Yankees Bring World Championship Concession Experience to Bronx Ballpark

Appetize Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium is synonymous with crowds, especially when overpopulated in these summer months. The hectic ambience of tourists and school groups angling for service from one kiosk is a part of the experience; where else can one feel the palpable energy of a sports-crazed crowd than when elbowing for space and waiting in endless lines?

Baseball just wouldn’t be complete without the mob mentality, riled-up fans and sweaty throngs of New Yorkers desperate for shaved ice. But imagine a different picture; the next time you head out to Yankee Stadium, those overheated lines need not be a component in your baseball experience. This is thanks to Appetize, an innovative new company looking to change the point-of-sale encounter.

Appetize Yankee StadiumAppetize, launched in April of 2012, is a modern point-of-sale platform that allows customers the flexibility of being able to order on demand. As a mobile app, customers can use Appetize to turn their phones into point-of-sale platforms and order their food. The lines that were once synonymous with baseball games and other massive venues are now an annoyance of the past. Similar apps have started to surface over the years, allowing consumers to purchase food with a few iPhone swipes, but no company has done what Appetize is setting out to do with large-scale venues like Yankee Stadium.

Kevin Anderson, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Appetize, discusses what differentiates this mobile ordering platform from others like it: “On the one side of the industry are companies that cover the enterprise, but lack innovation. On the other side are mobile players using tablet and cloud-based technology, yet they’re confined to the ‘sign-up-and-go’ model. The industry is very divided and there really isn’t one player addressing both the enterprise business, ordering 50-plus units at a time, and the modern business of cloud-based technology.”

Appetize is able to service the large-scale demands of roaring venues like Yankee Stadium or entire universities, yet its innovative mobile interface means it remains more modern and tech-friendly than other point-of-sale platforms like it. It’s also the first platform of its kind to offer both Android and IOS compatibility, guaranteeing that it can cater to the widest circle of consumers possible and increase usage more than its competitors.

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Appetize also differentiates itself from competing vendors like MICROS by working around existing hardware; whereas MICROS only allowed the use of MICROS-branded point-of-sale devices, Appetize allows the use of existing hardware. It works around computers already in place, only implementing new software to ensure an easy and accommodating transition. With greater flexibility and greater compatibility, Appetize is certain to become the next wave of digital point-of-sale platforms.

Currently, long lines deter 42% of U.S. sports fans from purchasing food or beverage concessions at sporting events. The services provided by Appetize are not only greatly needed, but long overdue; with innovative tablet-based technology, sports stadiums can finally offer the modern level of service that smaller venues have been able to offer for years. Stadiums and other massive venues can expect to see an increase in sales and customer satisfaction as a result of the ease of Appetize.

Appetize is now helping bridge the gap between business and customer by creating a wireless network for various businesses in the entertainment, leisure, and education industries. “The sweet spot that Appetize hits is that it’s both ‘enterprise’ and ‘modern,’” comments Anderson. “That’s where we position ourselves in the industry. This platform is pretty unique in our space.”

Appetize is the first tablet-based point-of-sale platform available to venues as grand as Yankee Stadium, and it’s already spreading across the country. Soon, the service will be available at Coors Field, Kauffman Stadium, and Angel Stadium of Anaheim, as well.

With demands on today’s multi-service point concessionaires and contract feeders greater than ever, Appetize offers a simple and dependable digital platform solution.

To learn more about Appetize, please visit their website.