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That “ahhhh” Feeling: Refreshing the Dining Experience

We can take this piece about refreshes in hundreds of directions but for now, let’s focus on the monotony of going to the same place every day. I’m sure I’m not the only person who walks into their living room one day...

2020’s Top 5: Revamping Your Workplace Dining Experience

I came up with the Top 5 things to do in 2020 that’ll revamp your workplace dining experience. I bet this list includes at least one solution that’ll help achieve some of what you want to change in your company café.

How to Train Your Staff For Success In 20 Minutes For...

I ran restaurants successfully for 20 years and the absolute cornerstone of my guest experience was training… daily training. I’m talking about the importance of pre-shifts and the training that should happen before the doors open for business.

Get Your “A” Game From Your “A” Team

Great staff are really brand ambassadors for your restaurant. Their personalities combined with effective training can actually build your business, but not all staff are created equal.

Adding Salesmanship To Your Service

A super attentive server sounds like part of a great experience right?  You’d think so, but not so much for either the guest or the restaurant. What was lacking? Numerous sales opportunities were missed from the start to end of our meal.

How Ambiance Initiates The Dining Experience

When designing a dining space, it's always important to consider how your layout will affect the ambiance and create the best customer service experience.

Paramount Service Is The Most Important Detail In Your Restaurant

Rockstars know this: paramount service is everything in your restaurant. Deliver anything less and it's suddenly all over social media. You can lose your good reviews and customers at your restaurant’s peril.

Fun & Games Make The Cash Register Ring

Creating a healthy competition amongst the staff was one way of keeping them on their toes, upping the fun factor and boosting the restaurant’s bottom-line. This all began with a daily pre-shift meeting.