Your Restaurant’s Homemade Sorbet Solution Is Now Online

Les Vergers Boiron Sorbet Solution

Les Vergers Boiron SorbetNow that summer’s fast approaching it is time for patisserie chefs and ice-cream makers to think about the preparation of their future sorbets which will delight their customers’ tastebuds.

But – as every year – the exercise can turn into a quandary. Or rather that was before the launch of the brand-new sorbet solution designed and developed by Les vergers Boiron.

The difficult art of the sorbet

Creating a sorbet following the rules of the art with an agreeable texture and balanced taste is not necessarily easy! “Every year we have lots of calls from clients in a bit of a panic, who don’t understand why their sorbet was too liquid or didn’t stay consistent over time”, Jean-Christophe Duc, Les vergers Boiron patisserie chef tells us. “But at a distance it isn’t always easy to give them the right instructions”.

The first easy to use solution – very complete and totally free

Les Vergers Boiron Sorbet SolutionAlways concerned to make life easy for its clients Les vergers Boiron therefore decided to have its teams study the problem. The result? An astonishing solution to help create sorbets, accessible online on the Les vergers Boiron site ( A real innovative breakthrough imagined by the world leader in professional frozen fruit purées – for up till then no totally free tool of this type existed. Created by professionals for professionals this solution is reliable and especially easy to take in hand – even for the least experienced.

It frees chefs from the additions, subtractions, multiplications… “When you’re busy all day you can’t waste an hour doing hand calculations with the multiple risks of mistakes that’ll unbalance the recipe,” the patisserie chef under lines. “So our biggest challenge consisted in setting up a program that would be complete, intuitive, and quick.” Not so easy – and, yet, after a detailed study of the requirements, key production criteria, and numerous tests with professionals: eureka! the solution was born and it keeps all its promises.

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Complete and simple to use

How does it work in practice? It’s very simple and quick, all you have to do is:

  1. Les Vergers Boiron Sorbet SolutionIndicate how much sorbet you want.
  2. Choose from the 70 Les vergers Boiron flavors – knowing you can use up to three different flavors together – enough to give free rein to the chefs’ imagination to make unique and delicious creations.
  3. then – depending on whether you want a creation more or less rich in fruits or sugar – you just have to indicate the % of fruit purée, dextrose, invert sugar, and stabiliser… Everything has been designed to make things simple; high and low brackets are there to guide the chefs. “A bracket that also enables professionals to be sure they comply with the legislation properly depending on whether they have decided to embark of the production of a sorbet full of fruit or a classic sorbet,” Jean-Christophe Duc explains.

Calculating the calories and overheads of the recipes

Good news…. With one click on “Calculate” the exact weight in grams of all the ingredients needed for the recipe!

Cherry on the sorbet, the solution displays the nutritional value for 100 g.

And that’s not all…. It is also possible the precise costs of the recipe: you just have to click on the Euro symbol and indicate the price per kilo of the various ingredients. Last but not least – everything is printable in PDF format.

With such a solution it’s all over for industrial preparations: patisserie chefs and ice-cream makers can proudly display in their shop-windows “homemade sorbets without artificial flavorings, coloring agents, or preservatives”. An extra selling point when more and more gourmets are very vigilant about what they eat and ready to spend more on high-quality products for what is homemade.

The Les vergers Boiron sorbet solution is already available in French, English, Spanish, and German on my-vb.comLES VERGERS BOIRON IN A FEW FIGURES:

  • Number 1 worldwide for frozen fruit purées for the professionals.
  • 120 employees.
  • 15,000 tonnes of products sold each year.
  • Exports: 80 % of sales in 80 countries over several continents.