for darn near two decades now. Most restaurant operators are quick to attribute their high food cost to these price changes. On top of that, the echo chamber of the Internet keeps compounding the problem, feeding you bad info...