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When the foodservice industry changes, business changes too. And when it comes to the challenges of delivering marketing messages, Total Food Service provides your brand with the power and flexibility to capture the attention of a variety of foodservice industry professionals.

After another extremely challenging year for the foodservice and hospitality industries, 2024 will yet again show the grit and perseverance of its’ workforce. Total Food Service has been there along the way with support for our clients, making connections and sharing their stories with our readerships.

For over three decades, we have resolved to find new ways and solutions for our industry to stay together and thrive, while delivering a total package of must-read foodservice news and information to serve and help build business for thousands of foodservice operators and decision makers in a variety of ever-changing foodservice sectors.

While there are a variety of competing platforms that can help build a business, Total Food Service differs by asking our clients and readerships challenging questions with a goal of creating personal connections and acting as a personal concierge for both our advertisers and subscribers. With a variety of custom packages and pricing that strategically make sense for your marketing initiatives and budgets, talk to us today to discuss your next campaign, event, or project.

Total Food Service News Digital Issue Chef Restaurant foodservice industry news magazine
A total package of monthly and daily news including:
  • Restaurant Business
  • Corporate Dining
  • Business & Institution
  • Healthcare
  • College & University Dining
  • Hospitality Law and Insurance
  • Technology & Social Media
  • Food Waste
  • Food and Beverage Trends
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Tabletop & Smallwares
  • Event & Trade Show Coverage
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Platforms for your success:
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Total Food Service’s monthly print and digital issue serves both the Metro New York and national foodservice industry with a total package of news each month from hospitality law to social media marketing and everything in between.

It’s easy for marketers to jump on the bandwagon and put all their money on digital marketing. However, 2023 advertising statistics have showed that print ads actually provide better results in terms of brand recall and response rate. Publication advertisements are also more trusted by consumers when making purchase decisions.

There’s no better way to reach such a valuable audience. Your message goes straight to the decision makers who buy the majority of product in the market – and it covers the distribution channel.

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76,135 Total Subscribers
52,567 Foodservice Operators and End-Users
23,568 Manufacturers, Distributors, and Wholesalers
12 Issues per year

Website: is one of the foodservice industry’s most visited B2B websites, along with being a top Google listing for foodservice news, restaurant advice, food distributors, and other organic search words. A perfect way to promote your story or advertisement with second guesing your target audience.

1,043,478 monthly page views
82,264 monthly unique visitors
168,491 monthly visits

Advertising Platforms:
Print Ads
A full color Print Ad still represents the most direct way to connect your brand and products to the foodservice industry. Total Food Service’s print publication has 6 choices below to suit your needs.
Full Page
Traditional full page real estate that commands crystal clear visibility with your message for consumers.
Pair print with a web ad, eblast, and editorial to maximize your reach!
Half Horizontal

A large amount of real estate makes this proportionally a great option to grab the reader’s attention.

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Half Vertical

Eye catching real estate that grabs the attention of readers. Great when used in pairs for maximum effect.

Quarter Page
Great value per space. Normally paired with editorial articles for added attention on a page.
Horizontal Stripe
Best usage when paired with a full page. Great for concise messages focused on your social media platforms.
Double Truck Spread
1 space available per month. Displays in the exact middle of magazine & the only spread that can print across the middle.
Print Ad Specifications:
  • All print ads should be sent as a PDF/X-1a fi le
  • All print ads must be CMYK at a minimum resolution of 200 DPI, 300 DPI is ideal.
    (No RGB or Spot Colors should be used)
  • All black fonts in ads must be 100% Black and not 4-Color black (C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100%)
Advertising Platforms:
Web Ads
Web advertising with Total Food Service is a strategic way to spread brand awareness and direct industry relevant traffi c to your website.
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Leaderboard/In-line Banner:
728px x 90px
Leaderboard ads appear at top of all pages and also in-line within the article copy.
Right Column Boxes:
300px x 250px
Right Column Box ads scroll down page as content is read (“sticky ads”).
All web ads appear on TFS homepage, static directory pages, and on 4,000+ article posts thrSougHhout the site.
Ad Unit
Leaderboard Banner
Right Column Box
1, 2, 3 or all 4
available web boxes
may be purchased
  • All web ads must be 72 dpi in RGB format
  • All web ads should be sent as JPEG, GIF, or PNG
  • Animated GIFs allowed; SWF Files not supported

“We needed help making connections with key caterers for our biodegradable cutlery. Total Food Service actually picked up the phone and made that happen.”

