Xcluder Brings New Cost Efficient Solution to Restaurant Rodent Control

“Our company has built its niche through the use of stainless steel wool based product to fill gaps and cracks," Drew McFadden, director of marketing at Global Material Technology, said.

Pest control continues to be a challenge for the New York City’s restaurants. In the past, pest control strategy has been reactive rather than pro-active. The rodent control industry has begun to follow a new motto that of  integrated pest management. Illinois based Global Material Technology has taken a leadership on the creation of products to support this new industry approach.

XcluderThe firm understands the need for prevention as opposed to remediation. Today the company is bringing a cost efficient and eco friendly solution to efficiently seal off your business from rodents. Its’ new Xcluder product blocks the entry points that rodents and pest use to get inside. This new method of pest control not only offers a proactive measure but also does it in an eco friendly manner as opposed to traditional poison or chemical repellents.

“Our company has built its niche through the use of steel wool based product to fill gaps and cracks,” Drew McFadden, director of marketing, said. “As we continued our  conversations with people in professional pest control industry as well as other markets, we were able to  to introduce a complete suite  of products with a specific focus on the control of mice and rats.”

GMT’s corporate headquarters is in Buffalo Grove, Illinois and manufacturing plant in Chicago.

“We contracted with the USDA for a  lab to do some testing for efficacy to make sure Xcluder was doing what we what we designed it to do. It passed with flying colors.”

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GMT’s roots come from making things out of metal fibers. “So unlike many companies that license or import solutions Xcluder is a product that we completely controlled the R&D,” McFadden explained. From the concept to prototype to marketplace, GMT’s commitment to quality control ensures the Xcluder delivers on its promise to control pests.

“We made a decision as on-line purchasing with Amazon has grown that we would make the product available directly to the restaurant as well as through traditional pest control service firms and facility maintenance contractors.”

GMT has taken care to make certain that Xcluder is simple for the busy restauranteur to install.

“Our door sweeps are very easy to install requiring minimal tools and cost . With basic tools you can easily create an exact fit for the door for under $50.00,” McFadden concluded

To learn more about Xcluder, visit their website.