west~bourne’s Camilla Marcus Blends Hospitality & Community

True Treps are following their dreams and taking risks to create innovative companies. To capture these visionaries, Elliot Productions, a division of The Elliot Group, is traveling across the country to document the entrepreneurs who are making an impact on our industry, capturing not only their unique visions, but also their personal and professional journeys. The passion, creativity, risks, and, surprises – come be inspired with us as we meet the people behind the emerging brands: the True Treps.

In this episode of TRUE TREPS®, we meet Camilla Marcus, the founder of west~bourne. Based in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood, this mission-driven restaurant is inspired by 1960s Los Angeles. Camilla, a Los Angeles native, wanted to bring West Coast vibes to the East Coast and explains that 1960s LA was “a time of pioneering and one of innovation.” west~bourne opened in January 2018 and serves food that is “accidentally vegetarian, decidedly wholesome” in a zero waste environment. 

Camilla Marcus west~bourne
Camilla Marcus, founder of west~bourne

For Camilla, the social mission behind west~bourne was crucial to developing the concept. One percent of sales are donated to The Door, a local neighborhood organization that focuses on youth development and empowerment. Camilla works closely with The Door and says, “[The Door] has a 10-week culinary program as well as hospitality training…and we’re hiring from that very program.”

Camilla Marcus has worked in the hospitality industry for over ten years and is thrilled about her new chapter as an entrepreneur. “For me, being an entrepreneur is the greatest privilege you could have. Definitely lived up to every set of my expectations; all the hard work, long hours, stress and unpredictably is totally what I thrive off of,” Camilla says.

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Under the direction of former television news producer Eric Herbst, Elliot Productions’ True Treps series is uniquely positioned to understand and profile the fundamental challenges that entrepreneurs and organizations face at every stage of the business lifecycle. True Treps brings a deep understanding of the motivations and talents of individual leaders and the great companies they are building.