Why You Should Be Using Periscope In Your Restaurant Right Now


While I won’t debate the need for social media, the sheer volume and number of options seemingly needed in order to stay relevant must seem completely overwhelming. So you’ve hired someone called a “social media expert” but really aren’t they just “following” the crowd and posting the same type of content in the same places that everyone else is? So how do you stand out? How do you look like the expert? How can you use social media to benefit your business and not simply create hundreds of useless posts and pictures like everyone elses?

How do you get your “social media expert” to reflect your unique business and products and stop mimicking everyone else? Easy. You download Periscope the new video streaming app by Twitter and tell your social media expert you want them to focus exclusively on building engagement on that platform.

Periscope is a free, game changing social media platform that has engagement built right into it. People start engaging with your business, your product, your brand and your employees seconds after installing it and No One Else Is Using It For Business.

With over 10 million users, like the first businesses to use Facebook or Twitter, for absolutely no additional cost you will literally own the entire platform.

You no longer need to come up with some catchy saying to post or take pictures of your food in the hopes of finding new people to “like” and follow your Facebook, twitter or Instagram pages. These days people are being bombarded with requests to like and follow everything from sewer treatments to supermodels. You have to stay ahead of the pack in your competitive field and you can do so simply by using Periscope for an hour or so every day or so.

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Here is how to do it best: get an Ipad or tablet with cover or stand so you can stand it up and position it for easy viewing. Download the app and choose a user name (Your business name and town or address of course.) and in your profile write a clear description about your business including your address and town plus your website (using http:// not www so it is clickable) and also times you broadcast. All of these details can be updated as needed so don’t get too hung up on the details.

Next title your broadcast. This is EXTREMELY important because it is what people see before they decide to click. Keep it engaging.

Make it sound more like a conversation and you will get better quality engagement and therefore loyal fans of buying from you not just random people who “like” everything they are asked to like and never buy a thing.

You can use it right now, you can use it even with just a phone if you don’t have an Ipad, and you can watch your broadcast from another phone anywhere in the world so it acts like a free, additional security camera. Plus using it will:

• A) Keep the employees you are already paying engaging with your social media instead of theirs
• B) Make thousands of new potential customers aware of your business within SECONDS
• C) Keep your employees on their toes and best behavior since each broadcast is also recorded on your Ipad and you can review what was said
• D) It’s FREE! and…
• E) There are millions of users
• F) Unlike your website, Facbook or Twitter customers will discover you simply because you are broadcasting. On the other platforms they must be searching for you
• G) You give them an “inside” look at your establishment which gives potential customers the familiarity they crave before trying someplace new
• H) Broadcasting with Periscope now means you will have thousands of followers by January. Followers who will already be familiar with your menu and location and who you can contact directly to offer special deals, challenges and incentives if they refer friends.
• I) Broadcast live and interacting with your customers immediately will make Facebook and Twitter irrelevant for business. Intimidate engagement makes other social media platforms look and feel like the stone ages.
• J) Broadcasting live is free. When you see how well it works you will fire your social media department and save money

LeeAnne Homsey specializes in providing consulting / training services to the restaurant industry. As a 25-year veteran, LeeAnne has worked with a wide array of restaurant businesses ranging from casual to upscale dining establishments. For more information call 1-646-462-0384, e-mail info@leeannehomsey.com or visit www.leeannehomsey.com.