“When we need to market a restaurant, we count on TFS to deliver a potential operator who has the industry experience to make our landlords comfortable.”

Advertising Platforms:
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Showcase your brand message with exclusive access to an opt-in subscriber base of affluent business decision makers. From samples to brand awareness, take advantage with a personal campaign.

Our e-blast launches also include a matching social media boosted campaign for even more exposures and engagement.

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Stay in front of audiences weekly.

Advertise your latest product or service with a weekly banner advertisement or a featured product listing.

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Great editorial content deserves to be seen.
But if it’s hidden away on your rarely updated company blog page, it  won’t do you any good. Consider publishing it
with Total Food Service first. Native advertising is effective and in most cases, easier on your budget.

Plus, all of our articles remain live in our online archive. So whether content is developed in-house by our editorial team or submitted by clients, we back it with strategic SEO, so articles will continually receive more and more views, month after month.

Custom editorial packages and rates available upon request.

Digital Communications:
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Social Media:

No other B2B foodservice trade publication has more organic social media and key influencer engagement within the foodservice industry than Total Food Service.

Monthly Podcasts + Webinars:

The Virtual Breakfast Sessions (VBS), produced by Total Food Service and L. Sashin & Associates, is a live, one-hour, interactive, open mic, roundtable, Zoom discussion that is focused on the conditions, events and trends that drive the foodservice and hospitality business and the companies that form the supply chain from original source to the consumer.

virtual breakfast session
Due dates for all marketing materials are due 10 days in advance of the print date.
Month Materials Deadline Print Date Coverage
January Dec 22nd Jan 4th
February Jan 22nd Feb 1st
March Feb 23rd Feb 29th IRFSNY Show Preview / Top Women
April Mar 18th Mar 28th IRFSNY Show Coverage
May Apr 16th Apr 25th Nat’l Rest Assoc Show Preview
June May 20th May 30th Nat’l Rest Assoc Show Coverage
July Jun 17th Jun 27th
August Jul 22nd Aug 1st
September Aug 20th Aug 29th
October Sep 17th Sep 26th Fall Shows Coverage
November Oct 21st Oct 31st Fall Shows Coverage
December Nov 21st Dec 5th

Print Ad Specifications:

  • All print ads should be sent as a PDF/X-1a file
  • All print ads must be CMYK at a minimum resolution of 200 DPI,
    300 DPI is ideal. (No RGB or Spot Colors should be used)
  • All black fonts in ads must be 100% Black
    and not 4-Color black (C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100%)

Web Ad Specifications:

  • Box Ad Size: 300 x 250px — Banner Ad Size: 728 x 90px
  • All web ads must be 72 dpi in RGB format, sent as JPEG, GIF, or PNG
  • Animated GIFs allowed; SWF Files not supported

Eblast Campaign Specifications:

  • Size: 600 pixels wide and as long as needed
  • Eblast format must be sent as HTML or provided web link
  • All eblast graphics should be 72 dpi in RGB format
  • Eblast structure must be broken up into separate images and actual set
    text, not one image alone.
  • Include a subject header and preview text with the HTML file

Newsletter Product Feature Specifications:

  • All product feature images must be 72 dpi in RGB format, sent as JPEG, GIF, or PNG. Preferred Size: 400 x 250 px
  • Product Description should be 50 words max with clickthrough URL

Deadlines: See Editorial Calendar above for specific dates.


For information regarding any of the services, innovations or marketing opportunities listed in this brochure, please contact us at:

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Total Food Service
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Suite 208
Greenwich, CT 06830

Total Food Service News Digital Issue Chef Restaurant foodservice industry news magazine

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