Want to Upgrade Your Skills?

The International Culinary Center (ICC) in Manhattan is offering “Up Your Game,” for graduates of culinary school or people who have been in the industry one to three years.

The culinary industry is constantly changing. To stay competitive, you have to stay current. ICC, educating those in the foodservice industry for over 30 years, has created a three-day program—with an option to “trail” for a night in a highly rated New York City restaurant—expressly for professionals who want to gain an edge in the marketplace.

The course will be held January 21 to January 24, 2015. Tuition is $595.

Taught by veteran chef-instructors at ICC’s flagship NYC location, this course offers advanced instruction in modern ingredients and technology, and classic pastry techniques for contemporary plated desserts. Whether you are considering a new venture, updating your menu or you simply want to up your game, the hands-on courses will take you to the next level.

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On the first day, students will make forcemeat for a basic sausage.  Aside from learning proper techniques for grinding meat using crank-style sausage stuffers, chef-instructors will introduce students to the world of modern culinary technology (for example, cooking the forcemeat using an immersion circulator to achieve optimal cooking temperature), and cover equipment and principles such as sous vide, iSi canisters, smoking guns and HACCP for Safety.

Students will also shape and combine proteins together using transglutaminase (meat glue), and then, after butchering a chicken, use that knowledge to re-configure and create a modern example of a roasted chicken.

On the second day of the course, students will bring a classic recipe, such as roasted beets and goat cheese salad, into the 21st century by employing a variety of hydrocolloids and modern techniques. They will use equipment (such as siphons) to bring enhanced flavor and color to vegetables. Students will take what they’ve made and complete the chicken dish from day one, using modern plating techniques. The day concludes with a demo and tasting of a modern cocktail, using a centrifuge to clarify the juice, sous vide to infuse flavor, and liquid nitrogen to chill it.

Finally, students will perfect pastry techniques such as folding, piping, saucing and single-spoon quenelle shaping, creating various garnishes, learning how to prepare sorbets in a batch freezer—utilizing proper sanitation—and creating seasonal desserts. Chef-instructors will cover the components and development of modern plated desserts with a focus on texture development and flavor pairing.

For more information call 888-324-2433 or visit culinarycenter.com