What About Your Bags?

Every day as you run your local restaurant or foodservice operation, we know that you have “a full plate” pardon the expression. So most restaurateurs could be excused for not thinking much about their doggie or takeout bag needs. We would like to share our thoughts on why taking a couple of minutes to rethink your bags could turn out to be a nice addition to your 2016 P&L.

The right sized bags are not only highly functional but will also act as an advertising tool at the same time. In an era where branding is key, wouldn’t it be nice for your food to be delivered the same way that the chef packed them prior to leaving your location? Whether you are using plastic or aluminum – round or square containers – together with your distributor, we here at Shiprite will help you determine the right bags to accommodate your containers.

Shiprite has 25 years of experience in the flexible Packaging industry, fulfilling the needs of manufacturers, co-packers and retailers with custom printed film and bags and now focused on the foodservice industry and their needs. Working together with broad line distributers, we are changing the way food is delivered to the masses.

Today’s consumer wants a responsible and sustainable approach to protecting our environment while using a lower cost, convenient and disposable product. These bags are Biodegradable and just as strong as ever. They are not affected by moisture and can be used over and over again.

We encourage you to find a source that specializes in bag design. It would be best to work with a team that combines the expertise of an experienced distributor that has a design relationship with a bag manufacturer. With that strategy, you have access to a team with a distributor that is out on the street every day creating solutions for customers and a manufacturer who has a feel for both design and most importantly the right materials to create the right bag.

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Our bags are designed to fit your containers properly, FLAT on the bottom to help avoid the risk of food spills and leaks. The ability to make the bag ANY size will almost insure that the food will arrive in good condition and since nothing spilled, the user will retain the bag and use it again creating a walking advertising tool, for you the foodservice operator.

Our goal from years of working with top distributors and even their smallest of restaurant and bakery customers is to help you ask the right questions.

What about your bags?

Determining the right size bag, depends on the container or box that is being filled with your food products. I always refer back to how the needs of our bakery customers have evolved. When muffins and cupcakes were getting big, customers at bakeries were not being offered a bag that was flat on the bottom to accommodate their 10- or 12-inch cake boxes or muffin trays. All too often, customers leaving a high-end bakery would be holding the cake by the bottom or a string wrapped around the box, or worse yet, the product was put in the bag sideways. So we designed a bag with new dimensions and support that made sure that every cake made it to the party in perfect condition.

The other issue that we often hear is quantity! All too often a customer is being told that they must order 25,000 – 50,000 – 100,000 bags as a minimum order. Not with Shiprite – with minimum orders as low as 3,000 bags – custom printed with your logo!

We have built our business around the ability to deliver the right quantity for your operation and the distributor that serves you. You can also eliminate many problems by making certain that the distributor you are working with is an authorized distributor for the line… in our case “Shiprite.”

Let us know how we can help… and tune in next month when we talk about creating a simple and effective ad message on your restaurant’s bags.

Mayer Schlisser is President and CEO of New Jersey based Shiprite Packaging.  He welcomes questions at mayer@shipritebags.com