Vivreau On-Site Water Bottling Systems

Help Hospitality Industry Go Green Without Saying Goodbye to Revenue. Hotels, Restaurants and ConferenceCenters Reduce Carbon Footprint with Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Bottled Water.

Water has come a long way from the tap water of our youth.  From tap to bottled, to sparkling, it is no longer your granddad’s H2O. Over the years we’ve seen the massive popularity of plastic bottled water, and pre-bottled mineral or sparkling waters grow – but in the advent of “green consciousness” these bottled waters create a new challenge – waste and a beverage with an extended carbon footprint.

VIVREAU, the originator and industry leader of on-site water bottling systems, eliminates these issues by providing the hospitality industry the ability to produce and bottle their own chilled, still and sparkling water at commercial speed utilizing VIVREAU’s advanced micro-filtration. The systems are plumbed directly into on-site water-lines allowing hotels, restaurants and conference centers the ability to reduce their carbon footprint, virtually eliminate waste and  offer their guests a premium  quality water product they can feel good about.

Launched in the UK nearly 25 years ago, VIVREAU systems are currently found in over 75% of the UK’s top companies. VIVREAU USA and VIVREAU Canada were launched in 2009 after North American companies and hospitality clients were interested in bringing the same water bottling technology they had experienced in the UK to their counterparts this side of the pond.

The VIVREAU system:

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  • Eliminates the need for plastic bottled water and pre-bottled mineral waters.
  • Helps reduce the unnecessary disposal of TENS of Billions of plastic bottles.

Reduces Carbon Footprint by eliminating the unnecessary daily transportation of bottled water around the city, country and around the planet.
VIVREAU water is created on demand using advanced micro-filtration technology that eliminates unwanted elements and additives such as chlorine, odors and other impurities while allowing the natural minerals to remain giving a crisp, clean, clear taste.

“We are all aware that shipping and trucking water, whether around the nation or around the planet, is harmful to the environment and completely unnecessary.” says Drew Hamilton, Managing Director of VIVREAU in North America. “With 25 years of experience, technology and engineering going into our bottling systems, VIVREAU systems are capable of delivering and bottling chilled, still or sparkling water at commercial speed to match the ultra-busy hospitality environment and giving the industry a bottling system and service they can rely on.”
In addition to the reduction in environmental impact associated with traditional bottled water programs, the VIVREAU system delivers a sustainable solution that does not have to impact the bottom line, and if managed correctly, can increase revenue dramatically. “Hotels and restaurants are investing in a premium system and service that delivers an ultra-high-quality water product that is created and bottled on-site into beautiful bottles and served to guests.” continues Hamilton. “There is value being created for positive reasons that guests embrace and are more than willing to pay for.”

The VIVREAU product line includes the V3 Main Bottler and the Mini Bottler – each featuring their advanced micro-filter technology and are designed to chill and bottle still and sparkling water. The systems are plumbed into on-site water lines and can fit into any hotel, restaurant or catering environment – big or small – for front or back of house. The complete package includes the customizable water machine and designer glass bottles – even the carbonation level can be set per the Chef’s request.

Clients can incorporate the VIVREAU reusable glass water bottles into their branding plans by having their logo printed directly onto the bottles. In addition, VIVREAU offers various marketing materials such as bottle neck ties, coasters, tent and menu insert cards to explain the VIVREAU water program and environmental responsibility of the initiative. VIVREAU continues to partner with the top echelon and a ‘who’s who’ client list throughout the broad hospitality spectrum that includes casual restaurants, boutique hotels, diners and coffee shops.

VIVREAU recently completed a worldwide partnership with Fairmont Hotels and Resorts alongside the countless other global and national hospitality brands and iconic locations it services.